5 Blogging Lessons I Learned in the World’s Wealthiest Nation

June 12, 2018
From our trip to Doha, Qatar. At the Corniche.


I spent time in Doha, Qatar a while back.


1 month house sit in the world’s wealthiest nation with Kelli.


Opulence bled through Doha. Super cars, mega yachts and jaw-dropping palaces almost as large as Zip Codes (I am being serious) boggled the mind. Being in a Muslim nation also opened my eyes. Fascinating experience to embrace a  culture new to me, hearing the daily salah blaring over loud speakers around 5 AM and again in early evening hours.


I learned 5 blogging lessons that can promote your blogging success.


Check ’em out.


1: Play by the Rules


Qatar is a Muslim nation.


Kelli and I covered up from shoulders to knees when we left the compound. We played by the rules in a Muslim country. No public displays of affection either, like holding hands or kissing. Rules are rules.


Follow blogging rules too. Invest money in a self-hosted, WordPress blog. Do blogging right. Create helpful content. Generously build strong friendships. Stick to the basics and honor blogging fundamentals to see great success.


2: Be Abundant


Qatari fear not spending money. I spied a few $500,000 cars in Doha. I even saw a few million dollar automobiles.


Folks there acted abundantly, giving freely of their wealth without worrying much. Part of the culture to impress folks and also to freely release money for that which you release freely flows back to you freely.


Invest money in courses, you budding blogging big dawgs. Promote other bloggers, Comment generously on their blogs. Emit an abundant, genuine vibe. Observe how this vibe mirrors back to you in the form of greater traffic, bigger profits, successful bloggers making a beeline for you and prospering circumstances.


3: Expect the Unexpected


Kelli and I visited Doha in February. Wettest month in Qatar in 55 years. Rain about 11 days of the month. Stunning to me. Had no clue it could rain that much in the desert. But temperatures in the upper 40’s Fahrenheit-wise freaking blew my mind. I knew it got chilly. Not that chilly though.


Good thing I always pack sweats and long sleeve shirts wherever we travel. I expect the unexpected.


You better expect the unexpected with your blog too. Be prepared for site issues, problems with plug ins, Google algorithms and all manner of change. Be nimble. Be open to change. Succeed by staying the course, even when unexpected circumstances arise.


4: Pay Up to Play Up


Doha big dawgs pay big bucks to be visible. The ruling Al Thani family flashes some immense wealth, including epic, hard to believe, opulent palaces that make Bruce Wayne look like a piss ant pauper.


Qatar owns 1/10th of London’s real estate. Damn well better believe Qatar and the ruling family paid big time bucks aka invested massive wealth to become a player on the world real estate stage.


Bloggers; buy premium hosting, a premium theme and CDN. Minimum. Pay for a VPS if you want a lightning fast blog. Like me. Pay up to play up. Move up in circles by acting like a big time pro blogger, pumping money into your blogging business to convey a professional, branded blogging image.


5: Different Is Good


Different was Doha. Or Qatar was quite different from the USA. No need to keep shoulders to knees covered outdoors in the US. Nor do I hear the morning prayers blaring through loudspeakers in the US. Unlike in Qatar.


Rather than fear different – like most humans – I saw different as good in Doha. Fascinating. Neat. Intriguing.


Different is good blogging-wise too. Peep my eBook covers; rough and ready with a travel pic of mine plus brand logo. Doing A-OK for me.


Be different through your blog and brand. Write in YOUR voice. Stand out from the blogging crowd. Different is good.


Wrapping It Up


Visit Qatar. Fun place. Especially if you never spent time in a Muslim nation. You may even learn a few successful blogging lessons there too.


The eBook


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