6 Dazzling Pictures of the Balkan Valley in Ortahisar Turkey

  February 17, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

LEGEND. You will not find a finer canine picture, ever. Puppy overlooking the valley in Ortahisar, Turkey.


Kelli and I love this smashing house sit in Ortahisar, Turkey.


Yep; we be chillin’ in the world famous Cappadocia region. But without the crowds. Hell; without anybody, really. Ortahisar is a virtual ghost town during the dead of winter, tourist-wise. Kelli, me and a few Chinese tourists here and there join the local Turks in this sleepy village.


Bonus! Kelli and I have the epic, legend-ary, Balkan Valley to ourselves. Me, KC, Dido, Puppy and Shiva walk-hike-jog for up to 2 hours daily in the most bizarre, other-worldly, Mars-like region on earth.


We share 6 epic photos. #1 serves as the featured image for this post: Puppy overlooking the valley.


Puppy Overlooking the Valley


See above.


Puppy is a funny name for a 100 pound dog whose paws outsize my hands. He is huge, sporting ham hocks for hips and a muzzle wide enough to carry its own zip code. Hot off da presses, Kelli snapped this picture today as the Instagram-mable Pupperoni glanced back toward the camera. Do not go Hollywood on us, Puppy.


OK…on to #2….


Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Home


Star Wars home in Cappadocia.


OK; the actual home likely sat in Tunisia. But tell me this ain’t almost a dead on copy of their crib in Star Wars: A New Hope?


Legend has it that George Lucas had this region in mind as a filming location for A New Hope, but it never worked out. He chose Tunisia…but…he chose…poorly. Joking as Tunisia rocked but this region would have been the perfect spot with its:


  • other-planet-type topography
  • whacky rock formations, including fairy chimneys
  • stone homes (see above)
  • homes carved into mountains


Epic-wise, Ortahisar and the Balkan Valley jump off da charts.


Kelli….on the Rocks


Kelli in Ortahisar.


I am doing this sans her permission but I believe in me. Act of faith. I betcha she digs it.


I snapped this eye-popper of Kelli chilling over the valley. No bad views exist. 360 degree field of spectacular here, from the rock striations, mesmerizing colors and flowing valleys dotted with sparse vegetation.


RB by Fairy Chimneys


How is that for scale? Me by Fairy Chimneys.


See those bizarre-looking rock formations? Behold the fairy chimney.


Weird-looking deals caused by volcanic eruptions from 30 million years ago, folks travel here from around the world to see the strange rocks. Some say, certain fairy chimneys look like ding dongs. Feel free to quote me on that.


We have our own little private UNESCO World Heritage site here. Not really a UNESCO but it offers a similar experience and no humans have been spotted during the past 9 days of walks, save Kelli and I.


Carved Home in Rock


Home carved into rock formations.


Persecuted Byzantine Christians fled to the valley and carved homes into mountains. Ho hum…nothing to see here. Just homes carved into mountains and rock formations, some left perfectly preserved, over thousands and thousands of years.


The thing that gets me; how did these folks position themselves to do the carving, thousands of years ago? Were unions strong? What was worker’s comp like? Injury leave?


The thing that gets me; how did these folks position themselves to do the carving, thousands of years ago? Were unions strong? What was worker's comp like? Injury leave?Click To Tweet


Shiva Overlooking the Valley


Stately Shiva on watch.


Stately Shiva also showed off her stuff, scanning the valley for foxes, wild dogs, or any sentient being catching her fancy.


Dido, Puppy and Shiva find the highest point for soaking up the valley, rocketing up hills at breakneck speed to dial in on furry creatures. Big time shepherd dog influence in these guys; I have been herded more than a few times.


I hope you enjoyed these legendary pictures of Cappadocia guys.


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