5 Fun Bangkok Photos

5 Fun Photos of Bangkok


Ronald McDonald Wai


(Published 2018)


Bangkok is a colorful, thriving city where anything goes in some regards.


Picture a hectic modern center throughout town. Then imagine neighborhoods bursting with flavor. Then visualize Mos Eisley in some hidden pockets of the place.


Let’s dive into the images, shall we?





The guest house appears closed.


But the colorful characters milling around the Sweety Guest House add flavor to the mix.


Think of the most generic guest house in history. Save the sign of course. Looks like a regular building. With heavy iron bars out front.


Oh…..Sweety! (said in best Sex in the City voice)



Kelli’s horror but my delight, the delicious Pandan bread sauce slices of white bread are back.


Or we are back in Thailand. Home of the weird Thai sweet snacks.


Pandan is the food of the gods. Or the food of folks obsessed with bizarre snack combinations.


Kelli can not get around the savory white bread covered with sweet, green Pandan sauce.


I cannot get enough of it.



Do not expect much more than Basic Life Support.


We are talking bare bones stuff here.


Thai are capable. Hospitals rock. Ambulance workers rock. This is an ambulance in Thailand. Or at least in Bangkok. Like the ambulances around bigger cities in Thailand which emit a siren shrill not unlike ambulances in Europe whipping around in Jason Bourne movies.


I noted how the drivers fired up the car as I walked by. After snapping a photo I also noticed drivers taking it down 10 notches.


Either the emergency was a hoax or somebody croaked.



I deeply appreciated the Chain Snatching Season warnings seen in NYC subways during warm weather months.


As if chain snatching athletes got together and prepped for open season.


Apparently Snatch Thieves are a thing in Bangkok as we spied at least 4 signs during a short walk around the Khao San Road area touting these particularly nasty thieves, who snatch.


I am not touching the adult reference here. Do with it what you may.


This is a problem in some SE Asian major cities. Motorbike drivers working with deft handed accomplices can do major havoc with their patented Snatch Thief Tactic.


Unsuspecting folks walk by with pocket book strewn about their body, mouth agape, looking slightly less intelligent than a drunk stable boy.


The Snatch Thief Duo flies by at the speed of light on a motorbike. Passenger grabs the goods while squiggly lines appear over the victim’s head.


I do recall hearing of similar rackets in various capitals around SE Asia.


As always, such incidents are few and far between when pondering the tens of millions of tourists hitting Bangkok yearly.


Morale of the Story: hold on to your pocketbooks and squiggly lines in Bangkok.


Cheap ness


Classic Bangkok.


One finds 53,000 signs like this around the city.


In some cases owners know little English or just enough to add “Cheap ness” to their signs.


In other cases I suspect fluent shop owners intend to amuse easily entertained farang like myself.


In Southeast Asia and Thailand in particular, these are commonly used words to make businesses stand out:


  • The Best
  • Cheap
  • Cheap Price
  • Cheap Prices
  • #1
  • Number 1
  • Fancy


I could go on but have a flight to Chiang Mai to catch about 30 hours from now.