5 Zany Chiang Mai Thailand Photos


Double Strawberry Bread


I regularly see colorful, wacky, zany, or just out of the norm images in Thailand.


Being a mindful little bee I PRE-serve the moments with a picture.


Thailand is the Land of Smiles in more ways than one.


Friendly locals greet you with a smile and wai but things you see make ya chuckle too.


In Thailand these images are normal. If you live here for 3 years on and off like Kelli and I you spot, nod, smile and move on. But newbie farang often find endless amusement via off the wall scenes enjoyed in Chiang Mai and throughout all of Thailand.


I love the place of course. Fun, loving, wacky and a bit zany to my Western eyes sometimes.


Enjoy the 5 zany photos I snapped recently in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Espresso Scented Litter


Espresso scented litter


Ah, the decadence.


Espresso scented litter.


Or is it zaniness?


I go with the latter.


Kelli and I bought litter for Lentil the Kitty a few moments ago. We had choices like:


  • espresso scented litter
  • coffee scented litter (different than espresso, you Troglodytes)
  • lemon scented litter


among other options.


Thailand is known for fascinating flavored foods.


And now, for fascinating scented litters.


Double Strawberry Filled Sandwich


Double Strawberry Bread


The bane of Kelli’s life but my greatest joy, bizarre Thai sweet snack combos are a treat to behold.


Best 10 Baht I dropped all day on this Double Strawberry Bread Sandwich.


Taste strawberry flavored bread filled with delightful strawberry flavored jam.


Not quite the hot dog bun filled with strawberry cream and raisins in terms of bizarre scale, but it is getting there.



I adore the fun mix of sweets and savories. White bread common savory. Strawberry jam a sweet.


Kelli cannot abide by such wicked combinations.


I love ’em.


Lentil Killing and Eating Large Locust


Lentil killing and eating large locust.


The other day I saw a buzzing.


Today I saw a feasting.


Lentil killed and ate a large, impressive-looking locust in the kitchen. Fitting room of choice.


I heard the beast buzzing 2 days prior, slamming into lights with such ferocity I knew he was a really big boy. Snapped some shots while he worked the screens. But today he worked the inside of Lentil’s stomach.


Zany shot?


I think so.


When is the last time you saw a cat crunching on a monstrously large locust in your kitchen?


Yoda Balls


Yoda Balls


I heard a pig digging for truffles in the living room.


Turns out it was Yoda.


He snorts, like a brute sow burrowing for grubs. He pants. He slobbers.


Yoda goes bonkers for his balls, often pushing said balls under couches 20 times daily, whining mildly until we remove said ball from couch.


Yoda is the definition of zany. Quirky dog. Also amazingly loving, cute and as good as gold.


He is the total package.


Totally Thailand, this dog is.


“Nature Calls.” ~ By Yoda and Lentil


“Nature calls.” ` by Yoda and Lentil


Andy Warhol eat ya heart out.


I snapped this impressionist piece recently.


Yoda and Lentil are burgeoning artists busting onto the Chiang Mai scene.


Yoda adds his rinse. Lentil drops a deuce.


(Author Note from 9/1/2018: It is with a heavy heart that I share Lentil passed away a few days ago. He packed a ton of life into his short time on Planet Earth and had an irresistible effect on people around him. RIP buddy. We already miss you terribly.)


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