5 Common Travel Myths

  December 31, 2019 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read
common travel myths

Savusavu, Fiji


Common travel myths handcuff so many folks…..


“Wow….traveling the world…..you must have rich parents!”




Common Travel Myths


Unless the Biddulph Estate is hidden with grandmother’s jewels somewhere, no, I do not have rich parents. People think you need to have rich parents to travel. I get it a lot. Others believe you need to be rich, to travel. Bullshit. Once again. I feel folks avoid circling the globe based on false assumptions. Each misconception below is not true. I know; I have circled the globe for over 8 years. Let’s put these suckers to rest.


You Need to Be Rich to Travel


Nope. You just need to want to travel. House sitting offers you rent-free living. One can buy a round trip ticket – depending on hot deals – from NYC to India for under $500. Not always. But usually. We often find 300-400 one way tix from Asia to NYC. Not a bad deal. Do you need to be super duper rich to pay $350 for a flight ticket to Bali then house sit for 2 months? Nope. Expect to spend a few bucks per meal at local spots or maybe $40 for groceries – for the week – at supermarkets. Less, for a single person. Traveling is for folks of all financial levels. Bargain flights, bargain lodging, house sitting and cheap buses make traveling an activity for everybody.


You Need to Speak the Local Language


I feared not speaking local tongues before I ever traveled abroad. I recall asking Kelli about my anxiety. She assured me; most folks speak English in tourist spots or speak basic English, at the very least. Only in remote areas do you need to speak the native tongue; most of us never travel to these areas. Even in far off lands, a simple calculator and Caveman-like hand motions does the trick for figuring out the cost of stuff, and, for like, procuring food and water. We need to pay money, eat and drink to travel and survive, right? All bases covered with pantomimimg and a phone or calculator.


The Middle East Is Dangerous


US-driven common travel myth here. I told folks I was spending 1 month in Qatar. People told me to be careful. I told people I was more likely to be murdered on Central Park West than to experience any crime in the wealthiest country on earth. Families own 45 cars in Doha. I routinely saw million dollar cars. Oman was equally safe. Ditto for Turkey. Ditto for much of the Middle East. I live in a nation where people get mowed down like a fucking video game but in real life. Yet the world and Middle East especially seems dangerous. Hey Yosemite Sam; put ’em in a holster and see a fascinating, inviting, hospitable area of the world. At least from my experience.


Only Worldly People Travel


Ummm….duh; before one becomes worldly, they do not know their ass from their elbow, travel-wise. I had no idea where Cambodia was on a map before visiting SE Asia in 2011. True American. Proud of myself. You become worldly AFTER traveling, not BEFORE traveling. People believe worldly folks circle the globe but worldly folks seem to be home bodies before circling the globe…no? Perhaps you pick up some worldliness from reading, research and speaking to globe-trotters but you need to circle the globe to be the real worldly deal.


Traveling Is for College Kids or Retirees


I began traveling in between both common travel groups, challenging these common travel myths. Gap year kids litter Thailand. But retirees also arrive in swarms to the Land of Smiles. How about 36 year old me beginning my globe trotting ways, 8 years ago? Now I am 44; in my traveling prime. I swear some folks only travel because of their gap year or retiree age because many people cling to these common myths, that you need to be on a full moon party as a kid or over the hill and falling asleep as soon as the moon rises as a retiree. Not true. People travel at any time and for any reason, too.


I hope you enjoyed these common travel myths.