5 Tips for Branding Yourself Successfully through Your Blog

  January 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read

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Do you feel a bit confused about how to brand yourself through your blog?


Branding yourself effectively makes you stand out in a crowded blogging niche.


Most bloggers struggle to create an attractive brand because they have no clue how to craft a clear, consistent message through all they do blogging-wise.


During my early blogging career, I wrote effectively and even networked skillfully but my success seemed muted because I did not brand myself through my blog. I fell victim to the common blogging brand misconception; I assumed only huge corporations needed to craft brands.


After learning my lesson the hard way I decided to create a clear brand for Blogging From Paradise.


Why Build a Blogging Brand?


Blogs are one stop shopping for many interested customers and clients.


Running a quick web search can reveal how much you know about your blogging niche. Being knowledgeable fortifies your personal brand. People tend to trust effectively-branded, skilled, credible bloggers who clearly demonstrate how they can help clients and customers.


From articles, to reviews, to videos and podcasts, you can upload serious amounts of content seamlessly if you’re on the blogging ball.


With a little bit of ingenuity, a touch of transparency and a few dollars you can easily make a massive impact through your blog by constructing an eye-popping brand on a foundation of valuable, targeted content.


But in order to make a seismic branding impact you need to dig a bit deeper than solely creating helpful content. Following the simple steps below positions you to brand yourself like a boss. However, easy does not always mean comfortable. Each step below is simple to follow but may trigger fears in your mind concerning blogging, branding and your intimately personal limiting beliefs. Wade through these uncomfortable emotions to grow your:


  • brand
  • blog
  • business


the right way.


Follow these tips to build your brand through blogging.


Publish a Generous About Page


Think Wikipedia style pages if you want to really make an impact. Readers, customers and clients want to know who you are. Don’t hold back.


Don’t share every detail of your personal life but do share your experiences. Be transparent. Share your successes and failures to prove you know how to handle success and adversity.


Be open. Give people a chance to know you to build your personal brand on a rock-solid foundation.


Branding yourself effectively means allowing readers to see you. Although no blogger needs to share every single aspect of their life it does help to be as open as possible to let readers:


  • know
  • like
  • trust


you through a clear “about” page.


I formerly drilled down with a highly-detailed about page but since pared back because I share ample personal details through my:



However, unless you publish highly personal content through the above mediums it helps to publish an in-depth biography on your blog to build a rock solid personal brand.


Practical Tips


  • share details about your life away from blogging
  • talk about struggles you suffered through to bond strongly with your readers
  • share wins to inspire readers
  • divulge what feels comfortable but leave out intimately personal details best kept secret to create some space between your life and your blogging career


Maintain a transparent brand but respect the fact that even enlightened beings keep some aspects of their lives secret. Some experiences are for you alone. Perhaps you can share it all in the tell-all book after you make it big!


Say Cheese


Brand you through your blog. This means posting more than a few pictures of yourself on your “about” page and along your sidebar. Allow your personality to shine through by going a bit heavier on eye.


Branding yourself is not terribly difficult if you add some showmanship to your blog.  Pepper your blog with at least a few pictures of yourself. Oh yeah, make sure they’re smiling images too.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


Lighten up to make an even greater positive impact.


Brand you by allowing people to see you, literally.


One quick glimpse at:


  • Blogging From Paradise
  • my Twitter profile
  • my Facebook profile
  • my Instagram handle


reveals more smiling selfies than the Cheshire Cat on a 2 day drunk. I make the Joker look like the Sphinx; and I ain’t shy about sharing my smiles either. However, most of my readers genuinely prefer to see my smiling mug over nature shots. Sky-high engagement via my smiling selfies proves this basic fact. Plus my readers often associate my blogging brand with my smiling selfies.


what do i blog about

El Valle de Anton Panama


Add a human element to your blogging brand. Post at least a few smiling seflies here and there. If you feel self-conscious or flat out shy this practice helps you to get past both success-strangling emotions. Snap some selfies to accelerate your blogging success as you craft a rock solid foundation for your blogging brand.


Practical Tips


  • snap smiling selfies to put readers at ease
  • find the proper lighting to emit a feel-good brand
  • invest in a quality camera or get professional shots to maintain a professional air about your blog


Stay on Topic


Craft blog posts and pages directly-related to your blogging niche. Stay on topic to brand yourself intelligently.


Publish only content related to your blogging niche. Stay on topic to build a clear brand. Being on topic gives readers, customers and clients a good idea of what you clearly do and how this help benefits people.


Brands emit a clear message persistently applied.




  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Nike


as a few iconic brands speaking a single message.


People respond favorably to brands emitting clarity. Mimic world famous brands by staying on blogging topic. Allow readers to see you as a branded leader in your blogging niche of choice. Stand out from the crowd by doing one thing well. Be a specialist to shine brightly.


Practical Tips


  • pick one topic for your blog
  • stick with that topic for virtually all blog posts
  • develop a core brand message by covering a single blog topic persistently


Don’t Cheap out on the Theme


Invest in a professional-looking, premium theme which makes your blog pop. Think big picture. Make an impact by wowing any potential clients and customers intrigued by your brand.. Even if you haven’t landed a client or customer yet you can pull out your credit or debit card and make the buy.


Buy a premium blog theme to become a branded blogging dynamo.


Invest money to purchase some branding credibility. Like it or not, readers judge a blogging book by its cover. Buy a premium theme to buy some brand juice.


Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, USA


People perceive you in a different light if you present your blog in professional fashion. Publish a professional-looking brand by purchasing a premium theme.


Practical Tips


  • invest in a premium theme or….
  • ….hire a web developer to build a custom theme for you


Purchase a Self Hosted Account


Running a self-hosted WordPress blog helps you brand yourself to the max. From the widgets you can upload to the wide array of themes and the endless support you can access through experienced WordPress users you’ll be doing yourself a great service. Investing in a self-hosted WordPress dot org blog dramatically reduces blogging headaches suffered down the road. Invest money now to blog and to brand yourself the right way.


Support Blogging From Paradise


Even if you’re bootstrapping you need to give off an air of professionalism. Invest $20 dollars each month to own your real estate. Don’t make the mistake of building your blog on a free platform. Free platforms usually give off an amateurish feel and to make matters worse, your provider may pull the rug out from you.


“Free” means the blog network owner can delete any blog for any reason at any time without offering an explanation. Don’t squat on a free blogging network. You can be evicted at any time. Own your blogging real estate to own your brand.


Practical Tips


  • Expect to pay anywhere from $20 per month up for premium web hosting
  • Investing money in a trusted hosting solution keeps your blog online and fast-loading to create a professional brand image




Branding yourself effectively grows your blogging business.


Never make the common error of believing only iconic businesses need to build brands.


Every blogger needs a brand to stand out as a separating factor. Two bloggers may publish dazzling content but the effectively branded blog wins out over the plain jane offering.


Be open. Invest money to create a professional presentation. Stay on topic to be consistent.


Build an eye-popping personal brand to accelerate your blogging success.


Your Turn


How do you brand yourself like a boss through blogging?


What tips can you share for building a personal brand?


Do you struggle to brand yourself through your blog?


Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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