5 Blogging Income Streams to Explore

  September 22, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Savusavu, Fiji

Savusavu, Fiji








Even though I advise; focus 95% of your energy on GIVING…..5% of GETTING remains. Getting traffic. Getting dough.


Today let’s discuss 5 blogging income streams if you feel a wee confused about ways to make money blogging.


1: Sponsored Posts


This one’s for pro bloggers guys.


My blogging sweetlings; people pay you to publish sponsored posts about their business if you have:


  • a large, loyal blogging community
  • a high volume of blog traffic
  • highly targeted blog traffic


Years of generous, intelligent, persistent blogging work helps you grow a big, loyal community of highly engaged readers.




Start at $50 per sponsored post. Work up to $500 and higher per sponsored post.


Accept sponsored posts aligned with your blogging niche. Disclose the post as sponsored. Make links No Follow if you want to keep driving steady Google traffic.


2: Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates is being an affiliate for the 76,443,098,987.043,078 products on Amazon. Become an affiliate aka Associate. Sell virtually anything aligned with your niche.


Perfect income stream for up and coming bloggers but you need to have a somewhat well-stocked, self-hosted blog to ensure you meet Amazon’s standards. Jeff B’s Crew approves or rejects applications. Not like handing out candy to babies guys.


I am Associate for my 150 plus eBooks/audio books. Peep this page to see my shortlinks:




Note; if you are in the blogging tips or travel blogging niches, or the self help niche, the above page gives you a few ideas for stuff to sell. Unless you believe I am a total bum.


3: Write and Self-Publish eBooks


126 eBooks on Amazon.


Peep the link above to see those bad boyz.


Write and self-publish 5,000 word (or longer) eBooks solving specific problems in your niche. Upload to Amazon KDP. Sell.


Practical Tips


  • Write eBooks related to your blogging niche. Appeal to blog readers. No sense jumping outside of your niche.
  • Aim for Amazon’s short reads category. As most folks read eBooks on mobile these days, nobody wants to read a 30,000 word eBook on their phone. 5,000 words works OK.
  • Write 500 words daily offline to gain confidence and clarity in your writing


Consider adding 1-2 eBooks to Selz too. Receive weekly payments to supplement monthly KDP royalty payments. Plus diversifying income streams is smart. Plus you can charge more for eBooks on Selz, whereas Amazon caps ya.


4: Freelance


Be a freelance writer. Be a freelance web developer. Be a freelance puppy petter.


Whatever the niche, freelancing opens income streams through your skills.


I was a freelance writer back in the day. Moons ago. Many moons.


I even ghost wrote a best selling book on SEO.


Practical Tips for Freelance Writing


  • write your ass off, offline; most freelance writers get no business because they never practice writing offline, which is assinine to me…you need to improve your writing skills before people hire you
  • befriend freelance writing bloggers by helping them; boost referrals
  • freelance on topics you know and love; earn coin more easily, versus researching heavily for freelance work outside of your knowledge base


Rates vary but good god guys; please do not charge $2 for a 500 word article. Start at $50 per 500 words. Move up to $100 and higher as you gain confidence and clarity. Get off the bread line. Move higher, into higher-paying circles.


5: Advertising


Sidebar ads. Ads in da footer. Ads anywhere.


This is another pro blogger stream guys. Like sponsored posts.


Drive a high volume of targeted traffic. Place ads on your sidebar.


Either you charge ad rental space on a per month basis (or via different time frame) or advertisers pay you money per ad click.


Advertising Tips


  • only place advertisements 100% aligned with your blogging niche; I’d never place ads for hippo pedicures nor lemur psychiatrists
  • keep ads to a minimum; 1 on sidebar, 1 on posts


Skilled bloggers who publish helpful content do the selling. People only click ads because they believe you, the blogger, they see your content as being helpful and because the ad aligns with your blogging niche. Not because you plastered 46,000 puke nasty ads on your blog.


Wrap Up


Income streams are channels through which you receive money.


Being passionate about blogging, practicing writing, creating helpful content and generously connecting with bloggers, these are the money makers.


Keep these concepts in mind to rock out your blogging income.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here: