5 Blogging Income Boosters

  June 28, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Koh Lanta, Thailand


(Updated 6/28/2021)


Making money through blogging feels challenging.


Overnight blogging success does not exist.


But focusing exclusively on the process of creating and connecting lays a solid monetizing foundation for your blogging campaign.


How do you boost your blogging income?


Follow these income boosters.


1: Do Scary and Highly Uncomfortable Things


Money sits on the other side of scary, uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and actions…until you do scary things so much, that you lose the fear….then, money flows to you with increasing ease. Examples; guest post (fear of rejection), following up with prospective clients (fear of criticism aka fear of annoying people), following up with clients for payment (fear of not getting paid, fear of annoying people aka being criticized).


Nudge into fear. Do scary stuff. Increase your blogging income.



I updated this blog post a few years after the publish date. Doing so feels uncomfortable. My ego told me to just keep the post as is versus wasting time updating the content. But blogging through ego chatter leads to increased income. Honoring fear lessens your income.


Boost your income. Do freeing but sometimes uncomfortable things. Increase your blogging profits.


2: Be Generous


Imagine writing and publishing a post, broadcasting live and commenting on someone’s blog with the dominant intent of helping someone AND giving almost no thought to what you get in return, almost completely removing expectations, conditions or any fear-based driver hellbent on screaming….“What’s in it for me?!” This is being generous. This is how to make sweet coin online.


Giving generously increases your skills, increases your exposure, grounds you in the moment and positions you to boost your profits because generous, skilled bloggers with massive exposure make money through all the income streams they open.


Being generous feels alien to most bloggers. People generally learn how to think, feel and act like employees. Work. Get paid. Being generous means giving with no expectations. Employee-level thinkers give to get a paycheck. Pro bloggers increase their:



by generously publishing free content.


Helping people for free positions you to help people for pay. Each skill you gain boosts your income. Increased exposure boosts your blogging profits. Greater credibility increases your blogging income.


Help people for free by publishing:


  • detailed content
  • in-depth content
  • targeted content
  • SEO-optimized content


Promote fellow bloggers through your:


  • blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


to build strong blogging friendships.


Blogging buddies who promote you in return boost your income by increasing your exposure and credibility.


3: Open Multiple Streams of Income


Open multiple streams of income. Stop being attached to 1 or 2 streams. Feel detached, relaxed, trusting and chill about the 5, 10 or 15 income channels you open and promote. Make more money by feeling abundant, rich and prospering with all the income channels you open. Imagine throwing 50 hooks in the water to fish. Do you worry about any 1 hook? Nope. 50 hooks cover the job. You know fish will bite one hook, feeling abundant, confident and relaxed about the process.


Establishing multiple streams of income appeals to particular tastes. Some readers dislike eBooks but prefer audio books. Opening eBook and audio book income streams ensures readers do not exit without boosting your blogging income.


Rockingham Recreational Trail Manchester New Hampshire

Rockingham Recreational Trail Manchester New Hampshire


Add as many income channels as you prefer. Help readers through various products and services. Increase your blogging profits.


Income Stream Ideas


  • place ads on your blog
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • create audio books
  • write and self-publish paperbacks
  • create online courses
  • sell sponsored posts
  • offer freelancing services
  • offer consulting services
  • render coaching services


4: Feel Rich and Purge Poor


Feeling rich increases riches in your life. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Purging poor feelings dissolves fears that grow poverty. Release poverty conscious beliefs in scarcity, lack and limitation. Feel rich. Feel wealthy counting your recent $4.34 affiliate sales. Feel abundant counting all of your profits. Be rich, feel rich, boost your blogging profits.


Admittedly, following this tip feels quite challenging for most bloggers. Face fear in your mind. Purge these unpleasant-feeling energies. Blog from an increased abundance. Feel rich. Purge poor.


Create a gratitude list to begin your day. Feel good about life. Face, feel and release limiting, poverty conscious states of mind. Be with these uncomfortable emotions to banish poor feelings from your being. Replace with abundant feelings.


Feeling rich increases profits because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Feel wealth to generate wealthy:


  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • actions


Prospering thinking, feeling and acting bloggers generate profitable ideas. Act on these ideas to increase your blogging income.


5: Put Your Ego to the Side


Your ego knows ALL the ways to make money and also knows ALL the ways that cannot lead to blogging profits. Put that jerk to the side because ego is the only reason for poverty, and your divine center, your heart, knows only immense riches through open-ness and service.


Living from the heart opens you up to all types of money-making opportunities based on rendering generous service to human beings. Ego knows loss and poverty. Your divine nature knows only increase and money, through helping folks and by being open to receiving money. Put your ego to the side. Live from your heart. Boost your blogging profits.


For example, I resisted doing SEO for years but put my ego to the side, woke up and optimize each and every post for Google these days, slowly but surely.


Helping more people while boosting my profits seems worth a little ego sting.


New blogging me enjoys experiencing blogging growth with my fresh SEO-optimizing campaign. Old blogging me resisted optimizing any post for SEO. Being open to success nudged my ego to the side. Revisit old posts on Blogging From Paradise. Observe my anti-SEO stance. Did my pride boost my online income? To the contrary, my pride pushed my blogging income in the opposite direction. But I learned my lesson. Being flexible changed my SEO perspective.


making money online

Timaru, New Zealand


I ranked on page 1, position 1 of Google for this post:


Blogging Income Claims: Yes or No?


Doesn’t that beat publishing non-optimized posts generating a tiny traffic surge before falling dormant?




Put your ego to the side to build a blogging team of like-minded buddies. Open your blog to guest posting. Link to fellow bloggers. Promote bloggers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I already mentioned these tactics via tip #2 but cannot underscore how dissolving your ego is the foundation of successful blogger outreach campaigns.


Blogging friends who bond with you because your blog behaves like a 2-way street:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you
  • buy your stuff


to increase your blogging profits.


Blog from your heart before blogging from your head. Be generous, then build a logical action plan for prospering.


Nudge your ego to the side to increase your blogging income.




Leave your comfort zone. Be generous. Open multiple income streams. Feel abundant. Put your ego to the side.


Boost your blogging income by following these simple steps patiently, persistently and diligently.

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