4 Ways to Frame Blogging Criticism

  February 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica


Blogging criticism is a gift. Not a curse. Even if you feel the sting of criticism as some shame or embarrassment, being criticized proves your grow. Growth is always a good thing. Growth leads to increased traffic and profits. Increased traffic and profits eventually leads to a professional blogging career.


Does that sound so bad?


Most bloggers struggle because critics scare them, goading them to hide away and play small. I even feared seizing guest posting opportunities because new, critical readers would discover my blog and brand. But here I am, guest posting like mad, seizing opportunities to serve people on my freeing blogging journey.


Be open to receiving blogging criticism. Spot the benefits of fielding negative feedback. I learned volumes about my mind any time someone critiqued me and my blog. Fears manifest as doubts, rage, anger, embarrassment and shame surfaced during critical encounters. Each fear had to go for me to:



If no one offered me negative feedback, deep fears would still sit inside of my mind. I would still be making blogging decisions based on those deep fears. Fear-based choices lead to blogging struggles, failure and eventual quitting.


Thank goodness for critics! Sweet blogging opportunities flow to bloggers who learn the skill of fielding criticism.


Frame blogging criticism in these 4 ways to gracefully handle negative feedback.


1: Positive Feedback from a Loving Friend


Some critics are dear friends who offer loving feedback.


Hug the criticism; these friends mean well. Does the feedback fit your brand? Listen closely if yes and let go if no.


My closest buddies offer criticism here and there to share their honest take. I frame their love as support, trying to nudge me in the right direction, from their view at least.


Frame love as love, not hurtful criticism. People who care for you sometimes see what you cannot see. I recall a particularly brutal offline event in my life. My family warned me subtly and gently what seemed to be going down. I ignored their feedback, feeling like da fam needlessly criticized me. WOW, did I ever learn my lesson later. Ouch.


Friend love you. Friend care for you. Listen to their honest feedback because friends offer criticism to help you succeed.


2: Negative Feedback from a Loving Friend


Loving friends are human. Humans have bad moments, bad days or bad weeks.


Some loving friends may tell you to cease talking to other friends, to stop promoting some product or service or to do something negative, from a heavy energy of fear. Fear clouds your judgement so if you honor a fear-filled friend’s feedback you honor clouded, inaccurate judgment. Pay close attention to your energy and to their energy. Fear? Love? Listen closely to your intuitive guide. Ignore fear. Honor love. Good friends offer negative feedback from energies of fear. Fear is illusion. Never trust illusions.


Don’t you know when a good friend is having a bad day? We all do. Never trust their feedback unless it is positive, uplifting and supportive. Good friends are human beings with changing emotions who may mislead you from time to time, from a not on purpose, but damaging, energy.


Every human lacking enlightenment suffers moments of:


  • guilt
  • grief
  • shame
  • embarrassment


Loving friends suffering through a temporary moment of fear sometimes project negative feedback. Remove the negative charge. Mine the core message to see if the feedback helps advance your blogging career.


3: Positive Feedback from a Stranger


Do you feel defensive if a stranger offers you positive feedback? Just because you never met the person before does not mean you need to be on the defensive. Kind strangers exist. Compassionate human beings freely offer loving, caring feedback to help accelerate your growth. Listen closely.


Relax. This person you just met has your good at heart.


Please slow down, calm down and do not reject criticism from unknown folks who intend to help you. Positive feedback comes in many forms. Trusted friends offer criticism. Unknown strangers offer criticism. Listen closely to see what you hear and how it helps your blog.


Most bloggers act defensively if a stranger leaves a positive, honest, heartfelt review on an eBook or via a blog comment because you do not know and trust the person. Pump on the breaks. Relax. Listen closely; this person may not know you but cares about you enough to offer positive feedback. Pay attention. Promote your success.


Do not emit a stranger danger mentality because angels exist. Kind people you do not currently know guide you along toward increased blogging success. Open your mind. Open your heart. Let go fear of the unknown. Accelerate your blogging success. Heed sound blogging advice from strangers.


4: Negative Feedback from a Stranger




We know ’em, right?


Online trolls = strangers hiding behind fake names, fake avatars and internet anonymity to lob negative feedback your way.


Ignore these fools 100% of the time. Unhappy, suffering people generally try to project their unhappiness onto you through their nasty, negative feedback. Some humans have nothing good to do with their lives so they try to do something bad in your life. Ignore these trolls.


Block people on social media. Label comments as spam on your blog. Never give trolls public – or private – attention and energy because this is exactly what they want.


Instead, ignore these folks completely. Being starved of attention you better believe this crowd will vanish into the ethers, looking for someone else to bother and pester.


Genuinely, trolls are the most scared, fear-filled people in the Universe. Let ’em go. Never give your energy to fear by fighting these scared folks. Do you really want to kick a dog when it’s down?




Being poked, prodded or skewered does not feel good. But learning how to release haters makes room for loyal, loving blogging fans.


Go within to change the without.


Bring everything back to your mind to accelerate your blogging success.

  1. Richard Vall says:
    at 3:09 pm

    By accepting criticism we admit that we are not perfect and we must still grow and learn many new things.Negative feedback allows us to grow. But it’s not always easy to accept it.

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