4 Ways to Drive Blog Traffic through Video

January 15, 2019


I am oft-spotted gabbing my ass off on video. For good reason. Video marketing is the NOW.


Whenever I am in NYC I see humanoids glued to phone, drooling over videos. Perhaps hunger? Or leaky glands?


Either way, people love video so if folks love it, you betcha it drives traffic. Video proves you are human. Video connects readers and blogger. Video adds oomph.


Follow these 4 tips to drive traffic through video.


1: Publish 1 Video Daily


Rye is not a shy guy. He publishes more than 1 video daily. Most bloggers think lack; publish 1 video and try to squeeze everything out of it. I publish…more than 1. But think content forest to drive blog traffic, not tree, to drive traffic. Publish 1 video daily. Gets easier and easier.


As I noted below, practice, practice and practice some more. Keep helping, nudging into fear and honing your skills. Consider setting up video time. I go live or record and upload all day long pretty much but found setting say a 9 AM or 9 PM start time or vid time adds order to my mind. Like, clockwork gets Ryan to work. Orderly thinking thingee, I guess.


2: Link to Your Blog


I link to my blog via all videos. Again; not shy. Folks watch, click and boost my blog traffic. Fear says remove the link to get more views, to gain more traction….but fear is an illusion, a liar, a jerk. Never listen to fear. Listen to clarity. Link to your blog.


Why not?


I am always linking to my blog and eBooks written from exotic locales via video. Why not? Link to blogs, specific posts, eBooks, whatever. Be clear! Let readers know; here is video content, and click linkee to see more content on my blog. Clarity is the great traffic driver. I nab at least 3 visitors a month linking to my blog. Or is it 300? 3,000? 30,000? I don’t know.


3: Solve Common Problems in Your Niche


Traffic seeks solutions. Peep my latest blog post pointing to a Facebook video o’ mine:


3 Blogging Mistakes


Most bloggers need verifying; do they err in these ways? Do the 3 blogging boo boo’s plaque ’em? Click. Traffic. Jog your mind to pinpoint common blogging errors in your niche. Blogging tips hungry bloggers gobble up traffic and profits tips like I cram dates over here in Nizwa, Oman. Fruit, not females. Geez guys; Kelli reads my blog.


Peep niche-specific groups on Facebook and forums aligned with your niche to find and solve blogging problems in your niche. Churn out videos. James is a boss in this regard; he is a super prolific vlogger who pinpoints and solves pressing problems in the affiliate marketing niche.


4: Be….YOU!


Donna clues you in. Watch her videos. She is being her, in her splendid paradise by the sea in New England. Alonzo is another guy just being him. Good reason why our podcast chats are around half a million listens, said podcasts being video in most cases, too. Traffic flows to genuine, authentic bloggers who BE themselves on video.


Goodness knows I am being me. I know no other way. Tens of thousands of video views on Facebook later, a few folks visited my blog, boosting my blog traffic. I practiced my ass off. I suggest you do the same. I also suggest you grab this eBook to dive into fear persistently, because doing videos fears scary at first.


6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears


Get on the video bandwagon, guys. Left town and ain’t never coming back. Video is the wave of the present…and future.

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Ryan Biddulph

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