4 Ways to Be a Smart Blogger

  December 31, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Kathmandu Nepal


I was a blogging dumbass.


I admit it.


For many years, I made each of these mistakes because I blogged with my head in the cyber sand, like a drunk ostrich.


Eventually I woke up.


I smartened up.


Blogging often flows like that. One day, some harsh blogging wake-up call awaits you. Either you see the truth of your stupidity to move in a successful direction. Or you scurry back toward unintelligent blogging strategies. Everything depends on your decision.


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If you are struggling with your blog and want to feel the relief of knowing you are doing smart stuff, blogging-wise follow these 4 tips pronto.


1: Follow Pro Blogger Advice


Follow pro blogger advice.


Be a smarter blogger.


Consider following someone like pro blogger Zac Johnson.


He is an established online pro who can help you build your online authority.


Tap into his years of experience.


Blog intelligently.


Follow proven advice from successful bloggers. Stay on the blogging straight and narrow. Prosper.


2: Pay Pros to Coach You


I have offered blog coaching services to help you cut your learning curve by years. Now I just teach passively through blogging courses.


Following a pro blogger is one thing. Paying a premium to receive 1-to-1, personalized instruction is quite a different story.


The most intelligent bloggers pay pro bloggers to coach them, because all pros need coaches.


I recall basketball icon Michael Jordan hiring coaches for assistance. If the greatest basketball player of all time needed a coach you would be smart to hire a blogging coach or mentor to cut your learning curve.


Invest money in your blogging education. Learn from the best via:


  • coaching
  • consulting
  • courses


to cut years off of your blogging learning curve.


Stop making unintelligent blogging errors. Be smart. Pay someone to teach you how to blog the right way.


3: Manage Your Energy


Or, raise your energy.


I typically walk outside in the dead of winter donning nothing but shorts and a T-shirt.


I take an icy cold shower daily. Standing outside in a blizzard with a 7 degree Fahrenheit wind chill factor ain’t no thing to me.


I do the icy cold shower bit to raise my energy. I raise my energy to intelligently see around blogging obstacles that cripple lower energy bloggers who make the same silly mistakes over and over. Said mistakes usually totally cancelling out tips #1 and #2: not following pros and not hiring pros to coach them.




  • meditate
  • do Kriya yoga
  • do yin yoga
  • apply A Course in Miracles


Blogging – like life – is mindset. Life follows you inner experience. Strengthen your mind. Blog smartly.


4: Hire Skilled Entrepreneurs to Handle Processes for You (AKA Be Smart by Paying Experts to Handle the Job)


Pro blogger Alonzo Pichardo is a highly skilled marketing coach who offers a wide range of web creation services.


Learn more about his services here: Alonzo Pichardo Web Creation Services


Alonzo can handle all types of processes that can literally eat up days or even weeks of your time as a newbie.


Smart bloggers leverage their presence by hiring professionals whose expertise lessens their workload and frees them to focus on activities that resonate with them.


Invest money in skilled pros who easily do what you cannot do. Smart bloggers outsource. Everyone else runs out of time, struggles, fails and quits.


Bloggers are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs scale by outsourcing. Pay someone to handle jobs outside of your wheel house. Free your attention and energy for doing what you love and what grows your business most swiftly.


Entrepreneurs hire employees to build companies. As a solo blogger, investing money in freelancers seems smart until you acquire enough capital to start your own company.




  • hire a web developer to solve coding issues on your blog
  • hire a web developer to design your blog
  • hire a skilled freelancer to create helpful content passively for you
  • hire a social media manager to handle your Facebook and Twitter campaigns




Blog intelligently.


Free yourself.


Enjoy the spoils of your blogging success.

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