4 Tips for Landing Interviews on Top Blogs

  December 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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Landing interviews on top blogs may seem difficult at first.


Don’t be intimidated by the process.


I was a blogging nobody from nowhere many years ago but by following a few simple tips persistently I have been interviewed by bloggers and contributors for a collection of high profile blogs.


Branding juice, increased traffic and greater profits await the connected blogger who pops up on popular, top blogs in their niche.


Follow these tips to land interviews on top blogs.


1: Stop Pitching


Do not ask to get featured on top blogs. You may score one “yes” out of 100 asks.


But if you ask 100 top bloggers how you can help them, and if you retweet 100 top bloggers or mention them on your blog over a period of months, you will score 10, 20 or even 50 interviews on top blogs because the easiest way to make friends and land rocking features is to embody the concept of generosity.


Whatever you want, stop asking and start giving. Generously helping influential bloggers without looking for anything in return is the easy way to build friendships which lead to all types of features.


Being generous works well for landing interviews, guest posts or any feature on rocking blogs.


2. Be Persistent


Persistently creating value and building connections is the tuition you must pay to get featured on top blogs.


Most bloggers are weeded out of the potential star pool by a lack of persistence.


I recall top bloggers explaining how they nailed features on world-famous sites by persistently doing interviews on all types of blogs for months or even years. Sure they hung out with top bloggers predominantly but they literally did not turn down an interview or feature or potential connection for a long time.


You earn the right to be picky about turning down interviews by not being picky for years. When you appear in thousands of places at once online – by never turning down interview requests – you will land a high volume of interviews on top blogs.


Persistently create value, build connections and gobble up interview requests, Stand out in your niche. Score spots on rocking blogs.


3. Hang in Big Dawg Blogging Circles


It’s tough to land interviews on top blogs if you are hanging out in low profile areas.


Pop up on the radar of famous bloggers; hang out in famous blogging circles by commenting on high profile blogs and by promoting high profile bloggers.


Don’t be shy. Shy bloggers never get featured on top blogs because their fear of being featured literally tells established, well-known bloggers to stay away from them.


Hang out in high profile areas to position yourself to maintain a higher profile.


Like it or not, there is a pecking order of bloggers. We are all equal, yet we gravitate toward like-minded folks who have experienced a certain level of success because we best relate to those folks.


Better hang out with the blogging big dawgs of the world – even if you haven’t seen much success – to study their ways, to follow their advice and to pop up on their radar.


4. Allow YOU to Shine Through


Have you ever noticed how most bloggers sound like one another?


These guys and gals mean well but wind up blogging in a simple, fairly bland, third-person voice.


These are the types of posts you can get anywhere online.


Which is exactly why top bloggers and contributors to famous blogs don’t seek out these average, sheeple type bloggers for interviews.


I landed interviews on top blogs because I blog in my voice. I practiced writing for years to stand out from the crowd, drawing analogies between my wild travel experiences and blogging.


Who else blogs about how being attacked by 2 wild men in Nepal teaches you blogging lessons?


I also let my writing voice shine through my work, having diligently practiced my writing in private for years.


Be you. Allow your voice and style to bleed through your work.


You will land spots on top blogs because these world-renowned brands want authentic bloggers who bring something different to the table.


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How are you landing interviews on popular blogs?


What tips can you add to this list?

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