Bali House Sit


4 Tips to Land House Sits


Kelli and I will be leaving for a rocking house sit in Chiang Mai, Thailand in under 2 weeks.


We did this sit last year.


Loved it!


After landing many phenomenal house sitting jobs over the past 4 years, in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica, I want to share a few tips for landing the best house sits.


1: Be Transparent


Being transparent is the easiest way to land house sits consistently.


Do not hide away. Share links to social media sites and your blogs or business websites.


Be open. Be trustworthy. Do not be sketchy or shadowy, both house sit job landing kisses of death.


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Kelli and I even filmed a short video from Fiji to show that we are 2, living, breathing human beings.


Being transparent sets the energetic table for finding some awesome house sits.


2: Get Clear


We are clear on sits we want.


Most of the time we want sits in the tropics. Hence landing jobs in Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica.


But we are open to sits in exotic, fascinating areas like Qatar and Cyprus too, where we have landed house sits over the past 2 years.


Get clear on the sits that you want. Allow those jobs to make a beeline for you.


House sitting – like life – is an energy game. Get clear on what you want. Do not take any house sits that come down the pike just because the sit is an opportunity.


Don’t take what life hands to you, sitting-wise. Get clear on good matches and patiently wait for the good jobs to pop up. Trust me; they will.


3: Treat House Sits like Jobs


I love house sitting.


I enjoy watching pets, tending to properties and watching over homes.


But I also treat house sitting like a real job.


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A house sit is not about having a place to live. Nope. Sits are homes or apartments you care for, along with caring for the pets living in the dwelling.


Do a good job on sits. Care for the home and the pets with love. Repeat sits with homeowners will flow your way.


Kelli and I did 20 plus sits in NYC during the past 7 months because happy folks we sat for asked us to sit multiple times.


Added bonus; happy homeowners may refer you to homeowner buddies looking for a house sitter.


Practical Tips


Replenish toilet paper, paper towels and other essentials.


If the homeowner says to treat yourself to anything you want as they would be trashing the food anyway, enjoy perishables like eggs and milk but I’d replace anything that would last; example, food in the cupboard. Even if they say no worries about replacing anything I think it adds a nice touch to replenish stores you use.


4: Join Reputable Sites


Set up profiles on sites like and to land rocking house sits.


For a small fee you get alerts sent to your email inbox notifying you of sits aligned with your preferences.


These sites are trusted goldmines that churn out house sitting opportunities regularly. Especially if you prefer the common European house sits – Europeans love to travel, of course – you will see potential sits pop up on a daily basis.


But even if you love rare and exotic sits like Kelli and I these opportunities turn up regularly.


Check your email alerts daily. Respond to homeowners in prompt fashion. Address the homeowner by name, in a pleasant way, expressing your interest in the sit. Be nice. Be polite. Be prompt. Be professional.


Establishing a dialog with homeowners who reach out to you is the way to lay the foundation for a sensational house sit.


Do not be rude, vague or outright asinine. I have heard horror stories from homeowners we sat for about prospective sitters who sent introductory messages of, “Do you have dog food there?”, which is course disqualifies these dolts immediately.


House sitting works well for the socially adjusted, pleasant, warm person.


Guys, these folks literally give you the keys to their house for weeks or months at a time.


Give them a good reason to trust you and avoid doing dumb, mindless stuff that makes them distrust you.


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