tips to be healthy on the road
Istanbul Turkey juice bar.


4 Tips to Be Healthy on the Road


The Battle of the Bulge.


Any short or long term traveler knows the deal.


When you hit the road you often hit the scale and wonder where the extra 10 or 20 pounds – or more – popped up so quickly.


I find it easy to fall into poor habits short-term on the health front but turn course quickly.


RB is mindful of his health.


Many of my fellow digital nomads and short term travelers have a difficult time leaving the bad habits behind to make room for a healthy, energized way of travel.


Follow these 4 tips to take care of your health on the road.


1: Drink Water and Fresh Fruit Juice


Drink mostly water and fresh fruit juice.


Limit alcohol and soda consumption.


Get rid of empty calories. Keep your gut in check. Or, develop washboard abs. Your choice, based on your willingness to drink healthy fluids.


Many travelers drink like a fish – liquor-wise – and seem shocked at their monstrous pregnant guts protruding like the Alien is growing within.


Drink water. Down fresh fruit juices. Drink little else. Especially in tropical places like Southeast Asia and Central America, fresh fruit juice is all over the place. Healthy, and damn cheap drinks, too.


2: Eat at Local Haunts


In places like my beloved Thailand you can find nutritious, wholesome organic food in local haunts. Eating at such local haunts keeps your waist game tight because the lower calorie levels and lack of preservatives and all that other shit helps you feel full, energized and complete with smaller portions.


The United State’s cattle-sized, pigs at a trough serving style has literally led to people eating themselves to death, not unlike a decadent situation in Ancient Rome, which is literally fucking insane, right?


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You will not find cattle-sized food servings in SE Asia. Human-sized, reasonable, satiating fare can be found at local, off the beaten path, delightful eateries, many of which you will not find on Trip Advisor.


Get lost. Talk to locals. Find the real restaurants. Like the Buddhist vegetarian haunt in Chiang Mai where Kelli and I go daily. Owners speak 2 words of English, we speak our little bit of Thai, point and enjoy an authentic, filling, healthy meal….all while staying healthy on the road.


Enjoy this post on Hostel World where the author stresses eating healthy while traveling:


39 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy While Traveling


3: Get Off Of Your Ass!




Kelli and I intentionally do not rent a motorbike unless we have no choice, forcing ourselves to walk to get around, or to use mass transit.


Even when we need to rent motorbikes in places like Bali or Phuket we exercise every single day because health is the first wealth.


Walk for 45 minutes or longer daily. No need to run, or even jog. Just walk.


4: Follow an Energy Management Ritual


This is code for:



every morning.


Pick 1. Or pick all.


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Doing the inner energy work helps you live a healthy, happy, fun, high energy life….from the inside out.


All health grows from within. All disease festers from within.


Follow an energy management ritual to purge, feel and release fears so you can vibe mainly from an energy of love, fun, health and harmony.


My Ritual


As of this writing I:


  • do 40 minutes of deep yin yoga on waking
  • meditate for 20 minutes
  • take an icy cold shower
  • read and meditate on a few lines from A Course in Miracles


Do what works for you.


Or be what works for you.


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