4 Tips to Make Friends Blogging Quickly

  February 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read

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Befriending bloggers forms the foundation for a successful blogging campaign.


Connected bloggers thrive. Being surrounded with good blogging buddies who promote you, endorse you and buy your premium offerings adds a strong passive element to your blogging campaign. For example, while I sleep for 8-9 hours daily my blogger friend network promotes my blog posts through social media and various tribes. Freeing myself from my blog and business feels good. Being a full time digital nomad who circles the globe means I need passive elements to my blogging campaign. Sometimes during my travels I cannot access the internet to do any work. But my friends help me whenever I am offline.


Attempting to make friends blogging seems challenging if you have no idea how to network. My email inbox seems littered with failed blogger outreach attempts. Most bloggers see no value in networking and do not even bother to make blogging friends.


Asking top bloggers for help is a common networking error. Struggling bloggers think upside-down in blogger outreach terms. Versus offering help to gain credibility in pro blogger’s eyes these lost bloggers ask for a retweet, Facebook Share or blog comment from pros who receive 1000’s of similar requests.


Never mind how tough it feels to make friends if you suffer from hero / lone wolf syndrome. Attempting to make blogging buddies if you want to do everything on your own goes completely against tapping into the teamwork required to get connected. Trying to be a the hero and humble team-mate becomes an impossible venture. But learning how to get connected the right way reveals how true heroes make themselves part of a team effort.


Connected bloggers make friends quickly. Networking the right way produces connected bloggers.


Connected bloggers succeed. Lone wolf bloggers fail.


Twenty is better than one. Having twenty blogging buddies:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you
  • buy your stuff


exponentially grows your traffic and profits.


Contrary to popular belief, bloggers can make friends quickly if you commit fully to networking the right way. Becoming connected takes some time but deciding to make blogging a collective effort eases your journey.


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Make blogging friends fast by following these tips.


1: Buy ALL IN to Networking


Commit fully to networking. Make friends quickly.


See yourself running a blogging corporation. Imagine yourself befriending a high number of bloggers from your niche through generous service. Envision each blogger:


  • promoting you on social media
  • noting you through their blogs
  • endorsing you to their followings


Understanding the exponential power in networking effectively goads you to be fully committed to doing blogger outreach. Be all in. Adopt the proper frame of mind to get connected fast. Bloggers usually struggle to make friends because few buy in completely to an effective blogger outreach campaign. Be one of the few who makes friends fast by being a generous servant who sees immense power in a genuine networking campaign.


Being all in feels uncomfortable to bloggers who feel familiar with doing stuff either solo or in small groups. Most employees work in relatively isolated settings consisting of solo work or small teams. Pondering the idea of networking with 5, 10 or 50 bloggers feels overwhelming. But knowing that powerful people build huge friend networks goads you out of lone wolf status to become a social blogging butterfly.


Network generously. Commit fully to the outreach process. Make friends swiftly. Never look back.


2: Link to Bloggers Persistently


Link to bloggers via your blog posts frequently.


Get connected quickly by dropping links to respected bloggers from your niche.


Good things take time but friendships blossom organically based on your willingness to help bloggers. Link to respected pros from your niche through most blog posts. Tag these bloggers on social media to give them credit and to drive more traffic to their blogs.


Linking to bloggers from your niche forms the foundation for strong bonds to develop. Pro bloggers deeply appreciate receiving valuable backlinks. Some bloggers you link to take an immediate interest in you and your blog as a token of appreciation. Linking to the same blogger multiple times tends to strengthen your bond. As bonds grow your friendships multiply quickly.


Give valued pieces of your blog real estate to bloggers other than yourself. Publish posts to benefit your readers, fellow bloggers and yourself. Remember the blogging corporation analogy noted above. Note an increasing number of buddies you link to promoting your posts to their large, loyal audiences. Both parties win by helping each other freely. Making blogging buddies fast becomes easier for bloggers who link to successful bloggers persistently.


Practical Tips


  • link only to respected blogs in your niche to boost the credibility of your blog
  • ask for nothing in return for the link to gain the trust of bloggers you link to persistently
  • mention bloggers by name in posts to add a personal touch
  • link to bloggers organically to maintain the flow of your blog posts


3: Share Other Blogger’s Posts through Social Media


Two easy ways for making blogging friends work for beginners and veteran bloggers:


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  • tap the retweet button
  • hit the Facebook Share button


Share posts frequently through social media to make blogging friends fast. Retweet bloggers generously. Share their posts on Facebook.


Giving freely magnetizes appreciative bloggers to you swiftly. Observe bloggers who generously retweet fellow bloggers gaining large, loyal followings quickly on Twitter. Generous bloggers make friends fast. Stingy bloggers struggle to befriend fellow bloggers.


View your Twitter stream as a curated news source for your niche. Help as many bloggers as possible through the platform. Twitter supports publishing tweets and retweets prolifically. Use this organic phenomenon on Twitter to your advantage. Retweet valuable blog posts freely to make blogging buddies on Twitter seamlessly.


4: Expect Nothing in Return




This is why I added “quickly” to the blog post title. Expecting nothing makes you generous. Generous bloggers make blogging buddies quickly.


Unfortunately, most bloggers fall prey to the expectations anchor holding back their blogger outreach campaign. Expecting bloggers to help you in return damages your networking efforts. What happens if someone does not help you in return? In most cases, you cease to help bloggers whom you expected to help you. Making friends with bloggers becomes impossible if you stop helping bloggers.


I sometimes form deep bonds with bloggers after weeks of helping ’em without expecting anything. Some bloggers buy into me and my blog in less time. Every friendship evolves organically at different rates but blogger who expect nothing in return make friends quickly through their generosity.


Avoid this Common Error


Do not adopt the common error of embodying this ideal:


“I scratch your back and you scratch mine.”


Expecting help because you helped a fellow blogger sets a firm expectation of receiving help. Disappointment follows if fellow bloggers do not help you in return. Disappointed bloggers feel burned by observing their expectations fall flat. Creating a hit list of bloggers who did not help you after you helped them seems smart for making enemies and foolish for making blogging friends.


Feel good about helping people. Allow blogging karma to bring resonant, generous blogging buddies to you quickly.


Bloggers usually struggle to befriend bloggers by being weighed down with expectations. Remove blogging expectations from your mind to become a connected blogger. Get lost in helping fellow bloggers. Expect nothing in return. As you gain credibility in blogger’s eyes by expressing a genuine interest in them – not in what they can do for you – you will make friends with increasing speed.


Bonus Tip: Give 100% of Your Undivided Attention and Energy to One Human at a Time


Online and offline, offer 100% of your attention and energy to a fellow human being.




Bloggers love fellow bloggers who:


  • focus exclusively on them
  • listen intently to them
  • use their names in comments
  • mention specific points made in blog posts, via blog comments
  • engage genuinely and persistently on social media
  • ask fellow bloggers if they need help


I once knew a prominent business person who happened to be a staunch Republican. Before meeting the man, she had a low opinion of President Clinton. After meeting him twice in person she noted how he made you feel like you were the only person in the room. He developed the skill of building friendships by focusing exclusively on the human in front of him, a skill that served him well as he reached the presidency.


Be patient with yourself. Even skilled networkers often project their mind into the future to focus on the next person to meet while connecting with the person in front of them. Slowly but surely increase your mindfulness. Address bloggers by name. Be present with these individuals. Make a positive impression by being only with one person at a time. Practice mindfulness and patience to hone this skill gradually.


Hone your 1-to-1 bonding skills.


Make blogging buddies fast.




Help bloggers freely to get connected by retweeting their blog posts, sharing their posts on Facebook and linking to bloggers.


Sharing blogger links via social media and your blog are primary forms of helping bloggers for free. However, avoid slashing pricing for premium products and services as the means of helping bloggers for free. Most bloggers give away products and services for free as friendship enticements from energies of:


  • lack
  • limitation
  • poverty
  • loss


Inevitably, bloggers might attract blogging buddies fast but damage their business in the process. Be generous with backlinks and social media but blog like a business person. Make friends and increase blogging profits too. New blogging buddies often happily support your blogging business.


Blogger Outreach Video


I recorded a video to help you avoid making a common outreach mistake:


1 Common Blogger Outreach Mistake


Wrap Up


Network from an energy of love. Help plenty of fellow bloggers freely. Expect nothing in return for your generous efforts.


Become a connected blogger.

  1. Benny V Peterson says:
    at 2:39 pm

    You’re absolutely right Ryan, the tips are on point!

  2. Anthony Robert Gaenzle says:
    at 4:17 pm

    These are all great tips. Social media, for one, is a really effective way to connect and start conversations while adding value to other bloggers. And the most important tip, I think, is to expect nothing in return.

  3. Ebitimi Creates says:
    at 2:33 pm

    These are great tips! One of my goals this year for my blog was to network with other bloggers, because I wanted to become more involved in the blogging community. Since I started networking and genuinely supporting other bloggers. I have seen a huge growth in my blogging experience and also in my blog stats, which is something I did not expect because-Like you mentioned- I expected nothing in return.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:23 pm

      Great job EC! Helping with no expectations creates these strong bonds, organically, which accelerates blogging success. The moment we have fun caring for and helping people with no other agenda is when our blogs begin to take off.

  4. Her Digital Coffee says:
    at 3:53 pm

    Interacting with other bloggers is a great way to connect and form a relationship! Genuine engagement is so important, it allows you to share what speaks to you without expecting anything in return. Great post Ryan! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lo says:
    at 9:54 am

    I really love this piece! I’m new to the blogging community and I’m really hoping to make friends. I don’t think it always has to be a give me something/teach me something/ do something for me situation. Just being able to connect and talk about what you do. My best friend knows nothing about blogging and while I’m thankful for her, I’d love to be able to talk about how a plugin frustrated me and her simply know what I mean lol. Great post! Definitely using some of these tips.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:43 am

      Lo you are doing great! Commenting on blogs, reading posts and chatting fellow bloggers is definitely the way to go.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:35 pm

      Making friends as you pure intent lays the foundation for being a connected blogger. Good job on this one. Giving freely by helping bloggers is the way to make friends online pronto. Blog commenting is one door opener. You are doing a fine job there. Promoting fellow bloggers on your blog simply lets other bloggers to find your blog. People love generous bloggers who share their platform. I found this as being an easy way to make friends quite fast.

      I figure…..Do the smart thing. Network generously. Spend time and energy helping fellow bloggers and ask for nothing in return. Put your needs to the side to earn the trust of fellow human beings. Relax. Building friendships takes time but spending time doing intelligent things beats wasting time doing unintelligent things. Every blogging friend you make accelerates your blogging success exponentially. Connected bloggers rise to the top of their niches.

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