4 Proven Tips to Bond with High Level Bloggers

  January 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Savusavu, Fiji.


Every blogger wishes to connect with superstars, but few know how to do it.


Scan your email inbox. Do you see what I mean? Most bloggers do a poor job of trying to connect with fellow bloggers. People try to make it all about them. In reality, making it all about the pro blogger you intend to impress makes the seismic impact needed to thrive online.


The desperate blogger goes about connecting with pros the wrong way; no, you cannot impress a successful blogger by desperately pitching your guest post, or be begging them to accept your guest post. To receive the immense benefits of becoming friends with an influential blogger, you must woo these folks in the prosper fashion. Consider drawing in pros based on being generous versus repelling pros based on your self-centered ways.


If you want more traffic than you can ever dream of you must think through your relationship building strategy to impress these folks. You can connect with a superstar blogger by following these 5 simple tips.


Comment Genuinely


Comment like crazy to meet more bloggers and expand your presence online. If you are quick to connect with many bloggers you eventually start to meet superstars of the blogging world. This is not some magical, mystical secret, how to meet top shelf bloggers. Simply post comments on many relevant blogs each day. Make each comment valuable.


Drive-by’s like “Hi how are you great post!”, are not going to impress people. Use 1 to 2 full paragraphs to make your point. These type of comments solidified my rep in the blogosphere. I no longer leave such lengthy comments only because I have too many guest posts, articles and post for my blogs to write.


Share Posts Aggressively


I am known for sharing posts like mad, both my own and posts by others. If you want to succeed in catching a popular blogger’s attention you better promote the stuffing out of yourself and your buddies. By promoting you, folks see you believe in yourself. By promoting other people you grow your readership quickly because many of the people you promote return the kind act and promote you in return.


This is a big reason why I have over 40,000 plus followers on twitter. I retweeted people aggressively for many years before I saw these sizable numbers. Whatever you want, give it away. Do you want traffic? Help people to get traffic, and you will find yourself meeting more superstar bloggers as your influence and reach grows.


Guest Post like Mad


I write up to 1 guest post daily. I used to write 3 guest posts daily. Writing guest posts helps you strengthen relationships with superstar bloggers.


I have submitted guest posts to many authority blogs because I know the power in creating value for a large, targeted audience. It would probably take me a long time to grow my business through my blog alone but when I decided to guest post things happened quickly. I met more people than I could have imagined because I was exposed to hundreds of thousands to even millions of readers when you count how many guest posts I have written for some seriously big audiences.


Become a Superstar Blogger Yourself


Stop looking for blogging heroes. Become a blogging star yourself. Tie your blogging reason why to a fun, freeing motivator. Getting clear on your why lays the foundation for jaw-dropping blogging success.


Superstars are driven. Superstars push themselves and never rely on other people to make them a superstar. Sure, you might receive a nice break, such as an endorsement from a star, but if you really want to catch people’s attention blog like crazy, network like crazy, meet more people and you will become a star in your niche, quickly.


How do you connect with superstar bloggers? What tips can you add to this list?

  1. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 9:50 pm

    Hi Ryan, these are all great tips that have stood the test of time. Just trying to master these alone would take me forever.

    Since you asked, I would also add:

    – buy ebooks and courses created by blogging superstars

    – if they offer coaching, do it. Becoming a student of a superstar blogger puts you on the fastrack building relationships with pros and becoming one yourself

    – meet offline if possible (just not in a stalker kind of way). Many pros attend industry conferences and meetups or even offer to just hang out. Before the pandemic, Steve Pavlina used to regularly meet one-on-one with blog readers for coffee or whatever at local cafes in Vegas. John Chow still does Cars and Coffee and Dot Com Lunch meetups in Orange County CA

    – join online groups (e.g. Facebook groups) and livestreams hosted by superstars. There are often fewer viewers on at the same time they are, so it’s a lot easier to actually strike up a conversation in real time

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:15 am

      Chris these are all awesome adds. I met John Chow and Zac Johnson in NYC at Affiliate Summit East. What a blast. We learn much by being around top level pros like these icons.

      • Chris Desatoff says:
        at 4:41 pm

        Man, that sounds pretty cool.

        A couple years ago, I was thinking about going to some kind of conventions or something, since I live in Vegas and there’s all kinds of stuff going on here. But then the pandemic hit and it all shut down. But I gotta look into it again, now that things are getting back to normalish.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 5:30 pm

        Conventions are loads of fun Chris. I went to Affiliate Summit East twice in NYC and loved it. I believe the West version for Affiliate Summit is in Vegas.

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