4 Tips to Find Your Specific Blogging Style

  January 3, 2022 blogging tips đź•‘ 3 minutes read

Tomb of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus.


Do you struggle to find your blogging style?


Most have a tough time standing out from the crowd.


But distancing yourself from the herd is important because your style makes you follow-worthy. Why would people follow you if you copy other bloggers? The world admires originals. Copycats disappear into blogging oblivion.


Every blogger has a different style.


Finding your blogging style helps you to stand out from the crowd. But how do you find your voice? What makes you distance yourself from the herd? Being unique draws readers who enjoy authentic bloggers.


Follow these four tips to find your blogging style.


1: Follow Your Fun


Do you enjoy blogging in a specific fashion? Take that path. Have fun to find your blogging style. Being relaxed allows your style to emerge. Picture unearthing your writing voice by stripping away tension. Pick a niche you feel passionate about. Deliver blog content in fun fashion. Trust your joy. Allowing your style to unfold involves feeling relaxed, detached and chill in all you do. Follow your fun to find your blogging style.


I hop back and forth between formal and entertaining blogging styles but always intend to be ME through all posts. I may follow up a 3rd person post with a personal account of my wild travel stories. In both cases, I embody my style to stand out.


2: Listen Closely to Feedback


Listen closely to reader feedback. Pat attention to observations. Readers often nudge you in successful, genuine directions through their honest feedback.


I found my blogging style by loving my journey and by listening to readers. People said they enjoyed my short, punchy blog posts, paragraphs and sentences. Readers told me I wrote boldly. Reading my bold posts empowered folks to blog with conviction. I noted this feedback and carved out my clear, to the point style on Blogging From Paradise.


Readers nudge you. Listen to your followers. Feedback often contains gems for finding your genuine blogging direction.


3: Never Mimic Bloggers


Avoid imitating top bloggers. Because mimicking top bloggers instantly removes any style of semblance of individuality about your blog. Bleh. Boring. If readers want Neil Patel and his style, readers simply follow his blog. Stop imitating pros like Neil. Allow him to walk his blogging journey. Walk your authentic blogging journey.


Of course, this post helps you to find “your” blogging style. Your blogging style will be different than any other blogger. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two bloggers blog in the same fashion. Never imitate top bloggers. Avoid following top pros in robotic fashion.


SEO bloggers, heed this warning: adopting the same exact style and formatting as top SEO pros makes you look like SEO blogging sheeple, mindless, style-less, blogging copy cats. We ignore imitators to follow originals. Be you. Blog you.


4: Persist


Persisting is a totally underrated aspect of finding your blogging style. Part of creating a successful blogging mindset is putting in work and time to get clearer. Put in the time to slowly develop your blogging style. I evolve daily as a blogger; I have blogged for 14 years. Good things take time. Persist.


Persisting allows you to get clearer on your blogging direction. Getting clearer simply gives you nudges to adopt more elements of your genuine blogging style. Persisting allows your style to gracefully evolve over years. Strip away self-conscious follows. Stop following the herd. Blog in your style.




Never box yourself in to one blogging style.


Evolve gracefully.


Never be embarrassed about your past blogging style. Do not be ashamed about your rough around the blogging edges newbie days.


Embrace your blogging journey to find your blogging style.


Allow your delivery to evolve in organic fashion.

  1. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 5:09 pm

    Hey Ryan, I like that idea of being unique as a blogger and having your own blogging voice.

    There was a brief time where I really stressed out about that – to the point that my blogging came to a grinding halt. Feeling like I had to figure out HOW to be unique and differentiate myself from the other bloggers out there.

    Luckily, I didn’t get hung up on it for too long and eventually realized that all you have to do is just be yourself.

    Write the way you talk.
    Talk about things that interest you.
    Just relax and let it flow without overthinking it and TRYING to be unique because YOU ARE ALREADY UNIQUE just by being yourself.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:35 pm

      I too slammed into this block for a bit Chris. Being you and blogging in that voice is the fool proof way to be unique and to find your own blogging style in the process.