4 Things to Know about Travel Blogging

  January 29, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
things to know about travel blogging

Ortahisar, Turkey


Circling the globe by being a travel blogger is a fun, freeing way to live.


Anybody *can* do it but the journey feels scary and quite uncomfortable in moments. Rest assured, most people quit before becoming pros, usually because they have no clue what travel blogging entails. I suggest any aspiring traveler to research travel blogging. Learn the facts. Be informed. Make an intelligent, clear, confident decision.


Again guys; anybody can do this from an ability perspective. Nothing I do boggles the mind in terms of physical strength, utter genius or some godly talent I’ve been blessed with. I create content. I build bonds. Toss in monetizing.  Why then do few travel bloggers persist until going pro? Fear. Facing fear daily or sometimes, on the hour, tests your mettle. Travel blogging requires thousands of hours of practice in order to master this skill.  The few who see the journey through become established, pro travel bloggers.


1: Travel Bloggers Are Entrepreneurs


Do you love being a business person? You better be in love with being an entrepreneur. Travel blogging seems to be like running a small business. Entrepreneurs create, connect, monetize, delay gratification, build bonds, express gratitude, cultivate a client base, engage in customer service, and do about 400 other things to run a thriving, small business. Know this before you consider travel blogging. You will be a business person first and foremost because business savvy travel bloggers make money while the rest make no dough, fail and quit.


2: Travel Blogging Is Like Opening a Corner Store


Imagine opening a traditional corner store. Hours open? 6 AM to 6 PM. Maybe 8 AM to 4 PM. Something like that. 7 days a week, for 365 days each year, spending 8 or more hours in the store dictates whether you succeed or fail. Work daily or your profits dissolve and soon enough you need to close the store. Travel blogging also requires 6-8 hours or more of work daily. Create and connect. Monetize effectively. Develop your emotional intelligence.  For 365 days each year, work generously, patiently and persistently to succeed. Both work and time investments seem to be significant but the returns are even more eye-popping; make a full time living by circling the globe and reporting on your travels.


3: Top Travel Bloggers Clue You in to Successful Strategies


Check out this list of highly successful travel bloggers:


Best Travel Blogs: The Top 30 List


Following pros from day 1 of your career gives you clarity and confidence in sticking to simple, powerful, basic blogging strategies.  Mapping Megan and Wander with Jo are two top travel bloggers.  Both pros taught me the importance of building long term relationships with fellow bloggers and clients. Establishing these long term bonds makes blogging fun, freeing and quite profitable. Follow top pros. Learn how to blog successfully. Never wing it.


4: Successful Travel Blogging Requires Many Moving Parts


Note these 3 clear roles:


  • observer
  • creator
  • monetizer




Closely, keenly observing details of your trips with eagle-eyes is a skill. Most people lack mindfulness. Travel bloggers need to be highly mindful of their surroundings to give their readership an authentic account of the experience. People follow your blog to travel vicariously through you. Being hyper vigilant of your experience becomes critical in building a large, loyal following because readers want to feel like they are there, traveling with you, enjoying the sights and sounds.




Travel bloggers create helpful content relaying your observations, via blog posts, videos and/or podcasts. Expect to practice creating content for 1000 to 5000 hours or more until you get really, really good at it.




Learning how to actually make money through your travel blog is yet another skill to master. I observe highly skilled travel bloggers who struggle to make money because they never committed to learning how to monetize their blogs.  Ignore this skill and you are doomed; you will be working for free and can never become a pro.




Being a full time travel blogger is fun, freeing and sometimes, painfully uncomfortable. Accept these truths, put in the work and you can live your dreams through this inspired medium.

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