4 Things to Do Before a Round the World Trip

4 Things to Do Before a Round the World Trip


things to do before a long flight


(Published 2018)


As I write these words, Kelli and I are preparing for a trip to Thailand in 3 days.


We are flying from JFK to Bangkok soon. Off to Chiang Mai after that. 7 week house sit in Chiang Mai then off to New Zealand for a 1 month house sit in Opotiki.


Exciting times for sure.


But taking a long haul flight and spending time in a far off land, traveling internationally, requires some planning on your part.


I want to share a few things we have done over the last few days before heading off to Thailand.


1: Call Your Banks


A few banks down. A few to go.


I called banks to place travel flags on my cards.


Flagging your cards tells banks to expect transactions wherever you happen to be traveling. If you flag the cards, the bank will not deny transactions. Security protocol.


Some banks do not require travel flags. Most do.


Most banks offer apps for doing your banking; travel flag freely through these tools.


I prefer to call banks to get a living, breathing human being on the phone. One of the few ways I am old school. Ok; one of the many ways that I am old school.


2: You’ve Got Mail


Even if you are full time digital nomads like my wife and I you will receive mail.


Correspondence does not cease flowing to you when you leave your home country.


Either pay for a PO Box or have someone retrieve your mail once weekly. Your call.


Having someone monitor mail helps with time sensitive matters. If you receive a jury duty letter, having your mail monitor notify you leads to a phone call and explanation that you are in Bali, 13 time zones away. This scenario played out in my life. After a huff and puff, the lady did not blow my house in but did reschedule me for 5 years down the road.




3: Flight Prep


I spoke to someone a few moments ago who despises long haul flights. I enjoy these trips. Although planes become stuffy after a while I do love sitting back, relaxing, watching movies – woohoo for Qatar Airways – and eating.


Get down your flight ritual; for me, this involves:


  • watching movies earlier in the flight
  • doing some writing/work
  • breaking every hour to walk; stretching time
  • keeping hydrated since an airplane cabin is drier than the Sahara Desert
  • getting some sleep


Being on a plane for 12 hours or longer involves gear changes sometimes.


Pack – or wear – the following items:


  • shorts
  • t shirt
  • sweat pants
  • sweat shirt
  • ski cap
  • socks
  • sneakers


Doing something different this flight; I will wear my shorts beneath my sweats because walking around hot, humid Bangkok for a few hours in sweat pants and sweat shirt before we check in to our hotel is a little bit much.


Pack for temperature changes. Most cabins become cold due to air conditioning but some warm up quickly too.


Ear plugs and eye masks are good to have.


4: Sleep and Rest


Most travelers prepare intelligently for a long haul flight then screw up the most important thing: getting ample sleep and resting up prior to the trip.


I will be flying out of JFK in New York City at 9:30 PM Monday night and with time differences plus flight and layover time I will arrive in Bangkok on Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM. Your body goes through some serious stress during these long haul, round the world flights.


Rest pre flight. Get more sleep. I laze in bed 9 or more hours these days. Toss in naps and more walking, less running, and I feel energized for the flight, the layovers and time changes.