Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand

Khao San Road Bangkok Things to Do


Khao San Road is a busy tourist spot located in Bangkok.


There; I got that out of the way.


I feel it gets a bad rap sometimes. Mainly because the place is as advertised. Tourist spot. Tourist things to do. Pretty simple.



I dig popping into the area for 1 or 2 days before flying back to the US. Gives me a window to enjoy some amazing Thai food served up at street stalls, maybe a $5 massage and of course, I sip on fabulous banana shakes to cool off from the heat and humidity of this urban, concrete jungle.


If you want convenience with a strong taste of Bangkok tossed in try these 4 things on for size when visiting Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.


1: Street Stall Hop


Hop from street stall to street stall in the area.


Grilled bugs, Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand


Stalls open daily but I noticed a bigger presence on Saturdays.


If you want it, they sell it.


Underwear. Shoes. Grilled scorpions. Thai sweet treats. Fish. Meat. Banana shakes. Thai mixed vegetable curry.


Stalls dot the entire area, but the best seem to set up shop on Chakrabongse Road.


2: Enjoy Street Food from an Open Air Restaurant


Open air restaurant is code for: a street stall with adjoining children’s chairs and small tables. Like kid’s play chairs. Like little plastic chairs about 2 feet tall. If you have visited or even seen images of SE Asia you know what I am talking about.


Kelli and I gravitate toward one particular spot set a bit off the beaten path. In Khao San Road terms, at least. Brilliant Thai mixed vegetable with green curry for about $1.5o, plus a hefty serving of rice.


These open air restaurants are covered, fun little treasures in the area. Expect to share meat-based dinners with cute, rangy Bangkok street cats who know how to work a farang crowd.


3: Get a Massage


Bangkok. Thailand.


The land of $5 kick ass massages.


Kelli pretty much walks from the plane to the nearest Thai massage place when we land in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand.


Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand


I have received a few phenomenal Thai massages myself in Bangkok.


You only have 4,398 massage parlors in the Khao San Road area to choose from, so beware.


Enjoy the rub down and don’t be a cheap ass farang; tip the massage specialist, please.


4: Canal Watch


This activity will not be on Trip Advisor’s Top 10 list soon.


But you know Blogging From Paradise by now; we tend to do things off the Trip Advisor activities path sometimes at least.


If you want a Khao San Road change up, find the canal onĀ Chakrabongse Road a few blocks away from the main activity and spend 10 to 20 minutes – or more – canal watching.


Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand


The water is festering, filthy, polluted and quite vile. But before you think I need to have my head examined, you will see the biggest monitor lizards and cat fish thriving in this murderous muck, which is pretty cool.


The first time I glanced at the canal my jaw almost fell off. Was that a crazy dude? A suicidal type? Nope; a freaking 6 foot long monitor lizard was swimming through this nasty stink, undulating to and fro as it glided gracefully through the canal.


He then surfaced and crawled up on the rocks for a bit to sun himself.


The fact that these mini Komodo dragon sized reptiles not only survive, but thrive, in such polluted waters is a testament to their species. You or I would likely die of shock after a few minutes of exposure to this radioactive, horrifying filth. I am surprised the monitor had not transitioned into Godzilla.


But that’s not all (in 70’s era game show host wearing blazer voice)!


We saw schools of huge, quite monstrous cat fish swimming through the canal, grabbing air and whatever else they survived on, propagating by the minute, seemingly.


Polluted Canal Watching may not be a common Bangkok tourist activity but if you want a little Nat Geo with your BKK, now you know where to find it.


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