4 Steps to Build a Full Time Income through Blogging

  March 23, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Money is energy.


Repeat after me.


Money is energy.


Talk of a full time blogging income returns to energy management. Passionate, fun-loving, generous, persistent and patient bloggers build the foundation for a full time blogging venture. Most everybody else? No full time, for you! A few souls develop the skill of manipulating people into sending them money. But lose their reputation. And business.


Fun, freedom and fascination; 3 “F” words greeting full time bloggers. But toss the universal “F” word in their too; well, that one, and the other 4 letter “F” word…..Fear.  Follow your passion into problems. Follow your fun into fears. Begin blogging with the right energy.


1: Blog Mainly for Fun/Passion


As a new blogger, you cannot make money because you have no blogging practice and skills under your belt. If money motivates you, and you make no money, you quit blogging stupid quickly. So goes the journey for a good 8 out of 10 bloggers who never make more than $100 during their blogging careers.


Blog for fun. Make the work the reward. If money does not show up, you will keep blogging through thick and thin because love-passion-fun motivates you, not money. You need passion to develop the skill of blogging over years until full time money flows to you.


2: Nudge into Fear


Money – trickles or full time income – sits both in your passion and problems. Money sits in fun and fears. Nudge into fear. Prep yourself to receive a full time income.


I feared writing an eBook. But a blogging buddy convinced me to write an eBook before I went on the Blogging From Paradise eBook blitz. I sold a few copies and realized another fear; nobody would read my eBooks. Clearing those fears, I wrote 100 plus eBooks within 1-2 years of the initial eBook pre-BFP. I earned more and more money thru those eBooks only because I nudged into the fears of writing an eBook and of believing nobody would buy my eBook. If I stopped and turn around at each fear, I never make the money I make now.


Increased income sits on the other side of blogging fears. Nudge. Feel uncomfortable. Do what you fear doing. Prosper.


3: Learn Blogging From Pros 


Pros teach you what works, what does not work, what to do, how to do it and what to avoid. Pros have years of experience. Leverage your time and energy. Follow pro bloggers. Invest in their courses. Hire them to coach you. Learn how to build a full time income by following advice from heart-centered bloggers who earn a full time income.


Pros stress; earning a full time blogging income requires:


  • generous service
  • patience
  • persistence
  • time


I know guys; this journey feels uncomfortable at times. See it through. Ride it out. You will succeed.


4: CCD








Create helpful content by solving reader problems. Be generous. Be persistent. Prove you know your stuff. Give readers a clear reason to buy your stuff or to hire you.


Connect with pro bloggers by promoting them and by commenting genuinely on their blogs. Make friends. Blogging buddies help you, expanding your presence.


Open multiple streams of income to diversify. Allow money to flow to you through many channels.


The Most Difficult Part for Me


I found working for free – not earning much money after putting in hours upon hours of generous work – to be the most difficult aspect of being a pro blogger. My mind wanted payback. My fear told me I was wasting my time. Riding out these emotions and cravings distanced me from the blogging herd of amateur bloggers who panic, bail on proven strategies, struggle and fail.


Blogging success is yours. As is building a full time income.


You can and will succeed.


Be ready to ride out a few rough patches and I’ll see you in paradise.

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