4 Signs of Immense Opulence I Saw in Doha Qatar

Even the pigeons get fresh well water. Doha, Qatar.


Scrooge McDuck would tell the locals to tone it down a bit.


King Midas would have said “DAMN these guys got some dough!”


Qatar is the wealthiest nation on earth.


This Middle Eastern money center was our home for a month when we did a house sit at a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa for an expat couple in Doha.


We loved the place. Kelli and I had never traveled to a Middle Eastern country before.


Being in a Muslim nation was neat. Being amid some mind-blogging, amazing signs of opulence was just as neat too.


Peep these 3 signs of mega moolah I enjoyed in Qatar.


1: Beach Ball Boys


Ya know how some guys appear to be concealing a beach ball underneath their shirts? The spare tire becomes a spare 18 wheeler.



This was sometimes the case in Doha Qatar. Some guys looked like they ate a plane of Nepali migrant workers flying in.


For the uninitiated, in wealthy Middle Eastern countries being portly signifies you got ‘dem profits. As in, you are so fat it is quite obvious you are eating right and need not work hard at all.


If that is the case, a few select Qatari are eating as right as a human can eat without entering into a different genus or species.


2: Super Cars out Da Ying Yang


Lambo Aventador. Porsche GT3. Ferrari Enzo.


These rides were a dime a dozen in Doha. Because in other wealthy lands, a Porsche GT3 catches your eyes. Head snap. In Doha, it is a “me too” car.


Ducatis. Bentleys. Rolls Royce Phantoms.


They are even opening a Pagani Zonda dealership in this city.  Zondas starting out at $1.4 million.



Doha is like an unending rap video, with the next super car owner hellbent on winning the “super car pissing contest” that goes on…..forever.


I recall looking down a quiet little side street to see a $400,000 USD Aventador cruising up to a stop sign. A few moments later I spied a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom at the park.


Rolls Royce Phantom in Doha.


No big deal.


Nothing to see here.


Dizzying wealth in this country.


3: Government Cheese


Qatar is a welfare state.


I am not f*cking kidding. It REALLY is a welfare state.


After massive natural gas deposits were found underground in Qatar a while back it basically became a Middle Eastern version of the Beverly Hillbillies, minus Qataris being hillbillies. They were A-OK before; I’m thinking of the celebration of staggering amounts of wealth flowing in, minus an appearance by Zsa Zsa Gabor.



Anyway, all Qatari families receive:


  • a home
  • a tax free ticket (as do all Qatari residents, expat or not)
  • subsidies to handle all power and electric bills


Imagine a country where the average household net worth is $400,000. Now imagine the same land being a welfare state. Not a bad gig.


Toss in the fact that many Qatari households own 15 to 20 cars or more and you have a scene that would make Bruce Wayne say “Hey guys, show some restraint!”


4: Zip Code Sized Palaces


We saw some palaces of the ruling Al Thani family not too far from The Pearl.


Each palace almost entered the realm of needing its own zip code.


The lead in driveway appeared to be about a quarter to a half mile long. Maybe longer.


These places made some of the mammoth New Jersey mansions I’ve seen in Somerset County look like haha shacks.


The Wrap Up


If you want to see a place that Tony Stark would deem “a bit gaudy” visit Doha, Qatar.


In all seriousness, definitely stop by Qatar at least once in your life. Be awed by its limitless wealth, its man-made marvels and get some fabulous selfie opportunities with your super car of choice.