4 Reasons Why Engaging on Social Media Promotes Your Blogging Success

  November 25, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Well for pigeons in Doha, Qatar. They take their pigeon care seriously in Doha. Maybe because pigeons are a prime prey source for falcons. Qatari love their falconry. Even have a hospital a few minutes away from where I snapped this photo. Yes. A falcon hospital. A BIG falcon hospital.

Well for pigeons in Doha, Qatar. They take their pigeon care seriously in Doha. Maybe because pigeons are a prime prey source for falcons. Qatari love their falconry. Even have a hospital a few minutes away from where I snapped this photo. Yes. A falcon hospital. A BIG falcon hospital.


Transparency alert; been a Chatty Patty on social media recently.


I appear to be engaging everywhere, at once. No doppelgangers. I promise.


I spotted a few patterns to help you engage more on social media, so you see greater and greater blogging success through these platforms. Sometimes you want the easy way out. I get it. Been there, done that. Maybe you want to publish a viral post, just by crafting an update. Or perhaps you want sweet Facebook traffic and profits without getting your hands dirty.


Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful technique for increasing your blog traffic and blogging profits IF you are incredibly social on social media sites. No; not 1 comment on 1 Facebook Update daily. No; not one retweet daily. 


I’m talking about spending every day Liking updates, commenting on updates genuinely, Facebook Sharing content, Retweeting content and @replying Twitter folks:


  • for hours a day (not minutes, hours)
  • in the right spots (Facebook Groups related to your blogging niche, hashtag searches on Twitter related to your blogging niche)
  • for months (not for days, or weeks)


You get what you put into social media, blogging-wise. Perfect reflection of your full commitment – or lack thereof – to talking to people, to Liking updates, and to sharing other people’s content, persistently, patiently and generously.


Peep these 4 reasons why engaging on social media promotes your blogging success.


1: Engagement Improves Visibility


If someone likes one of my Facebook updates, I comment on the post, thanking the person. The Like improves my visibility once, allowing the update to appear more prominently in the main stream. My comment improves visibility twice, allowing the update to be even more prominent.


If someone comments on my Facebook post, I respond with a comment. Facebook sees 2 people chatting about a post and gives the post greater visibility in the main stream or Group.


Greater post visibility increases your blog traffic and profits. But only if you persistently and generously engage people who Like and comment on your posts.


Respond to people who Like your stuff and comment on your stuff. Improve the visibility of your blog posts, and of your text only Facebook posts. Drive more eyeballs to your profile and blog as Facebook gives your increased engagement the reward of greater post visibility.


2: Comments Lead to Friendships


I comment genuinely on updates in Facebook Groups related to blogging and travel.


People appreciate the comments I published on their posts, and gradually befriend me.


Facebook and Twitter blogging buddies:


  • comment on my posts
  • Like my posts
  • Facebook Share and retweet my posts


all leading to greater blog visibility for me, plus increased blogging traffic and profits.


Talk to people. Be nice. Open the door for prospering blogging friendships.


3: Social People Gain Trust Quickly


If people trust you, people freely follow your blog, promote you and endorse you, promoting your blogging success.


Commenting on other blogger’s updates, responding to Likes and comments on your updates and sharing other blogger’s posts inspires people to trust you because:


  • you prove your service-oriented mindset, thinking about others
  • you genuinely connect with human beings, proving your interest in others
  • you prove that you are in fact listening to people’s problems, tuning into their wise counsel, and helping them share their dreams with the world


Every human being wants to know somebody is listening to them. Reading and commenting on their update proves you listened. Said proof inspires people to listen to you, to follow you, to vouch for you and to trust you.


Trust is the foundation for all blogging success.


Talk to people through their own profile, commenting on their updates. Be genuine. Care. Gain their trust quickly. Promote your blogging success.


4: If You Notice People….People Will Notice You


Few bloggers ever fully grasp this social media rule: if you want to drive traffic and profits through social media, spend most of your day noticing people by commenting genuinely on their updates, by Liking their updates and by sharing their content freely.


People SCREAM to get noticed on social media, but are ignored, because they did not notice people. Nobody genuinely notices you until you notice other people in authentic fashion.


Bloggers who persistently notice more and more folks by engaging people on social media steadily see: more and more people promote them, endorse them, visit their blogs, click their links, buy their stuff and hire them through social media.


Notice people by engaging people. People notice you by engaging you. Blogging success follows.


If you see a blogger driving tons of traffic and profits through social media they decided to notice people persistently and patiently through social media, daily, for years.


Wrap Up


Social media gives you what you invest in social media, engagement-wise.


Notice people genuinely. Be generous. Talk to people. Thank people. Be nice. Build 1 to 1 bonds.


Promote your blogging success by being social on social media. Comment, Like, Share, be patient, prosper.