4 Fun Things to Do in Phuket Thailand

September 2, 2015
fun things to do in phuket thailand

Are you hungry to find fun things to do in Phuket Thailand? I know where to look to uncover the most enjoyable, high energy activities on this beautiful island. How ELSE could I have written 98 eBooks in a year unless I enjoyed my time in SE Asia?

I create like a machine to free me, to free you and to have a freaking blast along the way.

Some travel bloggers prefer to tick items on their bucket list through speedy travel. Way cool. Kelli and I prefer to do the slow travel bit because we have fun LIVING in an area. We also re-visit places…again, and again, and again….because….why the heck not?

Fun Things to Do in Phuket Thailand

Phuket is about our fave island on earth. We have visited the ‘Ket 5 times – or more? – during our current 51 month trip around the world. If you love sun, fun, culture, Russians, farang trying to beat the speed of sound on motorbikes, natural beauty and fabulous vegetarian food, Phuket is the place for you.

Let’s chat about a few fun things to do in Phuket, Thailand.

1: Spend the Morning at Nai Harn Beach

Picture this: a calm, serene, horseshoe shaped bay surrounded by swaying palm and coconut trees. Nai Harn Beach is my favorite beach in the world. Kelli and I laze away many a morning beside the beautiful blue waters on the southern tip of Phuket. During high season things get a little hectic on Nai Harn; do a morning trip and you will have the beach to yourself.

Nai Harn Beach

Expect bath water like conditions during stretches of calm weather. I felt as if I could lap the Andaman Sea one fine January day, swimming deep into the ocean with zero tidal activity. Still water, no waves. Surreal experience.

2: Eat Lunch at a Buddhist Vegetarian Haunt by the Chalong Circle


Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant by the Chalong Circle.
Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant by the Chalong Circle.

We frequent 2 Buddhist veggie restaurants by the Chalong Circle for lunch. Every day. Look for the yellow sign

Fun read for Thailand - and blogging - fans. Different cover on Amazon too.
Fun read for Thailand – and blogging – fans. Different cover on Amazon too. Click it.

with Thai writing – you *are* in Thailand, guys – and pull yourself up a chair. Enjoy the spicy or not so spicy dishes. Free water and cucumbers at one restaurant (to relieve a wimpy farang of the spicy cuisine related pain) and at the other spot, ask for a passion fruit juice from the fridge. Amazing!


3: Big Buddha

Big Buddha is da man.

He requires a bit of patience though – shocker – if you want to see him, as one drives for 5 to 10 minutes up steep, winding roads for a gander at the genuinely big Buddha. Our journey was exciting, scary, terrifying, enjoyable and…..enlightening.

Big Buddha.
Big Buddha.

Snap some gorgeous shots of Phuket’s West Coast. Do the obligatory tourist photo opp in front of BB. Watch out for monkeys by the bathroom. Seriously.

4: Catch a Flick at Jungceylon

Jungceylon, Jungceylon, whhhoooaaa Jungceylon!”

We’re weirdos. Kelli and I yell that phrase on arriving to Patong. Although some parts of town remind one of Mos Eisley, Jungceylon Mall is a fun taste of….an area quite unlike Mos Eisley. No scum and villainy here. Unless you count the dirt bag we once saw who walked into a bank, topless. A guy.

Anyway, we catch the latest movies at Jungceylon 2 to 3 times a month. Our 30 minute motorbike ride from Rawai Bay to Patong is breathtaking, with jaw-dropping mountain and ocean views.

Your Turn

Have you been to Phuket?

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  1. Thomas, agreed 100%. Slow travel is fun. Thanks so much!

  2. That sounds like some good hints for Phuket. Sounds like you really had a good time there and I would agree travelling slow is much better than rushing through some places.

  3. Wayne, that’s the only way to go….the fun way! As for Phuket, Kata and Karon are fun spots. Patong gets dicey outside of Jungceylon. Thanks for the kind words!!

  4. Wayne Seto Says:

    I love Phuket. Patong is a bit of a dump, but I really like Kata and Karon. More importantly, I appreciate the point you made on making sure that you’ve having FUN and that it’s one of the things that fuels your ability to write all those ebooks! It’s mind boggling and inspirational!

    When I feel like things are a grind it’s like swimming in quick sand. My life and productivity is much better when I’m having fun! I often forget that when I feel good, I’m more productive and enjoy things more. Simple. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hi Brent! So great to officially meet you 🙂 I have shared content on your fab G Plus group. I love your explanation; it’s how Kelli and I live and it’s why we live this way. See you in The Land of Smiles! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Awesome, DeJavieur! Give it a visit. Fab spot 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing your insight I plan on heading to Phuket hopefully in 2016.

  8. Brent Jones Says:

    Hi Ryan!

    You know, I’ve seen your name all over the place… and I’ve interacted with you on other blogs (commenting on guest posts)… I’m 99% sure I follow you on Twitter and Google+… and one of my guests on my video interview series ‘Better Blogging’ gave me your name and email to invite as a future guest on the show…

    …but I don’t actually think I’ve ever stopped by your blog until this exact moment.

    (Sorry about that!)

    This post caught my eye because I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand.

    When I quit my job a year ago to freelance full-time, my boss asked me why I would walk away from such a great job… to (presumably) make less money (at least at first), work longer hours, and with no guarantees.

    My reply to him?

    “Because working for myself in the online space means I can pack my laptop in a bag and go work in Thailand for six months if I want to.”


    I haven’t made it to Thailand yet, but I will one day.



  9. Sure!

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. I’ll keep doing so Brenda 😉 Thank YOU for reading!!

    Ha! Pooooooo-keeeeet. But not the long version lol….

  12. Brenda Lee Says:

    Hey Ryan!

    I love how you share your life in paradise with us! I have yet one question, how exactly do you pronounce “Phuket”? hehe

    You and Kelli have a great time!


  13. What fun things can you suggest in Phuket?