4 Passive Income Ideas to Explore

  September 22, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

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Blogging manna from heaven: passive blogging income.


Bloggers promise one can work from their jammies, the back deck or even the beach and earn passive income. Some earn profits while they sleep. Generating passive blogging income frees you on some level because you cease trading time for money.



Passive income rocks.


How it works: put in the time and energy, creating helpful content and building meaningful connections, patiently and persistently. Passive income flows to you without you trading a specific block of time for money. Of course you work; nothing is genuinely passive. But after putting in work money finds you:


  • while you sleep
  • while you work
  • while you travel
  • while you watch Netflix


Passive income frees you from a set working schedule. Passive income literally, has no limit, no cap, leading to astounding fortunes – like that Bezos guy at Amazon – that boggle the mind.


BUT…to generate passive income steadily you need to:


  • work for free for a while, creating and connecting generously before passive income flows in
  • NOT panic when passive income does not flow in


Among my most idiotic, Jackass, dingbat online mistakes; panicking and bailing on a proven strategy when my passive income never seemed to flow to me….or when the numbers seemed woefully low. Lesson learned. Patience, detachment, persistence and generosity put me on the right passive income path.


Explore these 4 passive income ideas.


Write and Self-Publish eBooks


I wrote and self-published this eBook on Selz.


I wrote and self-published these eBooks.


Write and self-publish bite-sized eBooks. Aim for 5,000 words to fit in Kindle’s Short Reads category. Solve pressing problems in your niche. Open a passive income streams. My Young Blogging Padawans; you are already writing content. Simply save in the proper format, beef that content up to 5,000 words and self-publish your pillar style post through a digital storefront.


Writing and self-publishing eBooks feels like a seamless way to monetize your talent for writing and publishing blog posts. If you confidently write and publish blog content you can write and self-publish 5,000 word eBooks to establish passive income channels.


Create and Publish Online Courses


Create and publish online courses, solving common problems in your niche. Courses afford you big ticket passive income channels where you trade in-depth, valuable, thorough information for the money you receive. Be generous. Do not hold back.


I created and published courses on Selz and Teachable. Udemy yields another option.


Tackle pressing problems. Solve through video, audio or text courses. I created one audio course and one course mixing audio, video and text. Appeal to folks thru their learning medium of choice. Ask readers how they dig learning. If the medium vibes with you, create the course along those channels.


Convert eBooks to Audio Book


Sign up for an account. Upload a sample of your eBook. Producers audition. Pick one. Split proceeds.


Audio books seem to increase in popularity as busy folks enjoy listening to content versus reading, via their commutes, workouts or during work around the house.


Unless you have a professional recording studio at home – or access to one – Audible demands you work with a producer, which such access. Low quality audio ain’t making the cut, guys. Better to work with a pro so you maximize sales, anyway.


Convert eBooks to Paperback


Amazon streamlined this process, giving you an option to convert your eBook to paperback the moment you upload that sucker. Design a cover, upload, tag it and open another passive income stream.


This one is easy. You have the eBook. Upload, raise the price and tap into another passive income stream.


1 Important Idea


Passive income streams are receiving channels. Earn money by creating strong friendships and by publishing helpful content. Money flows to generous, patient, persistent bloggers. Money avoids afraid, stingy bloggers who hold back and foolishly spend a stupid amount of time obsessing over passive income streams, and spending little or no time creating helpful content and building friendships with bloggers, by promoting them and by commenting on their blogs.


Passive income grows for generous, helpful bloggers who ACTIVELY create helpful content and who build their blogger friend network by helping awesome bloggers.


I purposely included only a few tips for each passive income channel because the money is in free service. Money is not in spending hours upon hours trying to execute a high volume of practical tips to make your eBook perfect. Follow a few basic tips to properly format knowledge in your mind for the passive income channel. Gaining knowledge and converting this experience into monetized content demands you to gain ample knowledge and experience but little in terms of how to format the content.


Admittedly, most bloggers drive scant passive profits because the masses obsess over the income channel versus being truly helpful for a long time.


Admittedly, most bloggers drive scant passive profits because the masses obsess over the income channel versus being truly helpful for a long time.Click To Tweet


Passive income streams are receiving channels. Never obsess over receiving or you will get little to nothing. Focus almost exclusively on being truly helpful by


  • writing and publishing helpful blog posts and guest posts
  • recording and publishing videos
  • promoting other bloggers through your blog and social media
  • commenting genuinely on blogs from your niche


Passive income grows through these activities because people learn to know, like and trust you through the above actions. When you open passive income channels the people who trust you buy your eBooks, courses, audio books and paperbacks. Why? They already know that you know your stuff and happily buy your premium offerings to benefit from your knowledge.


Earning occurs through generous, patient and persistent service.

  1. Sabina says:
    at 2:28 pm

    I love your ideas for passive income. I am not a prolific blogger or writer at all, so it’s good to learn about the Kindle Short Reads category. That sounds more manageable than writing a longer ebook. Some passive income streams can take a while to create, but once you do they are really wonderful sources of income!

  2. Suchit yadav says:
    at 10:15 pm

    Passive income can be great source to earn money 💰 while sleeping .But ,to reach that level ,we had to work a lot for years (even for free).

    Sad news: Most people gives during period of time .

    Thank you for Ryan ! For writing such a great article .

  3. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 5:37 pm

    Such a good passive income strategy, man. And you’ve proved how effective it is. That’s the part I love most – there’s nothing theoretical about this approach of writing and repurposing ebooks. It works really well.

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