4 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

April 17, 2018
Throwback time! Bosphorus Strait Istanbul Turkey. Fabulous city.


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Blogger outreach got ya a little confused?


Goodness knows this journey feels a little like trying to tap dance on a colony of fire ants while trying to juggle razor blades. Said blades being on fire.


That visual also sums up the sucky feeling of blogging for a chorus of crickets.


Guys; your success flows through *other* bloggers. I may island hop but no blogger is an island.


Blogger outreach is as the term implies; reach out to fellow bloggers. Help ’em. Ask for nothing in return.


Sweetness happens. Over time. Some bloggers you assist befriend you. Said buddies comment on your posts, promote you on their blogs, and via social media and some become clients or customers.


Blogger outreach makes your campaign if done right and breaks your campaign if done wrong.


Psssst….checking up to ensure you bought the eBook guys. Key read to load onto your Kindle.


Let’s dive into the tips.


1: Promote Bloggers on Your Blog


A few moments ago Bren Pace of Virtual Bren published a rocking comment on my blog. I mean, our blog. Community thing here.


So I shout her out. Right here. Right now.


She reaches out to me. I reach out to her. Bonds form. All types of sweetness flows from blogging bonds.


Promote other bloggers on your blog. Be generous. See your blog as a content portal showing off work from all types of bloggers, including yourself. Doing so builds your outreach campaign on a rock solid foundation.


2: Buy eBooks on the Topic


Just saying…..


3: Comment Genuinely on Top Blogs from Your Niche


Gotta give Donna Merrill propers.


Not only does she tawk a little like me – I from North Jersey, she’s from Brooklyn – but she clued me in to a fab way of describing how to comment effectively for doing blogger outreach right. She noted the phrase “genuine blog commenting.” I ran with it. Thanks Donna.


Honest blog commenting. Meaning you express a genuine interest in your fellow blogger by sharing value, in-depth value. Real value.


Practical Tips


  • write a 2-4 paragraph comment
  • address your fellow blogger by name
  • be casual, be engaging, be honest, be candid
  • sign off with your name


Donna does blog commenting right. Peep any of her creations. She posts honest, helpful, meaty thoughts on blogs, builds bonds and her friend network grows like the green grass is growing in New Zealand these days after torrential rains.


Be helpful through comments. Think more along the lines of a mini guest post.


4: Go with The Holy Trinity


Since it is 1:27 AM I want to be funny; The Holy Trinity is simply promoting your fellow blogger’s posts on:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus


Shift or change up if you vibe with other networks. Run with LinkedIn if ya dig. But do promote your fellow blogger on 1 network minimum – Twitter because it allows frequent promotion – and add FB and G Plus here and there too.


Promoting other bloggers on social media is a kind, abundant act, helping you emit an abundant vibe, and you know generous, abundant-feeling folks are irresistible folks, right?


I got a little lazy with this tip recently. Lash me 400 times with a wet noodle, guys. Always RTing but I pulled back on G Plus and Facebook a bit. Lesson learned. Checking my ass up. Hold me to it if my FB Page and Google Plus profile ain’t humming with blog posts other than my BFP numbers.


So guys and dolls….those are enough practical tips for now to make your blogger outreach campaign sizzle like an egg on a sidewalk during hot summer months.


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  1. Donna you taught me how it goes years ago my friend. Be genuine, help folks and yep, eventually it really does kick in and sweetness flows our way. Thank you!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    I first have to thank you for the wonderful mention. It does mean a lot to me.

    Bloggers just have to outreach. Someone asked me about a week ago “How can I get more traffic to my blog?” My answer was that she needed to go to other blogs, leave a good comment ….er.. an honest one. Then share that author to social media. Eventually reciprocity will kick in. It is all in the mindset each and every blogger needs. We need to give without thinking of getting. Once we do that, the energy starts shacken and movi’n. Well you know what I mean….you are King when it comes to this.

    I also want to thank the commenters here for their kind words.


  3. No I have not met her yet; she seems intriguing though. A pioneer in many ways. Amen Lisa; Donna and Brenda are wonderful. Awesome folks.

  4. Hi Ryan,
    Donna and Bren are truly real people. I’ve actually met Donna in person and Brenda is on my bucket list next time I travel south. They both are wonderful people and it shows in their comments everywhere.
    It always amazes me how many people reach out to do contributor posts who never once commented at my place. Over 7000 comments and not one from them but yet they want to write for me. Odd, isn’t it? It’s all about the outreach for sure Ryan.
    Enjoy the rest of your week there.
    (Thought of you last night watching the news about the prime minister of your country….very interesting! Have you met her yet?)

  5. You mean *RUN* Praveen? 😉

  6. Yea right…first buy that ebook guys!!!

    Donna’s commenting rules!!!What a way to get noticed by everyone who blogs. She is the best out there when it comes to leaving a “genuine comment” on any article she reads.

    Promoting other bloggers?? Where?? I dont see YOUR favorite DMC blog anywhere in this article 🙂


  7. My pleasure Bren 😉 Yep; some insomnia tonight. I went to bed at midnight but woke up at 1 AM, unsettled. We’ll try to hit the sack now at 4:30 AM. Stunned because I had zero jet lag a month ago when we changed 6 time zones from Thailand to here in New Zealand.

  8. Bren Pace Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I love how you give your friends/audience props, so thank you for the huge shout out. That’s hugeness!

    You’re right with Donna. She is the Queen of commenting, no doubt. I’m amazed by her content and her comments are just spot on. Definitely, one to stalk online and follow by example.

    On a personal note, shouldn’t you be turning in for a little night time siesta? Eek! It’s 10 am here and I’m already wishing it was 4 pm. Take me home!

    Enjoy your week!