4 Limiting Ideas to Release for Becoming a Professional Blogger

  September 26, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Helado Man from our trip to Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.

Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.


Being a pro blogger is fun, freeing and fulfilling.


But being a pro blogger feels uncomfortable sometimes. Few people enjoy facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling limiting ideas.


Dissect these limiting ideas. Release these limiting ideas. Free yourself to build a rock solid foundation for your professional blogging campaign.


1: Pro Bloggers Are Connected Before Going Pro


Nope. Not true. Every blogger begins as an amateur blogger. Amateur bloggers network generously and genuinely for years. After spending 1000’s of hours networking generously and genuinely, amateur blogger CONNECT themselves to successful bloggers in their niche via active work. No blogger gets connected passively. All amateurs connect actively. From there, being connected, amateurs eventually go pro. Work. Network. Make friends. Position yourself to go pro. Eventually, go pro.


2: Pro Bloggers Are Lucky and/or Naturally Gifted


Nope. Not true. How it works: amateur bloggers blog-work for 1000’s of hours BEFORE going pro. Amateurs work as unskilled, not too confident, unclear amateurs for a long time, spanning 1000’s of hours. Luck has nothing to do with this process; smart, generous work has everything to do with this process. Amateur bloggers are not naturally gifted because the work – not some blogging fairy sprinkling gifted blogger pixy dust on you – makes the skilled, confident blogger. Blog for 1000’s of hours as an amateur blogger. Become skilled. Go pro.


3: “How Long Does it Take to Go Pro or How Many Posts Do I Need to Publish to Go Pro?”


Both questions reflect the mind of someone who thinks, feels and acts like an employee. Work for this long. Get paid. Complete this number of tasks. Get paid. Entrepreneurs who blog do not get paid based on the amount of time worked or the number of blogging actions completed. No blogger punches a clock. No blogger gets a salary based on tasks completed. I often mention working for 5,000 plus hours to go pro as a ballpark idea but everybody walks a different blogging path. Going pro is an intimately personal journey for all bloggers. Entrepreneurs who eventually become pro bloggers fall in love with the blogging process, not blogging profits.


Blogging is a business. Think of how businesses grow. No one pays entrepreneurs for each action. Business owners do not work salaried jobs masquerading as business ventures.


Business and blogging profits flow to you slowly and steadily over the long haul based on varying factors unrelated to number of hours worked and number of blog posts published.


4: Pro Bloggers Work Really Hard to Push Themselves to Succeed


100%, absolutely not true. Employees work hard and long to get a paycheck in order to survive. Professional bloggers work:


  • generously
  • intelligently
  • deliberately
  • patiently
  • persistently
  • from a knowing energy
  • from a trusting energy
  • with a compassionate intent


to go pro and to allow their professional success to expand. Pro bloggers use power – not force – to succeed. Pro bloggers do not rush the process, burnout and quit. Most bloggers try to sprint a marathon, fall exhausted and quit after only 0.1 miles. Pros jog a gentle, easy-going pace for 26.2 miles – and beyond – over a long time to go pro and to expand their success. Stop working hard. Relax. Generously help people. Chill. Work relaxed. Slow down. Calm down. Work generously and intelligently. Be in the blogging game for the long haul by avoiding blogger burnout. Every pro adopted a long haul approach during their amateur days to put in years of blogging work in order to go pro.




The blogging journey gets easier if you release these limiting ideas. The blogging journey gets tougher if you cling to these ideas. Take the less resistant blogging path. Face, feel and release these false assumptions. Blogging does not need to be a long, grueling journey because doing inner work promotes your blogging success more freely.