4 Lessons I Learned from Unfollowing 50000 People

  November 20, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
High Peaks Wilderness Region Blueberry Cobbles Trail New Russia New York

High Peaks Wilderness Region Blueberry Cobbles Trail New Russia New York


I have unfollowed about 50000 folks between:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


over the past 13 days. Big emphasis on Twitter. Being halfway to the century mark in unfollows became necessary 2 weeks ago as my Twitter stream became a news stream. I do not follow the news. I began mass unfollowing people who tweeted news items. But I also noticed how most people I followed did not tweet content I valued, vibed with and learned from, meaning a mass unfollow, followed.


1: Human Beings Can Only Genuinely Follow, Learn from and Receive Mentorship from a Few Human Beings and No More


I will follow between 25-50 people collectively between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when I am done because humans can only be mentored by a few human beings, realistically, literally. I now treat people I follow like mentors who I value, implicitly trust and who I learn from. Everybody else seems like nice, kind enough human beings but at this stage in my life I seek wisdom, poise, balance and clarity, and nothing else. Few people on earth offer these qualities; hence me following few humans. Luke Skywalker followed Yoda, not 50,000 untrained folks….ya dig?


2: Engaged Human Beings Mean Everything and Number Following Is Worthless Meaningless and Illusion


My follower count reached 47,000 before my mass unfollow. But 46,500 people never @replied me, RTed me, DMed me, visited my blog, bought my stuff or hired me. I may as well have been followed by 500 people because 46,500 never did anything, engaged me, or built my business. 46,500 was an illusion. Not real. Vanity metric. Worthless number. But 500 human beings mean everything because 500 human beings engage me, give me ideas, learn from me, promote me, endorse me, buy my stuff, hire me and help grow my business.


Human beings who talk to you, who teach you, who learn from you, who share value, who gobble up your value, who click your links, who buy from you and hire you are the only worthwhile element on social media. Give all energy to them. Pay zero attention to numbers.


3: Followers Who Follow You Only Because You Follow Them Are Meaningless as Far as Blogging


My follower count began to drop the moment I mass unfollowed folks. Some of my followers did not follow me because they:


  • learned from me
  • bought my stuff
  • hired me
  • endorsed me
  • wanted to build a genuine bond with me


Some of my followers followed me just because I followed them. Blogging-wise, these folks are meaningless because they only followed me to:


  • get their ego stroked
  • be popular
  • gain some false sense of love and acceptance
  • fill the void of feeling worthless without the acceptance or approval of other human beings


Some scared, pained people messaged me in anger, being annoyed about my unfollow, telling me to have a good life. Scared, hurt, afraid people take things personally, acting similar to a 5 year old whose “best friend” decides not to be friends with them anymore. Leave these people go in love. Let them figure out their fear. None had any effect on your blogging campaign, anyway.


4: My Love-Energy-Assistance-Care for Followers Rose 1000%


Not wasting minutes-energy scrolling through my main stream of off-topic, news-based, low energy updates gave me time-energy to devote to my loving, loyal followers like ever before. Loving, loyal followers increase your traffic and profits through their RTs, @replies, buys and hires. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, give energy to love and blogging love reflects back to you in terms of increased worldly success, happiness, freedom and fun.




I completely own how I followed almost 50000 people from heavy energies of fear-pain-chaos from 12 years ago, until I underwent a massive internal shift over the past few years. I also completely own how it’s time to tighten circles to follow a select few, loving, wise souls to learn from them and to give virtually all energy to loyal followers.


All folks I used to follow who fear losing contact-touch with me can just email me. Find my email on my contact page. Just because I am not following you doesn’t mean I am unavailable or disappear into the ethers 🙂

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