4 Gorgeous Views from My World Travels

  December 28, 2016 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Impossibly beautiful sunset from the back porch in Savusavu, Fiji. This was oft our view before nearly pitch black conditions rolled in during the evening.


From the urban jungles of here in New York City to the REAL jungles of remote Buena Vista, Costa Rica, I’ve had some fairly epic views of the best Planet Earth has to offer.


Today I wanted to share some of the most beautiful, breathtaking views I’ve enjoyed over the past 5 and a half years.


1: Savusavu, Fiji


Me and Hazey soaking up some Fijian rays from the front porch.


Picture the surreal-ly-beautiful Savusavu Bay ahead of you.


The South Pacific Ocean to your left.


Skull-island-like mountain scenery to your right.


This was the stunning view from Savusavu, Fiji.


Savusavu is the Hidden Paradise of Fiji. As dubbed by Fijians. After spending 4 months there in 2014 we can see why.


From the crystal clear waters fading into the most delicious deep blue sea as you gaze on the horizon to the planetarium-like, pristine views of the stars on peaceful, clear nights, Savusavu had it all.


5 to 10 times daily – or more – I’d simply walk around the front porch and gaze at God’s work, unspoiled.


Come night time, Kelli and I watched dwarfs with wings masquerading as monstrously large Fijian fruit bats swoop in and fight each other for the sweetest fruits, engaging in a Battle Royale for the tastiest chunks of papaya.


2: Koh Lanta, Thailand


Me. Flexing. Overlooking the bay from the back porch in Koh Lanta, Thailand.




The lats.


The shaved dome.


Perhaps the most iconic (ego-based) image from our journeys. Or, the most beautiful (excluding me).


Kelli snapped the shot. Perfect. You can see the islands in the distance, the bay, boats and the stunning natural beauty at sunrise from the porch/dock/deck of the spot in Koh Lanta.


Low tide view, which explains Thai longtail boats sitting on terra firma.


During high tide (and at high noon) the view looks like this:


The home office in Koh Lanta, Thailand.


3: Buena Vista, Costa Rica


La selva. View from the sink. Not really a kitchen in this place. Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


We spied:

  • 2 toed sloths
  • 3 toed sloths
  • Amazon parrots flying – and squaking – noisily overhead
  • bullet ants
  • army ants
  • scorpions
  • golden orb spiders
  • howler monkeys
  • capuchin monkeys
  • toucans
  • oropendola


from the sink view of the hut/home in Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


Buena Vista ranks #1 as far as pristine views. 3 miles away from humans, and civilization, save a Tico dude 20 minutes away. Wildlife. Jungle. Nature.


A National Geographic show. On your front porch.


4: Manhattan, New York City


If I can….blog from there I’ll blog from….anywhere. NYC babeee.


As I enjoy breath-taking view of the World Trade Center from high above Manhattan, I realize that the concrete jungle can be paradise.


The tropics are warm and green year round. NYC is a little green – by Central Park – sometimes warm, sometimes cold but always beautiful in its own way.


Kelli and I are being treated to a fantastic view downtown in an expansive studio – REALLY big for a Manhattan studio – in a fun neighborhood. We’re 20 floors up with an apartment-wide window vantage point of the southern end of the island.


If you peep down you can see the hustle and bustle of the Avenue of the Americas to your right but since we’re so high up it’s all about da peace and quiet in this atmosphere.


Your Turn


What beautiful views have you enjoyed during your travels? Or from your home?


Please share pictures with us in the comments section below.

  1. Sameer Joshi says:
    at 3:34 pm

    What a beautiful post with some breathtaking pictures, Ryan. I especially loved the line with “watching God’s work. Unspoiled”. So true.
    Glenn Shepherd and I were speaking about you recently. Hope you are well and look forward to your next blog post soon. 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:04 am

      Hi Sameer,

      Wonderful how we get to see some stunning areas where man/woman has not added pollution LOL. Thanks so much for the love.


  2. Ryan Biddulph says:
    at 11:07 am

    Hi Ash,


    Awesome! SE Asia is our fave place on earth.

    Really not sure yet buddy; we will see if any exotic house sits pop up around the globe. If not, we will probably make a beeline for our beloved Thailand 😉 Either way, something tells me we will meet up.


  3. Jacomijn Heupink says:
    at 4:36 am

    I stayed in a beachhouse on the island of Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia. That was one of the best views I had. A bit of beach, a palmtree and the ocean as a view!!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:43 pm

      Hi Jacomijn,

      Wow, beautiful!

      I have heard fabulous things about Koh Rong and saw some inspired images of the beach there too. Sounds like paradise to me. Gorgeous ocean views, some beach, a palm tree and maybe a coconut water to top things off 😉


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