4 Fun Things about Chiang Mai Thailand

4 Fun Things about Chiang Mai Thailand


Pong Noi by Chiang Mai Thailand


As Kelli and I settle into Chiang Mai for a 7 week house sit I want to highlight a few things to do in this lovely complex.


Chiang Mai encompasses a wide ranging area. People think Old City but the surrounding network of villages and peaceful communities really makes CM pop.


Let’s dive in.


1: The Food


Chiang Mai has some of the best food in Thailand.


Last night we enjoyed a delightful vegan feast at Good Souls. But if quieter, more rustic settings float your boat you’ve a wide collection of Jai vegetarian restaurants located around town.


Carno-saurs have an endless supply of eateries to choose from, covering the gamut of cultures.


Most folks are here to enjoy world class Thai food. From Pad Thai to tofu with mixed vegetable green curry to the tastiest Thai desserts, Chiang Mai’s go ya covered.


2: The Friends


Chiang Mai is an easy place to meet new friends and to foster old friendships.


The massive expat community and ever-expanding digital nomad base in CM supplies you with opportunities to meet like-minded folks who speak English.


Making friends during travels enhances the experience, wherever you are on earth. Chiang Mai pulls you out of your shell or goads you to make even more buddies.


3: Nature


Visualize stunning mountain scenery.


Cool forest streams.


Lush greenery.


Chiang Mai has it all.


Doi Suthep Non Hunting Area Thailand


Spend a day traveling through local mountain communities to get a taste of what the complex offers in terms of nature. We just hiked through the Non Hunting area of Doi Suthep National Park; I snapped the above image.


Rent your motorbike – a must for any stay in or around the city – to see a very different scene than the heavily touristed urban center familiar to most travelers.


Kelli and I are house sitting in Pong Noi. This sleepy Thai village sits in the mountains, bordering Doi Suthep National Park.


Full 180 from the hustle and bustle of the Old City.


4: The Old City


Most travelers know the Old City.


Stroll through the hundreds of temples present within the walls of the gate.


Grab a banana shake and chill in a temple courtyard to cool off during blistering high season temperatures. Or if the rains kick up during low season visit one of the many world class malls on the city outskirts to enjoy a movie and stroll.


We grab lunch at the coolest little Buddhist aka Jai vegetarian restaurant about a 20 minute walk from Taipei Gate daily. Then we cruise toward the Old City for a banana shake – 20-30 Baht – and some R and R at a local temple.