4 Questions to Ask Before Writing a Blogging eBook

August 14, 2018
4 Questions to Ask Before Writing a Blogging eBook
4 Questions to Ask Before Writing a Blogging eBook


Before writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks I was a newbie self-published author in many regards.


I wrote a bomb years prior. Not an incendiary device. Just a shitty eBook.


Eventually I figured it out; I had not asked myself pressing, clarity-building questions before writing the sucker. Reviewing these queries gave me clarity for future releases and can help you write and self-publish helpful, profitable reads.


Let’s dive in my blogging sweetlings.


1: Why Write the eBook?


My first eBook sold 4 copies in 4 months.


This was years before I created Blogging From Paradise.




I wrote the eBook because someone said I should write it. What a shitty reason, eh? What a crappy driver. I did not have fun. I did not intend to help people, deep down. I did what someone told me to do and just wanted to make some money with it.




If you write with an unclear or fear-based, outcomes-driven intent, your eBook can’t hit the mark. Sales will flag.


Write an eBook to:


  • have fun
  • solve a pressing problem suffered by your audience
  • reach folks on a greater scale


Purify your intent. Lay the framework for a successful release.


2: Does the Topic Clearly Meet the Needs of My Readers?


I blog from paradise.


I help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


So I wrote this eBook:


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


Does it get more aligned? Nope.


Do the same for your readers. Write eBooks clearly designed to meet readers needs. Solve common reader problems. Do not overthink it. Simple wins. Simple solves. Simple sells.


3: Do I Cling to an Army of Self-Publishing Mental Blocks?


Own these if you believe these limiting beliefs:


  • “Nobody will buy my eBook anyway.”
  • “Who cares what I have to say?”
  • “I don’t know enough to write an entire eBook.”
  • “Formatting eBooks is too difficult.”


The list goes on and on. My blogging sweetlings, you want to face, feel and release self-publishing limiting beliefs for a successful eBook release.


Defeatist self-published authors mired in fear struggle to sell eBooks. Be willing to face, feel and release fears concerning writing eBooks to boost sales long haul.


I clung to many self-publishing limiting beliefs 5 years ago. Yet here I am today.


Hug, feel, let go and write your eBook from a loving, fun, abundant energy, guaranteeing a rocking release over the long haul.


4: Am I Willing to Create and Connect My Way to Greater eBook Sales?


Most self-published authors go about selling eBooks all wrong, solely trying to hack the process onsite.


Focusing only on onsite aka on Amazon or on Selz or on “insert digital storefront here” is a mistake because after a quick blitz of onsite focused sales via:


  • a free giveway
  • increased free giveaway downloads
  • increased 5 star reviews (via free giveaway)


….sales die, slowing to a trickle.


Meanwhile, guys like me who focus exclusively offsite by:


  • genuine blog commenting
  • creating helpful content on Blogging From Paradise
  • guest posting
  • promoting other bloggers


keep generating more and more sales. I do not manipulate strategies and people to boost onsite sales quickly. Scarcity approach. I slowly and steadily increase offsite sales via the above techniques to grow my eBook profits and overall blogging profits.


Focus offsite. Long term, ever increasing sales flow through creating and connecting on your blog, on other blogs and through social media, as your buddies buy and spread the word for you.


Wrapping it Up


Writing and self-publishing an eBook can be a prospering feather in your blogging cap guys. Refuse to let your self-publishing fears handcuff you, because you can do it.


Ask these questions. Wait for honest answers. Proceed with greater clarity on your way to a successful launch.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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