4 Potential Crutches to Blogging Success

June 8, 2018

Me sans crutches overlooking the bay in Lyttelton, New Zealand.


I shall now flip you out.


4 potential crutches to blogging success may bedevil you. Sure top bloggers say you NEED these things to succeed. But like any piece of advice you genuinely do not NEED anything to build a successful blog save valuable content and friends.


Since we are human beings using tools it makes sense to grab a few tools on your journey. Some tools work better for some bloggers. Other tools may totally not work for you.


Contrarian alert; today I want to share 4 potential crutches to blogging success. All can accelerate your success like nobody’s business but if you never get clear on or resonate with each strategy, you will carry around the weight light an energetic yoke, guaranteeing long term struggles and certain failure.


Shedding each feels freeing! Like skipping down a hill with Godzilla pushing you in the back. Meaning you will succeed more quickly when you realize that you are not resonant aka clear on aka you totally hate using these strategies.


Honestly assess; are these crutches hindering your blogging success or do you genuinely enjoy going these routes? All about your energy because if you have fun going these routes, carry on. But if you do not have fun taking these routes, drop like a hot potato.


1: Blog Comments


I felt like I was pushing a boulder up a hill each time I checked my WordPress backoffice. For good reason; I hated checking blog comments. I used to love checking blog comments. But along the way, I outgrew checking comments and instead had more fun engaging my readers via email and social media and video.


Comments closed now, I have never been happier. But I had to remove the crutches and stand on my own to sprint toward greater success, shutting ’em down.


Do you have an intense, fun-loving, genuine compassion for:


  • reading blog comments
  • replying to blog comments
  • filtering out spam


on your blog? If so, carry on. If not, close down the comments to free yourself for other ways to connect with people.


2: Email List


I do not build a list. Yet I have circled the globe for 7 years.


I did build a list for a few years but I never gave it much attention because I almost always despised doing list building. Felt heavy to me. Annoying, or flat out, I did not resonate with list building.


After closing my email list I:


  • felt free
  • had more fun blogging
  • became more prolific
  • had more success


If you are in your reader’s hearts, they will remember you and visit your blog daily. No need to build a list to remind them of the person in their heart.


Let go your list if list building feels heavy, agitating or annoying. Anybody who stresses that you need a list more than anything simply has shitty relationships with readers or sees themselves as very forgettable. I have neither or these problems. Nor will you if list-building never resonated with you.


3: One Particular Mentor AKA Savior


I help you build a successful blog. But I am no blogging savior.


A mentor, or coach, or blogging consultant may be a big crutch to you because you see this person as the source of your success, inspiration or motivation, when your success, inspiration and passion flows from within you. Mentors just point you in the right direction and teach you how to do stuff and why to do it to become a successful blogger.


Beware seeing successful bloggers as saviors. You are the cause of your blogging success. Detach from any one mentor. Follow 1 or 2 blogging pros but don’t let one person become a crutch, hanging on their every word and taking all their posts and eBooks as pure gospel, the root of your success. Letting these folks go inspires you to follow their advice without making these people the end all be all of your blogging success.


4: Shitty Reviews


One of the strangest things I ever did; back when I was an unclear blogger, I would walk around for weeks allowing a shitty eBook review of negative blog comment to infect my mind. I took on this yoke, and used this crutch because I wanted to prove these folks wrong, using the hate to fuel my desire-fire. Big mistake, because focusing on criticism allows more critics to flow into your experience.


Let go critics who are just unhappy people speaking 100% about themselves, and who are saying nothing about you. All criticism is a projection; meaning these folks are speaking about themselves, not you. Knowing this you do not need criticism to improve or to get better. All you need is a willingness to learn, to help folks and to make friends.


Loving, caring feedback can give you a guide to work from but nasty criticism is merely the product of a fear-filled mind speaking of self. How can you benefit from someone who is not even talking about you?


The Wrap Up


See how you feel after reading this post. Maybe you love list building, or keeping comments open, or you feel clear and detached from any one mentor, or a bad review may light a positive, loving fire under your ass. Great. Each is no yoke but a tool for growing your blogging success.


But if each or any one feels heavy, or you genuinely fear not having a list, or closing comments, or losing a mentor, or if you feel like you need nasty reviews to succeed, it’s time to get rid of these crutches and back-busting yokes to build a more successful blog quickly.


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