4 Blogging Success Lessons I Learned from Islam

December 16, 2018
Mosque in Nizwa, Oman. This mosque is particularly eye-popping, with sky high minarets requiring flashing lights to alert airplane pilots.
Mosque in Nizwa, Oman. This mosque is particularly eye-popping, with sky high minarets requiring flashing lights to alert airplane pilots.


Tomorrow marks our first week in Nizwa, Oman.


Kelli and I are having a blast in this special nation on the Arabian Peninsula.


After spending a month in Qatar 2 years ago and being in this conservative, Muslim nation for a few days, I have observed a few parallels between successful blogging and Islam.


1: Inshallah


Inshallah means “God willing.”


Muslims often use the phrase to explain that God’s will supersedes human will, creating peace and calm in the individual.


I had to learn the hard way during lean blogging years how everything blogging-wise happens in its own time. I had a plan to get rich quickly. God planned for me to learn, practice and develop skills to be of greatest benefit to humanity, by gaining wealth slowly. I strongly desired to buy a mansion and a fleet of fast cars 10 years ago when new to the blogging world. God set me on a different path, goading me to circle the globe with few physical possessions.


Patient, persistent generosity, that is your part of the deal. God handles timelines. God handles the heavy lifting. God handles everything, ultimately, outside of me helping people. Even that help is God acting through me.


I have never been more at peace and ease than now because I live by the concept of Inshallah. I help people. God handles the rest. I cannot be bothered with trying to control anything other than my energy and service. God handles the rest.


2: Commit 100%


The salah, or Islamic prayer, occurs at:


  • 5:21 AM
  • 6:44 AM
  • 12:06 PM
  • 3:07 PM
  • 5:28 PM
  • 6:58 PM


today in Nizwa.


Large loudspeakers amplify the prayer spoken to everybody within ear shot.


Whether at the mosque or in their homes, devout Muslims pray along with the salah 6 times daily. These individuals are fully committed to the 5 Pillars of Islam, including a full dedication to God, prayer and being generous with charity or alms giving.


Blogging requires a full on, 100% commitment. We should never make a god out of a worldly activity but to best serve people you need to be all in, daily, for years.


I have spent tens of thousands of hours of my life helping people through blogging. As I keep giving, the getting seems to happen more easily, even if getting means little to me.


Successful bloggers understand blogging gives you what you give to blogging.


3: Do Not Make a god out of Anything but God


Muslims are devout individuals.


Yesterday I went for my run at 5:30 AM. Still dark out. Few souls on the street save men leaving the mosque after the 5:19 AM Fajr prayer.


Multiple salah devotions throughout the day keep God front and center in the Islamic faith. Worldly stuff is not too important. God is all important.


Happy, prospering, successful bloggers do not make a god out of stats, traffic numbers or blogging profits. I could care less about stats. My Source of success is God, not numbers on a screen.


Pull back from obsessing over metrics. Focus on what matters; serving people. Stop worshiping inanimate objects or obsessing over numbers on a screen. Stats mean nothing. Service means everything.


4: Love Wins


Growing up in the United States, I did not truly know Islam and Muslim people until I began my world tour. Sure many Muslims live in NJ and NYC but divisive media, using fear to manipulate people, tends to portray a skewed view of Islam.


But I soon learned by meeting and connecting with Muslims how these kind, generous, inviting folks treat people with love.  Fear is not real. Only love is real.


Successful bloggers blog mainly from an energy of love, so successful bloggers win. Rocking bloggers give freely of their time and talents, serving their readers, answering questions and giving away oodles of free information. Struggling bloggers blog mainly from an energy of fear, holding back, being stingy, worrying about outcomes and failing by buying into the illusion of fear.


Love wins. Fun wins. Generosity wins. Service wins.


Wrap Up


Follow these successful blogging lessons learned by observing Islam.


Rock out your blog.


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