4 Blogging Lessons I Learned Living with Bugs in the Tropics

  March 27, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Ants in Pong Noi, Thailand. Yes; said ants are working not 10 feet away from me, as I write this blog post.


Shout out to Cori Leigh for this blog post idea.


I hope to see you and fellow rocking blogger Sue-Ann Bubacz one day; we can enjoy tropical paradises and embrace living with bugs 🙂


Guys; I have learned many blogging lessons circling the globe. Spending most of my time in the tropics, I became intimately aware of bugs. Sometimes, big bugs. Sometimes, REALLY big bugs. Tropical areas are hot, humid spots. Hot, humid spots are ideal homes for bugs like:


  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • scorpions
  • centipedes
  • exotic bugs I see not in my home state of New Jersey


Peep these 4 blogging lessons I learned from facing bugs in the tropics.


1: Facing Fears Dissolves Fears


I feared facing cockroaches 8 years ago in Bali. Scared. Terrified, the first time I saw an aircraft carrier sized roach scurry across the floor.


After seeing roaches literally thousands of times over 8 years I fear not roaches. 2 days ago I figured a foot long Tokay gecko scampered on the roof here in Pong Noi, Thailand; a 3 inch roach casually danced on the ceiling. I took it in stride, nodding to the Master of the House and returning to my meal. Why? I faced the bug fear thousands of times; it dissolved, and the fear dissolved. Simple process.


Step into blogging fears hundreds to thousands of times. Fear dissolves. Guaranteed. Live video fears? Nudge into the energies. Writing fears? Nudge. Writer’s block? Nudge. Keep nudging and the fear vanishes. As the fear vanishes, you see greater success.


2: Size Does Not Matter


Most humanoids fear facing huge bugs. I observed an 8 inch centipede tap-dancing across the kitchen floor in Thailand; huge dude but he still feared me. He feared me; think of that. We fear big bugs, but we are 1000 to 10,000 times bigger than bugs, large and small. Size does not matter; virtually every bug fears you a million times more than you fear the bug.


Blog post size does not matter, either, once you get beyond 600 words. 600 seems a minimum agreement between readers and bloggers but beyond that figure, never assume blog post word length equals blog post value. Not true. Bloggers bloat posts to reach 2000 words; the posts are shit. Other bloggers get to the point in 600 words and offer genuine value. Size does not matter.


3: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Ants rule. Ants dominate. Ants prove; teamwork makes the dream work.


If you want to see teamwork in action, just watch thousands of ants work together. Poetry in motion. Every ant touches their fellow ant, connecting to convey whatever message the ants convey. Quite stunning to watch. Hunting, harvesting, scouting; all work as one, being the dominant species I see all over the tropics.


Bloggers know; teamwork makes the dream work. Try blogging solo. See how far that gets ya. Try making friends by promoting other bloggers and by commenting genuinely on blogs. Make buddies. Buddies promote you endorse you and buy your stuff. Some buddies hire you. Teamwork wins.


4: Harmony Wins and Fight Fails


I live in harmony with bugs; most of the time. OK; almost entirely. Here in Pong Noi, ants live in the home. Their home first. I am just house sitting; but ants resided here before the homeowners, or, before humans existed.


Being guests, I live in harmony with bugs. Roaches, scorpions and centipedes called the tropics home millions of years before I arrived. I do not kill anything. Even if some bug can hurt me or put me in the hospital for a while, I DO NOT KILL BIG BUGS. Doing so would be cowardly and out of harmony, and from my experience, when I move out of harmony, I run into all types of problems.


I calmly and patiently and gently evicted:


  • an 8 inch centipede
  • a huge scorpion
  • a Thai bird eating tarantula


from a house in Pong Noi, Thailand. No problems.


But when I poked around a tree foolishly and recklessly in the jungles of Costa Rica, a yellow jacket rocketed toward me and stung me on the chin. Ouch! My fault. I left harmony. I poked around. I fought a bit, being aggressive, hacking the tree. Served me right.


Bloggers; either make friends with fellow bloggers or leave them alone. Enemies can injure you in ways you could not imagine. Friends help. Ignored, non-resonant bloggers have no power over you.


Off to hang with the ants.