4 Blog Promotion Ideas

  March 10, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
blog promotion ideas

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The best way to promote your blog is to promote other bloggers.




Right now.


The best way to promote your blog is to promote other bloggers.Click To Tweet


I Googled a phrase for promoting your blog. Featured snippets listed a few ideas, all including the word “your.” YOUR blog. YOUR social media. YOUR email.




Hands down, the biggest promoting mistake involves focusing 100% of your promoting energy on yourself and your blog, trying to get people to notice you and your blog. Error. Boo-boo. Few humans care about you unless you care about them, first. The easiest way to get noticed is to notice other bloggers. The easiest way to promote your blog is to promote other bloggers and to comment on their blogs.


Let’s dive in to these blog promotion ideas.


1: Comment Genuinely on Blogs


Read a blog post. Write a genuine comment. Publish the comment. Fellow bloggers appreciate the comment, click your link and visit your blog. You promoted your blog without promoting your blog. You just shared an opinion. But the genuine opinion inspired a fellow blogger or a blogger’s reader to click your link and to visit your blog.


2: Email Asking How You Can Help Bloggers


Email bloggers. Ask how you can help. Bloggers take you up, asking for a retweet or comment. Bloggers also buy your stuff or hire you, visiting your blog and taking advantage of your free help. I landed clients and sold eBooks thru this email help method. Simple. Incredibly easy, too.


3: Link to a Blogger on Your Blog


Link to a blogger via your next blog post. Mention skilled bloggers. Add valued resources to your blog posts. Bloggers dig your generosity, click your link and once again, you promoted your blog indirectly. Tag bloggers on Twitter and Facebook to give them credit. Snags their attention, boosting their traffic through your blog and through social media.


4: Retweet and Facebook Share Other Blogger’s Posts


Retweet a blog post. Facebook Share a blog post. Promote other bloggers through social media. Help drive traffic to their blogs. Grateful bloggers find you via social, click your blog link and you just promoted your blog again. What a stupid easy way to promote yourself; promote others. People love generous bloggers.


Why Do So Few Bloggers Promote their Blogs Effectively?


Most bloggers blog from a dominant energy of:


  • fear
  • worry
  • anxiety
  • tension
  • stress


Fear causes you to think inward, about yourself. Thinking mainly about yourself causes you to promote YOUR blog via social, podcast, video, etc. If you are focused on you, yourself and your own needs, why would a reader follow you? Why would they believe you can help them, when you only want to help yourself? Why would an established, pro blogger visit your blog? Established, pro bloggers became pros by being generous, by promoting other bloggers and by expecting nothing in return.


If you only want to promote your blog, you will have few or no readers because readers need to see you can help THEM.


The Best Way to Promote Your Blog


If you spend most of your day generously promoting other bloggers, friendships form. Blogging buddies:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • buy your stuff
  • hire you


Plus, blogger buddy readers do the same. Talk about a simple and fun way to promote your blog. Promote other bloggers.


Mar at Once in a Lifetime Journey has tirelessly promoted me on Twitter for years. I appreciate her! I am happy to shout her out via a mention here, or, via a retweet, or, by commenting on her blog. I love promoting her blog because she has been so generous with me.


Generously give whatever you want.


Promote your blog by promoting other bloggers.

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