Rawai, Phuket Thailand


4 Benefits of Choosing Rawai Phuket as Your Paradise Destination


Rye is a Rawai guy.


I cannot lie.


Kelli and I always stay in this sleepy little fishing village on the southern end of Phuket.


Ok; not entirely sleepy, as tourism has slowly and steadily increased the human presence here. But by Phuket standards the place is chill, laid back, but still offers tons of restaurants, a handful of bars and other services to tourists, expats and local Thai folks.


We love Rawai for a few distinct reasons.


1: Quiet(er) than Other Touristed Spots


Rawai Phuket is much quieter than other touristed spots like Kata, Karon and of course, the more boisterous Patong.


Patong is a bit much for me. Ditto for the other well-known, well-traveled spots along the Andaman Sea.


Rawai sits on the east coast of Phuket. The quiet coast. The path less traveled coast.


This fact alone makes the village more serene compared to the rest of the island.


I said more serene. ┬áRawai is not remote by any means. Although you will find quiet Rawai spots in the center of the island – where 15 foot cobras are sometimes spotted – it is built up and populous compared to places where you won’t see a human for miles around.


But it does offer tranquil spots from Promthep Cape, to the lesser know, unnamed cape a wee bit south (just motorbike south from Promthep, you’ll find it), Nai Harn Beach and the aforementioned jungle areas in the center of the village.


2: Peaceful Walks on the Pier


We take relaxing night walks on the pier in Rawai.


To your left, a tropical paradise. Palm trees sway. The local gypsy village meets your gaze, with goods being sold by these nomadic folks.


To your right you have views of Thai longtail boats, fisherman wrangling for their daily bread and a sweet restaurant scene hidden among green, lush trees.


I enjoy seeing Thai kids running up and down the pier and playing on the sea bed during low tide. Toss in a few pockets of friendly soi dogs that seem to prefer the pier to the soi (some soi dogs are kindly, ya know?) and you have yourself a nice place to watch the sun go down over the Andaman Sea.


Note; although the pier and Rawai itself is generally a serene place you’d be smart to get travel insurance in Thailand to handle any unexpected incidents.


3: Ample Restaurants


The bay front restaurant scene is well known on the island.


Many believe this seafood shack row is among the best on all of Phuket.


Not a seafood guy here – after a few rough incidents involving not well enough cooked food de la mar – but the high volume of tourists and locals who seem to frequent these spots makes me agree.


Rawai Phuket Thailand


Picture a peaceful, calm bay with the requisite Thai long tail boats. Islands in the distance, and a light breeze kisses your happy, smiling face.


Pop across the street and you will see the day’s catch being showcased then prepped for hungry fish lovers.


It ain’t all fishy though; we enjoy pizza and other fine fare at well known Nikita’s in Phuket.


You cannot beat the view, being seated literally right above the bay.


Neat travel fact; while we dined at Nikita’s I received my first:


“Holy SHIT this guy looks like Dexter!”


line, from a colorful and quite drunk Aussie with a big python draped around her neck, said python offered her by an expat named Francine de Phuket, aka, the Snake Lady of Phuket.


4: Close Proximity to Gorgeous Nai Harn Beach


Kelli and I initially chose Rawai because it seemed quiet and also because Nai Harn Beach was a hop-skip-jump aka 5 minute motorbike ride away.


This is one of the most gorgeous, picturesque and peaceful beaches on Phuket.


It picks up tourist-wise during peak high season in January but during low season you will have a peaceful, quiet beach with ample space.


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