4 Blogging Lessons I Learned by Volume Approving 350 Facebook Friend Requests Daily

  October 16, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA


Approximately 3 days ago I began receiving upwards of 350 legitimate Facebook friend requests daily.


Why? How? The ego has no answers. But the intuition tells me that time spent reading, studying and applying A Course in Miracles let me dive deeper into my mind to face deeper fears. Facing, feeling and releasing deeper fears allows more of life, humanity and one-ness into your human experience.


The intuition guided me to mass approve every friend request save a scant few less than dubious asks.


Check out these 4 Facebook blogging lessons learned to aid your blogging campaign.


1: Never Completely Write off a Social Media Site


Sheepishly, I considered the idea of never using Facebook again a few times over the years. Reasons varied but ultimately I experienced little returns from the site even though I worked it diligently by creating and connecting.


Not writing off the social media site opened a channel for about 1000 new friends to find me over the prior few days.


Unless you lose complete resonance with a social media site simply keep it open. Even if you disagree with specific site narratives you never know how, when or even why people who enjoy your blog and positive social media content will find you. Life is fascinating. Be open to possibilities in love versus closed to opportunities in fear.


2: Prepare for a Mental Deep Dive


Approving 350 plus friends daily revealed:


  • 80% to 90% genuinely love my travel content, blogging tips content and intend to befriend me
  • a small percentage requested me to ask me for money
  • a small percentage requested me to ask me to join their business
  • a small percentage requested me to catch a D! LOL!


Interacting with a high volume of human beings in little time mirrored a deep mental dive back to me. I unearthed emotions like:


  • guilt
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • deeper peace
  • deeper calm


interacting with loving, genuine folks and folks who saw me as an ATM, a pinup or $$$$’s as a business prospect.


Meet a high volume of bloggers, readers and heck, humans. Observe how your mind responds or reacts to a wide range of humans clinging to different motives. Learn and develop the skill of scaling by practicing how to give all attention and energy to caring friends intrigued by your blog and social media updates and how to release people with lower energy motives.


3: Capitalize On Your and Their Lack of Clarity


I have approved a few women and men who appeared to be interested in me as a friend and fellow travel fan. But spending a few seconds in Messenger revealed a scant few women and men wanted to catch a D.


One woman became upset the moment I did not reply to her message in seconds. I attempted to explain how busy I was through a 10 second Message but she heard none of it. I quickly realized that spending 10 seconds to explain myself indicated a lack of clarity on my part in response to her lack of clarity. After learning my lesson I mute all discussions focusing on romantic interests and block crass individuals. Blocking time-wasters gives me more energy to offer people who promote blogging success, for me and for them. In essence; starve fear and resistance to experience love, little resistance and success. Interested followers and readers keep popping up swiftly as I let go people not interested in blogging or travel.


Learn from your fears manifest as lack of clarity. Learn from other’s fears as their lack of clarity. Increase blogging success by letting go non-resonant folks to make room for resonant individuals.


For example:


  • I post travel photos, blogging tips posts and high energy inspirational tips on Facebook; people interested in hooking up with me should visit Tinder or Grinder but lack clarity and look to a travel and blogging guy for a hook up
  • people interested in getting donations for charity should go to where people give donations for charity; not to someone who posts travel and blogging content
  • people interested in getting team members for small business and crypto should not pitch a travel and blogging tips guy; I never once posted crypto content….they should visit crypto groups to grow their crypto business


4: Keep Doing What Brings Growth


Conservatively, Facebook:


  • Likes
  • comments
  • views


jumped roughly 10,000% since I began mass approving friends a few days ago because many new friends enjoy my:


  • travel photos
  • videos
  • blog posts


Organically, more people see my travel photos, videos and blog posts because Facebook gives greater exposure to posts netting high engagement levels. Approving a high number of friend requests daily increases my blogging and social media growth. I keep doing what brings growth to:


  • help more people
  • have more fun
  • accelerate blogging success


If something works….keep doing it!


Your Turn


What blogging lessons have you learned recently?


How do you view friend requests on Facebook?


What are your thoughts on Facebook and blogging?

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 2:54 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I spend as little time as possible there except for client work. (which I can use apps to schedule.) I don’t use it personally anymore. I’m finding new friends and bloggers on alternative networks. One is going to be a new contributor on the blog next week which I’m really excited about. I’m hoping to find a new medium for clients in the coming year as well.
    Not only that but FB ad prices have increased as well. Even when I liked FB I felt like a fish in a fishbowl. People just wanted to know what you were up to but didn’t really care. They would not comment or share but if saw you in person would ask you about a post. I know many businesses rely on them for ads and such but I think the tides will be changing. Stay tuned!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:19 pm

      We definitely have to find networks that resonate with us Lisa. I will keep it open because I just connected with 1000 largely targeted friends who are beginning to follow my blog but I also maintain a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and most importantly through blog commenting and guest blogging.

  2. Nancy Misra says:
    at 2:29 am

    Hello Sir, Thanks a lot for providing such a valuable article. I really like the way you write.

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