3 Ways to Make Money Blogging by Helping People

  March 18, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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Most bloggers totally screw up how to make money blogging.


I did for many years.


Income streams do not make money. Income streams are receiving channels. Helping people for free makes money. This blog posts makes money.


Income streams do not make money. Income streams are receiving channels. Helping people for free makes money. Click To Tweet


Going a bit deeper, I make the money, in a way.


I prospered, you prosper by investing in a helpful guide and both parties win. Cool.


But before you see blogging profits you need to work at least one or more free channels.


1: Write and Publish Blog Posts


Write blog posts. Be generous. Help people. Solve problems. Prosper.


Take Dave at Jones Around the World. He publishes helpful content. People enjoy the content. People see benefits in following him. People see he knows his stuff. People work with him.


Most bloggers have a horrible time making money because most bloggers write a few blog posts per month. If that.


How it goes; a new blogger publishes their first blog post. Not particularly valuable or in-depth, because said newbie cuts their teeth……and 3 months down the road, said newbie decides to write and publish the second post.




How do you expect to goad readers to click your ads with a single post out there, for 3 months? Every blog post serves as a brand advocate and potential money maker. The more quality, helpful posts, the better. Churn ‘em out. Solve specific reader problems. I cover blogging tips aimed to solve your blogging problems. Be prolific. Be generous. Prosper.


2: Broadcast Live on Facebook


Dive into your fears! Broadcast live on Facebook. Prosper.


Again; solve problems specific to your reader needs. I hit blogging tips. You hit whatever help readers need, related to your niche.


Short and sweet or longer and beefier, figure your video style and hit the broadcast button. I tend to link to an eBook or course to facilitate the prospering process. Folks see your videos. Enjoy your presentation. Buy your stuff. Maybe not now, or tomorrow, but eventually, live video fans hop on board and buy, helping you make money blogging.


3: Guest Post on Blogs from Your Niche


I recall one dude who bought 4 of my eBooks after reading one of my guest posts on Matthew Loomis’ Build Your Own Blog. Why? He enjoyed the post, bought into my advice and bought the eBooks. Simple process.


Help people by guest posting on respected blogs in your niche. Be generous. Be helpful. Do not hold back. Be willing to share your best work via guest posts. Avoid making the common mistake of holding back, saving your best work for your blog. I genuinely do my best every time I publish a guest post on sites like Blogging Tips, Positively Positive and Dear Blogger. Of course, I have prospered through each opportunity.


Helping people for free is the most powerful way to make money blogging.


Get going guys!

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