3 Traffic Boosters

  August 5, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Bagan, Myanmar


Blog Traffic. You know I love it. You love it, too.


Boosting blog traffic seems to be the lifeblood of any blogging campaign. High traffic blogs attract readers and most generate profits. Low traffic blogs do not make an impact.


I want to discuss 3 blog traffic builders to help you increase your blog traffic.


Guest Post


Guest post on blogs from your niche to increase your blog traffic.


Guest blogging leverages your online presence through the concept of scaling. Bloggers who scale reach a large number of people per action. Guest posting scales your presence quite swiftly.


Guest post by gaining invites to publish posts on blogs other than your own. Pitching helps some but bonding to gain invites creates seamless guest posting opportunities that flow to you organically.


Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche. Promote bloggers on your blog. Share blogger’s content through:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


Gradually, bloggers befriend you based on your generosity. Blogging buddies lob guest post invites your way. Seize and capitalize on these invites to boost your blog traffic.


Solve reader needs through each guest post. Publish valuable content to hit the mark. Happy readers gladly click through to your blog like buzzing bees swarming to honey. But do your best job to whip readers into a blogging frenzy. Never hold back just to publish your best work solely to your blog. Make the most of guest blogging by publishing valuable content to blogs in your niche.


Stick around for a few guest posts. Publish content frequently for specific communities to bond with readers. Guest blogging one night stands barely make an impact. However, prolific guest bloggers who publish content routinely to specific blogs build relationships with communities. Show up regularly to increase traffic exponentially through specific guest blogging opportunities. Be persistent to accelerate your blogging success.


Guest blogging is about the best way to drive blog traffic without Google. Seize this traffic channel to Google-proof your blog.


Comment Genuinely on Blogs


Comment genuinely on blogs to increase your blog traffic.


Genuine blog commenting campaigns drive traffic directly and indirectly. Impressed readers click your name to visit your blog based on the value of your blog comment. However, bloggers indirectly drive traffic to you via their mentions of your blog and guest post invites, offered with your authentic blog comment opening the door to these promotional opportunities.


Nizwa, Oman


Publish in-depth comments on blogs related to your niche for best results. Detailed comments arrest attention spans. Commenting on blogs from your niche attracts targeted blog traffic.


As with all blogging tactics, being consistent and persistent makes the difference. Show up routinely for a sustained time frame to make a dent through blog commenting. Grow on fellow bloggers and their readers.


Link In


Link to valued posts you published prior to increase your blog traffic.


Link to valued posts you published prior to increase your blog traffic.Click To Tweet


Visitors who click internal links visit pages you link to.


As an added bonus, inter linking boosts time spent onsite. Google algorithms favor this metric proving that your blog offers credible, targeted content consumed by users over a sustained time frame.


Link to:


  • relevant
  • valued


resources to increase traffic effectively.


Linking to relevant pages simply ensures that the anchor text relates specifically to the blog content accessed via the link. Google and readers desiring relevance trust your content if the text matches the content. On a deeper level, linking only to valued links boosts blog credibility because linking to internal resources proves that you command authority on the topic. Expect readers to click through to more inter links – boosting your blog traffic – if they discovered in-depth content through prior link clicks.


I usually inter link to prior posts performing well on page 1 of Google. Passing link juice keeps my old posts on page 1 of Google but also gives readers rich, detailed, problem-solving resources for consuming.




I discussed a few different strategies for increasing blog traffic through a video.


Watch the video for the traffic builders.


3 Traffic Boosters

  1. John Ravi says:
    at 10:10 pm

    Ryan, I can relate to most of these. We bumped up our traffic through guest posting in the initial days. This has been a great read. I also shared it on my Facebook page.

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