tips for traveling on a budget
Granada Nicaragua


3 Tips for Traveling on a Budget


Are you traveling on the cheap?


Although we are not intended budget travelers, Kelli and I often find ourselves not spending much cash at all on the road.


I find it easy to travel on the cheap without trying to travel on the cheap because of the places we typically choose, like Southeast Asia and Central America, for travel destinations.


But picking a cheap location is one thing. Ya gotta keep a few things in mind if you want to travel without spending much chedda.


Maybe things are tight at home but you still want to see the world. Or perhaps you are a pensioner. Even if you run a thriving blogging business why not enjoy globe trotting without breaking the bank?


Follow these 3 tips to travel on a budget.


1: House Sitting


House sitting is our preferred means of finding lodging. We readily rent homes or apartments but house sitting is a fun, easy way to see the world without paying a cent of rent.


Recent sits in Qatar and Cyprus pulled us to places we never would have chosen to visit unless we landed sits there. Or, places we never would have thought to visit on our own. Sits popped up. We applied. We landed the jobs.


House sitting is for animal lovers for the most part because most sits involve watching a cat, dog or other sentient being not in the humanoid family.


Most house sits are easy. Some house sits are work. Like, real work.


Sift through sites like Trusted House Sitters to get a feel for what house sitting entails. Set up a profile. Pay the fee.


Set up your preferences. Receive email alerts when your preferred sits arise.


Some homeowners interview you. Others choose you without interviewing you. All depends on the transparency of your profile and if you are a good match for the job.


I wrote an eBook on how to land the best house sits since Kelli and I have done sits in Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand.


You will see it………


Suggested Reading: How to Land the Best House Sits Easily



2: Find Cheap Flights


Kelli is the resident cheap flight finder.


I sit and marvel at her prowess.


Services like Dollar Flight Club also exist to help you with this part of traveling onĀ  budget.


Guys; you do not need to pay top dollar to circle the globe. Often times the first results you see on Google add hundreds if – gasp – thousands of dollars to the best price you will find by digging.


Dig, dig and dig some more. Search 2-3 different flight sites through good old Google. Engaging in patient due diligence by sifting through search engine results clues you in to different sites that offer budget flight prices.


If you have no interest in doing the legwork just click on the suggested resource link below and sign up.


They’ll take care of you.


Suggested Resource: Dollar Flight Club


3: Eat Local


Eat local.


Like a local.


Pay local prices.


Eating at reputable local haunts treats you to incredibly fine fare at a fraction of the cost compared to tourist restaurants.


Local food carts, Granada Nicaragua


We enjoy $2 lunches – for 2 people – at a local Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Off the beaten path. Well outside of the Old City. Owners speak Thai. We speak our limited Thai and use gestures to enjoy perhaps the best veggie food in Chiang Mai.


Local spots rock because you get the best tasting, highest quality food without paying much at all.


Awesome way to travel on a budget.


There is a price to pay: exploring. These places ain’t on Trip Advisor, folks. Get off your ass/app and explore the city where you are staying. Wander down side streets. During the day, of course.


If you want the best places to eat on the cheap you need to do some literal legwork.


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