3 Tips For Creating Attention Yanking Blog Post Intros

  March 14, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

The deep, remote jungles around Bribri, Costa Rica. Where the lead in went down. A bit thicker than the forest behind us now as we house sit in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


The most aggressive venomous snake on earth could be waiting around the next bend.


Fer de lanzes could tag my ass at any time.


The deep, remote Costa Rican jungle swam with fer de lanzes. Literally.


Unless I addressed the water crisis Kelli and I could be without clean water for a week.


Dehydration or sickness would set it. 3 miles away from civilization.


I nutted up, trudged through knee deep water in torrential downpours, blinded by rain so heavy I could barely see my hand in front of my face.


Writing my first blog post nearly a decade ago felt similar……..even though it may seem strange to you…..


Thanks Janice


Props to my rock star blogging buddy Janice Wald. She planted the idea seed for this blog post.


Note; this shit really happened. Kelli and I lived 3 miles deep in a remote Costa Rica jungle, our water supply became dirty due to 2 days of torrential downpours, stirring up the stream serving as our water supply, requiring me to trudge through a jungle gorge, roaring rapid stream style, to jiggle the hose for loosening silt/dirt, all while wondering if the notorious, most aggressive venomous snake on earth, the feisty fer de lanz, would wait for me in the shadows.


The homeowner noted spotting said said snake by the stream multiple times. He even decapitated one with a machete trying to get inside the home/hut/shit hole.


Most blog post intro’s are like watching paint dry. Or perhaps eating rice cakes without fluids to wash down the dry, dull flavor. I know; Grandma Biddulph – rest her soul – stocked her house with rice cakes. I tried…..and nearly died….from choking….just joking.


Writing a blog post lead in yanking attention spans like a Vaudevillian Cane Act:


  • keeps folks’ rear ends in front of your blog, lowering bounce rates
  • increases blog traffic
  • increases conversions


Emotionally pulling readers in leads to loving, fun, prospering actions.


Like seriously guys….after reading that lead in, would you genuinely believe my eBook would be boring?


You know it’d be an exciting, thrilling and helpful read guaranteed to increase your blogging success.


So you buy it.


Follow these 3 tips to write kick ass blog post intro’s.


1: Write Your Ass Off


The easiest, simplest way to write attention grabbing intro’s is to:


  • open a Word document daily
  • write 1000 words on any topic
  • trash the document


Practicing your writing


  • improves your writing confidence and clarity, dissolving self-conscious writing fears
  • adds crispness to your writing
  • improves your writing skills; duh, who’d a thunk it?!
  • helps you paint vivid pictures via words


If you practice something a lot you get really good at it.


Next tip.


2: Read Writing Geniuses


Or genii.


Or genies, is said genies can write.


My favorite is George R.R. Martin of A Song Of Ice And Fire fame.


He is a fellow New Jerseyite – we are everywhere, guys – who is the brilliant mind behind the concept for the TV show A Game of Thrones.


Reading his work appeals to my imagination so much that I leave this world and live in his books. I forget time. I forget space. I am in Westeros.


Through osmosis, write jaw-dropping hooks by reading brilliant authors. Learn their ways. Feast on their picture-painting skills. Adopt elements. Wow readers with your lead in.


3: Paint a Picture with Words


“I was really scared. A big centipede walked into the house.”


Bleh. That sucks.




“Hundreds of millions of years of evolution stared me in the eye. Mashing mandibles opened and closed by my farang face, daring me to move closer, to become mince meat. The 8 inch long Scolopendra centipede had the stinger of Satan, the jaws of an alien demon and the temperament of a raging bull elephant in musth, fire ants working over his genitals.”


This makes you take notice.


Paint pictures with words.


Following tip #1 is the only way to follow this tip.


Picture your lead in. Use words to paint the picture.


Bonus Tip


I hooked ya with this post.


But after da hook, da link. Meaning link the hook to your niche, by developing an analogy between the story and your blog niche topic.


Or sometimes an intense lead in on its own fluffs your audience for the remainder of the post.


Your call.


Are you leading in with enticing blogging hooks?


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Your Turn


What tips can you add?

  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 12:53 am

    Hi Ryan,
    I laughed so hard:
    Grandma Biddulph, the choking, joking rhyme, the part about the genies vs. geniuses…
    You are hysterical!
    Thanks for answering my question (how to write engaging, creative intros) in a blog post.
    I was your muse!=)
    I shared on Twitter, StumbleUpon, and my Facebook page.

  2. Basit Ansari says:
    at 4:49 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I am first time visit on your blog and I love your blog posts and design.

    Regards l,
    Basit Ansari

  3. Suze says:
    at 6:24 am

    I like your idea of writing 1000 words every day though I’m not sure I’d bin it afterwards ;-). Any tips for writing faster?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:21 pm

      Sounds weird Suze but going more slowly – writing-wise and actions-wise – helped me write quickly. A paradox. But being more mindful and slowing down helped me calm down, so words flowed more quickly.

  4. Prince Akwarandu says:
    at 7:05 am

    Hey Ryan

    Almost laughed my teeth off.

    This line caught me though:

    “Hundreds of millions of years of evolution stared me in the eye. Mashing mandibles opened and closed by my farang face, daring me to move closer, to become mincemeat. The 8-inch long Scolopendra centipede had the stinger of Satan, the jaws of an alien demon and the temperament of a raging bull elephant in musth, fire ants working over his genitals.”

    I guess you move into some certain realms to be able to come up with such mix of words. Is it the practice of yoga that allows all that or just something you get better every day through writing and thrashing, bonding with other bloggers and living your purpose.

    You are seriously amazing, buddy. Keep pushing the sharks!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:19 pm

      Yoga and meditating helps Prince. Writing practice daily is the #1 factor though. I keep writing and words keep flowing. Thanks brother 🙂

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