3 Things to Do Before Pitching a Blogger any Idea

  January 4, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Ryan Biddulph, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey


I just checked my email.


After reading 5 words from one email I immediately labeled it as spam.


I moved on.


This is a common occurrence.


Why did I spam today’s wayward email?


I told him yesterday that my sponsored post rates are:


  • fixed
  • non-negotiable
  • non-barterable (not a word but you get the drift)
  • I clearly followed up in the email with the line “Please do not bother bartering with me in your reply because I never change my fixed price to meet someone’s budget.”


The blogger replied with, “Your price is too expensive” and followed with a plea to fit his budget.


Silly, right?


Follow these 3 tips.


1: Never Pitch Bloggers


In 10 years I only pitched 3 bloggers different ideas.


One blogger owns Positively Positive, a site boasting celebrity writers, with its 2.5 million Facebook Fans and 80,000 email subscribers.


Save this experiment (and 2 other experiments), every single pitch, business idea, sponsored post, advertising opportunity, client or customer came to me.


I created and connected for a long time to gain:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


Skilled, credible bloggers seen in many spots are found by customers and clients.


Do not pitch bloggers.


Be The Hunted, not The Hunter.


Chase nobody. Develop posture. Get so busy creating helpful content and connecting with pros that opportunities flow to you freely after months and years of creating and connecting.


Stop pitching. Begin helping. Help people freely through your content. Help fellow bloggers by promoting their work and by commenting on their blogs. Allow business to come to you versus chasing business by pitching.


2: Promote Bloggers without Asking for Anything


Last month someone reached out to me asking for me to be a guest on his podcast.


I agreed gratefully.


He turned around and said first I needed to invite him into my Triberr tribe; then we could talk.


I deleted the email and moved on.


Asking for something before you give freely instantly turns prospering generosity into self-serving greediness. Guaranteed, 9 of 10 established pros ignore your request – and you – resulting in you fading into oblivion.


Help top bloggers by doing these things:


  • commenting genuinely on their blogs
  • promoting them on social media
  • mentioning them on your blog


Free givers come to the forefront of your mind when prospering partnerships, business opportunities and co-promotional opportunities arise.


Assist bloggers. Promote bloggers on your blog by linking to them. Promote bloggers through Twitter and Facebook. Ask for nothing in return for your kind act. Earn their trust. Build a friendship. Allow blogging friendships to multiply. As your bonds grow so will your business grow. Clients and customers will find you. Any urge to pitch will dissolve completely as you discover a new, easier way to blog successfully.


3: Persist


Step #2 is critical but only if applied persistently.


One silly blogger offered to promote my post via Twitter a few weeks ago only if I helped her out.


Impress established pros by paying your dues. Generously serve bloggers persistently without looking for anything in return. The greedy, self-serving strategy used by most bloggers ensures you stay on the outside looking in, pitching strangers, falling into blogging oblivion.


Prove that you are genuinely interested in bloggers versus wanting something from bloggers patiently, persistently and  knowingly.


Give freely.


Ask for nothing in return.


Follow this approach for months then years to become highly connected in your niche.


Being persistent wins. No one reaches the top of their blogging niche by lacking persistence. Help people freely. Be patient. Putting a pitching strategy behind you requires being generous and patient. Nothing happens overnight.


Put your needs to the side. Help influential bloggers.


Prove that you are interested in building genuine, warm bonds with top pros. Also prove that you are not interested in what they can do for you after a few retweets or one mention on your blog.

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