3 Reasons to Start Blogging about WordPress!

May 16, 2018


Blogging is an awesome activity. Off the bat, to blog was simply to create and maintain a personal web log. But this has grown to a huge, billion-dollar industry.


But one of the main things that make blogging a bit of an headache is when people have to decide what to blog about. Trust me this isn’t something that’s easy to deal with.


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There are many guides out there to help you choose a suitable topic to blog about. Generally, you have two keywords:


  1. Passion
  2. Knowledge


You are often asked to blog on what you are passionate about. Others say blog about what you know best irrespective of your passion. However, these two can overlap, allowing you to create a super exciting blog.


While I encourage you check out an article I wrote on how to choose a blogging topic, I will highlight a few reasons blogging about WordPress could be your next big business.


Points to note


Before we move to the meat of this post, there are a couple of things you need in place to be able to run a successful blog. Some of these include hosting your blog with reliable hosting service provider.


For blogs powered by the WordPress script, you may want to check out a comparative post on different WordPress Hosting Services you can choose from. John Huges did a great job on that post.


Secondly, I highly recommend going in for premium WP Themes. There are a couple of good free themes out there but what you pay for gives you full ownership right and a plethora of other advantages.


Why you should blog about WordPress


WordPress initially was a Content Management System (CMS). It was meant to help bloggers create and publish article content but today, this has grown (and is still growing) to a big money making industry. Here are a few reasons I think creating a WordPress dedicated blog could be profitable.


1 – WordPress is a large industry.


This is an indisputable fact. According to w3tech, WordPress is used by over 30% of all websites on the Internet. This makes it the most popular CMS, covering about 60% of the CMS industry.


What this means is an ever growing demand for WordPress related information and materials. This constant growth has given birth to surfacing of WordPress dedicated businesses, all of which has a large market that needs to be fed.


There is no better way to carter for this growing industry and provide helpful information and tips than blogging.


I did a quick search using a highly recommended SEO tool to know how popular the WordPress keyword is in search engines. The result is amazing:




The average number of times WordPress is searched each month is 7 million. This tells us how popular the industry has become. Don’t only see WordPress as a blogging script. See it as a growing industry and you will understand how profitable it could be to create a WP dedicated blog.


2 – You can easily monetize WordPress dedicated blogs


One of the main reasons people blog is to make money. Even those who blog casually still monetize their blogs in one way or the other.


As WordPress has grown to a mighty industry, many businesses have been created around it. Just blogging and sharing useful information about WordPress allows you to create a marketplace.


This marketplace will attract companies and advertisers from all WordPress related businesses to your blog and that opens up different ways to make money.


One of the quick ways to turn your WordPress content blog to a money making business is to promote affiliate products. This can be easily done through WordPress product reviews and banner placements.


There are 4 categories of WordPress products you can review/advertise on your WordPress blog:


  • WordPress Themes
  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting Companies
  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • WordPress service companies


Believe me this is a huge market. One of the WordPress blogs I read often that does this so well is WPkube. They focus on content that help readers resolve WordPress related technical errors. They also write on product reviews and that helps them generate income.


I cannot leave out wpbeginner. This is one of the most popular WordPress dedicated blog and what of my most read blogs. Turn to this blog for  all WordPress related issues.


There are other successful WordPress blogs to inspire you start one. Check out WpblogWPLift, WpexplorerCodeinwp, Wpmayor, etc.


3 – WordPress blog post ideas abound


One of the big challenges of blogging is being able to constantly get fresh and unique ideas in your niche. The more unique ideas you bring up, the more you stand out.


However, you can also pick up popular subject and make them go viral by doing better in content creation than your competitors. But the WordPress industry is new with many areas still not been saturated.


You may want to focus on helping new users setup their blogs and resolve some common technical issues related to WordPress, help companies create their business websites or eCommerce shops based on WordPress, help people find the right themes, plugins, hosting service provider, etc.


These are all areas that still have enough space for bloggers.


I do not know what you are thinking right this moment. But if you’ve been thinking to start blogging, or create a new blog, why not think the WordPress niche?


I hope this helps you with solid idea to start a new blog. So I’ll like to hear from you in a comment box. Kindly help people discover this post by sharing it on social media.

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Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is ProBlogger, Serial Entrepreneur and Certified Cryptocurrency Expert. Visit his blog where he writes on SEO and How to make money online
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  1. Diana Says:

    I love using WordPress. It is easy to use, you don’t have to be an expert to get a blog started.

  2. Qasim Says:

    Hi Enstine,

    It is great to see you here at Ryan blog. I have been following WPbeginner to read there articles on the best ways to set up my blog and which plugins to install. Will have to look at the other blogs as well.

    I have seen a lot of research that the majority of online consumers reads 4-5 blog posts before making a purchasing decision. The same is applicable for WordPress premium themes and plugins so I agree with you that it’s profitable to start a blog about WordPress.

  3. You’re absolutely right Enstine.

    Not only WordPress offers great flexibility and ease of use for people who decide to create a blog or website using WordPress as a CMS, but also it’s outstanding popularity over the past years has made WordPress become into a huge market with thousands of opportunities for making money. Most definitely, WordPress is a whole industry!

    You rock Enstine!

  4. Tamal Anwar Says:

    Hello Enstine, I agree WordPress is huge. So much you can cover in this niche. It has many more sub niches too even in the self hosted area. For some time I wanted to write about WordPress in my blog, but I didn’t because I am moving slowly away from WP and building custom websites. I do still write about it since WP is the best blogging platform currently.

  5. I’ve always been intrigued by WP-focused websites because the amount of posts you can publish is limitless (even if you post every single day).

    In essence, you could cover every single plugin out there as its own blog post. You can also do the same for WP themes or otherwise create a ‘list’ post.

    Take a close look at a site called WPBeginner. Most of their posts have one central theme: How to XYZ in WordPress.

    Their answer is almost always “to install a specific plugin” to achieve the desired result. Needless to say, WPBeginner is hugely popular and im sure it’s because of this tried-and-true (albeit repetitive) formula.

    Thanks, Enstine, you hit the nail on the head with this post 🙂


  6. I love WordPress!
    Both of my sites use WordPress.

  7. Umesh Singh Says:

    Hello Enstine and Ryan,

    WordPress is love. It is the best CMS out there with lots of amazing cool features. Today 8 out 10 website made on WordPress it doesn’t only because it’s easy to manage but its one the biggest library of wordpress plugins.

    Even a noob can design a professional looking website within few hours.

    Whenever, someone ask me about site creation I recommend them WordPress.

    You guys have done amazing job here.


  8. Tola Korede Says:

    Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for notifying me about your post on bloggingfromparadise owned by well known friend Ryan,who as also dropped a post of my blog so times ago. Well i have learned one or two things here about WordPress and right now am thinking of moving my blog from blogger to wordpress.

    I will contact you soon for more help.


  9. Some powerful insights here, love them. I totally agree, you should rely on more than social media to promote your blog. Sure, it does its strengths, but for those who want to go beyond, looking beyond social media is a must.

  10. This is great. WordPress provides a thorough set of options, it’s easier to build a community from the visitors to your site.

  11. Enstine Muki Says:

    Hey Emenike,
    That’s sounds great. As you noticed, this post talks about blogging about WordPress as a niche. Not blogging using the WordPress CMS. What do you think about it?

  12. Enstine Muki Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Thanks for the opportunity to share with your audience.
    You rock buddy!

  13. Hello Enstine and Ryan,

    This is great. As far as I’m concern, no other CMS trumps WordPress. If I’m to choose a thousand times, I will still choose WordPress.

    Like you rightly said, monetizing a WordPress blog is easier than monetizing a Blogger blog.

    I have blogs on both and can tell the difference from my experience. Not just that, it’s easier to build a professional looking blog on WordPress than it’s on other platforms.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable content here.