3 Powerful Steps to Create a Profitable Blog

September 12, 2018
Blogging eBook on Selz
Blogging eBook on Selz


Shout out to my friend Donna Merrill.


She published this sensational post:


How Do You Start a Blog to Make Money?


Said post inspired me to write this post.


A few thoughts knocked on my brain box, begging to get in. So I’ll share with you to help you build a profitable blog.


How to Create a Profitable Blog


Most of you would not mind earning sweet chedda thru your blog. But you may struggle to earn a stinking dime blogging. That was me. 10 years ago. I recall years passing by until I received my first sponsored post pitch. Today I turned down 7 sponsored post pitches.


I turned my blog from earning a pittance to earning profits by following these steps.


Let’s dive in guys! I’m geesed to help you boost your blogging profits.


1: Invest in a Domain and Hosting


Buy your domain and hosting. Lay the foundation for a profitable blog.


Trying to build a prospering blog via a free platform is like trying to run a profitable bagel shop from the bedroom of your parent’s home. Sure you pay no rent. Sure you pay no overhead, grabbing bagels from the freezer. But nobody can find you and nobody who happens to stumble upon the bedroom trusts you or your bagels.


Owning your domain emits a professional, branded, clear image to readers; you are a serious blogger. Monetizing through unlimited channels is a breeze on WordPress.org blogs. Branding potential? Out the wazoo.


Invest in your domain and hosting. Stand out in your niche. Lay a rock solid foundation for monetizing.


2: Earn Trust


*Earn* trust.


If you earn trust, you earn income. People literally buy into you, buying your stuff and hiring you and paying for sponsored posts and ads, when people trust you. Full time bloggers earn trust before earning money.


Here is how you earn trust


  • follow your passion to be a genuine, honest blogger
  • invest money in courses and eBooks created by pro blogging tips bloggers to learn how to blog the right way
  • write 500-1000 words daily offline to gain clarity and confidence in your writing voice
  • publish 2-3 helpful posts weekly tackling pressing problems in your niche
  • stick to 1 blogging niche; be credible, not a jack of all trades
  • connect with pro bloggers by commenting genuinely on their blogs and by promoting ’em on your blog and via social media


My blogging sweetlings; the money is in this tip. Help people for free. To help people for pay.


Folks who buy my eBook bought into my free content. Folks who buy my eBook befriended me, after I commented on their blog or promoted them. Bloggers who purchased my eBook enjoyed my writing style because I wrote millions of words between online publishing and offline practice.


Build trust. Earn trust. Facilitate the trust earning process by following each bullet point diligently on that list above.


Set a realistic time frame of 2-3 years (of 5-7 days of blogging work) – or more – before you see money flow in freely. Be generous. Be persistent. Help folks. Believe in yourself. Trust in the process. Believe in something bigger than you, driving the process.


Build a profitable blog by developing your skills and by generously helping people.


Blogging is a skill. Top earning bloggers develop this skill more than anybody else, through practicing, creating and connecting.


3: MOP


Monetize (smart post on Blogging Pro) On Passions.


Earn money by following step #2. Receive money by monetizing your passions.


Love writing? Write and self-publish eBooks. Become a freelance writer.


Do you enjoy teaching? Be a consultant. Be a blogging coach. Create online courses.


Monetizing your passions goads you to focus on the process of helping people, NOT on earning profits.


Ideas for Monetizing Your Blog



Remember guys; income streams (Fab post on Alonzo Pichardo Dot Com) are simply channels through which you receive money. You earn money by helping people for free and by building your blogging friend network generously.


Wrap Up


Creating a profitable blog is simple but highly uncomfortable sometimes guys.


You can do it!


Blog your passion. Have oodles of fun. Ride out tough times.


You will see the journey through to build a profitable blog.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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