3 Powerful Forms of Blogging Leveraging

  October 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

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Blogging leveraging seems to be the secret of every successful blogger. Doing one thing to leverage through other activities flat out makes sense in a time-sensitive world.


Study pros; note how top bloggers seem to be in many places at once? Blogging big dawgs make maximum impacts with each action, intending to reach a large, targeted, ever-expanding network. I guest post 3-5 times daily to reach large, targeted blogging audiences outside of my own readership.


Simply publishing non-optimized posts to your blog alone usually doesn’t lead to blogging success. No leveraging. Carefully observing 7 figure earners and other top bloggers, these pros guest post, engage in joint partnerships and build bonds with fellow pros. Pros leverage like they breathe. Think expansion. Dwell on ways to reach bigger, targeted audiences through the content you create and bonds you build.


Blogging becomes uncomfortable but largely easier for leveraging focused bloggers. Traffic problems dissolve. Profits issues vanish. All slowly, steadily increases, based on your increasing mindset. But coaxing yourself into a leveraging frame of mind feels uncomfortable for most newbie bloggers because using these strategies nudge you outside of your comfort zone. Focus on fun. Focus on freedom. Visualize your dreams; leveraging will dot the path you travel to live your dreams through blogging.


Peep these 3 forms of powerful blogging leveraging.


1: Guest Posting


Guest posting may be the most powerful form of blogging leveraging for the speed with which you reach large, targeted groups of readers through the medium. Practice writing to hone your skills. Publish content frequently. Bond with bloggers by generously helping them. Eventually, guest post invites flow your way.


Seize these opportunities by guest posting from a prolific energy. Spread the love. Reach large, highly targeted audiences outside of your blogging readership. All those readers become exposed to your blog, brand and business. Guest posting allows you to be seen by increasing groups of folks. Get on it today.


Guest blogging works for bloggers who build strong bonds with successful bloggers. Focus on making friends. Help bloggers. Drop genuine comments on their blogs. Promote fellow bloggers on social media. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Allow your generosity to foster strong blogging bonds.


Gain invites to guest post on respected blogs from your niche. Be a magnet to guest blogging opportunities by being a connected blogger.


2: Optimizing Posts for SEO


Google leverages your blogging presence like no one’s business. Top bloggers like Anil Agarwal at Bloggers Passion drive a hefty volume of traffic by optimizing blog posts for SEO. Why not access this huge, ever-expanding audience to leverage your presence through your blog? Google sends passive, targeted traffic to you around the clock but learning from pros like Anil and Neil Patel seems to be the first step.  I even ranked on page 1, position 1 for a few strong keywords, back in the blogging day.


Be patient. Take your time. Write thorough, valuable blog posts. Google loves good content above all else. Learn the SEO details from pros. Consider using plug ins to cover all SEO bases. Enjoy the benefits of this strong leveraging tactic.


Believe it or not, I finally hopped on the SEO-optimizing bandwagon in January of 2021. Life taught me through a few experiences; optimizing time had come. Blogging From Paradise currently draws passive Google traffic but only because I patiently, persistently and steadily optimized a few blog posts for SEO.


Adding as many details as possible within a reasonable word count (1500 – 2000 words or longer) curries your blog favor in Google Algorithm eyes. Avoid obsessing over optimizing each post but drop a few Google gems here and there to leverage effectively. Make content work for you when you are not working online. Add a passive component to your blogging campaign. Engineer a few posts to drive blog traffic 24-7, 365 through Google.


3: Genuine Blog Commenting


Genuine blog commenting offers every blogger – newbie to pro – an instant opportunity for leveraging. All bloggers can read posts and publish genuine, in-depth comments on said blog posts. Check out this blog commenting eBook for a nifty guide on how to build your business through genuine blog commenting.


Donna Merrill has been a blog commenting pro for years online. Follow her from blog to blog. Note how she publishes thoughtful, genuine comments wherever she pops up. She is smart and successful because she leverages her presence through authentic blog commenting, making friends and impacts at every turn.  Publish value, be personable and be pleasant, too. Leverage your blogging presence through genuine blog commenting.


Authentic blog commenting yields powerful leveraging potential for patient bloggers. Imagine each genuine blog comment being a seed. Seeds blossom into plants slowly, steadily and gradually. Allow your honest work to work for you. Trust in this immensely valuable form of leveraging. Do not rush the process. Give yourself time to both publish thorough comments and to let the comment do what it was intended to do: adding value to blog posts while bonding you with bloggers.


See comments as content. Comments ARE content, added lovingly to blog posts, benefitting fellow bloggers and possibly bumping blogs higher in SERPs. See yourself as a valuable blog commentor to tap into leveraging potential. Comments expand your presence. But the buddies you make through genuine blog commenting expand your presence even more.




Shehraj Singh and I chatted about genuine blog commenting a while back.


Check out the video here:


Blog Commenting Deconstructed with Ryan Biddulph





Think abundance. Create content and build connections with a generous, expansive mindset. Why not reach increasing, targeted audiences with each act? Eventually, you need to drive a solid volume of targeted traffic to grow a thriving blogging business. Pros employ leveraging to achieve this end. Never think small. Do not aim for 5 blog visitors per post. Think 50. Optimize more posts for Google. Dive in to a prolific guest posting campaign. Engage in genuine blog commenting.


Leverage your way to blogging success.

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 12:50 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Firstly, thanks for the kind words you have written about me. I so appreciate it. Indeed blog commenting is awesome to make new connections. We do have to be sincere about our comments. Never say Nice post. You will find yourself in the spam box. Instead. Read The Blog Post and give your genuine feedback.
    I do believe the most important thing we can do is video. We can splash it on social media and use it in our blogs. Video makes the real person known. There is nothing like it.

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