3 Often Ignored Ways to Boost Your Blogging Income

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Opotiki, New Zealand


(Updated 7/29/2021)




Money is a neutral energy. But most humans attach all types of weird meanings to dough.


I want to share 3 clear strategies often ignored but highly prospering. All can boost your blogging income nicely if you pay close attention to your feelings (fears) during these shifts. The devil is in the decision to follow these tips and yes, the devil is in the emotional details – aka feelings experienced – as you make the shifts.


Observe deep fears arise as you release income streams, promote your premium offerings like a freaking machine and guest post prolifically. Guaranteed, the fears that arise are the specific blocks to greater blogging profits that need to go, for money to flow. See what I mean? I’d never have been rap blogging if I clung to deep fears. Lyricists spit after clearing mental shit….OK…let’s move on…..and on……and on.


Follow these 3 tips to increase your blogging income through often ignored methods.


1: Let Go Income Streams You Lost THE Passion For


Oh yes, my Blogging Sweet Robbins; this one is up there with most ignored and scariest profits boosters. Make more money blogging by letting go income channels you no longer feel passionate about. People do things solely for the money and seem blind to passionate income channels that would expand their presence and boost their profits more swiftly, over time, of course.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Any time when working-promoting an income stream feels heavy/bad/taxing, slowly or quickly release that sucker. Guaranteed, income will eventually drop like a freaking brick, if you cling to heavy, worn out, income channels. Or if you’ve made like 10 cents or 100 bucks through an income stream that feels heavy/bad/taxing to work, let go that sucker like a hot potato.


What happens? Bye-bye goes heavy, blocking energies. In comes lightness, peace, abundance, generosity and clear thinking. Passion-boosting profitable ideas flow into your noodle, you act on ’em and position yourself to help more folks, to prosper more and to have fun again.


Do what feels fun to you income stream wise. Let go blogging channels you no longer enjoy working. I enjoyed freelance writing over a decade ago. Writing for clients felt fun to me. But I eventually lost passion for freelance writing. Letting go the channel allowed in ideas for writing and self-publishing eBooks. I let go the old to make room for the new.


Practical Tips


  • scan your current income channels
  • honestly observe what channels feel good to work
  • assess what streams feel heavy or boring to work
  • let go passion-less streams and allow passionate streams to remain


Beware clinging to worn out channels from fear of loss. Bloggers often report feeling terrified to let go income streams for fear of losing money. But once you lose passion the money loss is simply a matter of time. Let go to grow.


Once you lose passion the money loss is simply a matter of time. Let go to grow.Click To Tweet


2: Promote Yourself More Often


We intuitively know frequently promoting self triggers fears, clears fears, establishes clarity and boosts blogging profits? Why ignore this simple profit-boosting tip? Shit gets deep…..real deep!


Promoting self forces you to address fears aligned with worthiness issues, self-doubts, fraud syndrome, and a veritable buffet of mental fecal matter you need to chow down on, by feeling the energies, to clear the energies. More blogging bucks await. Promote yourself through your premium offering(s) at the end of all blog posts you publish. Never be shy, guy. Never be shy, gals. Promote premium offerings so much that you do it like you breathe. More profits await you because you’ll strip away fears blocking profits.


Hua Hin Thailand.


Promote yourself frequently to get clear on money. Boost your profits through the simple process of establishing comfort with receiving money. Self-promoting unearths fears triggering worthiness issues. Bloggers often feel undeserving of receiving money. Fear of self-promotion follows. Some feel deeply ashamed to promote themselves for this deep fear. Others feel embarrassed to shine the spotlight on themselves.


Self-promote freely to root out these income-blocking energies. Share your premium offerings early and often to ferret out fears that need to go for you to increase your blogging profits.


Practical Tips


  • promote products and services once per blog posts
  • honestly observe all emotions arising from self-promoting freely
  • face, feel and release fears to emit a more abundant, prospering vibe


3: Guest Post


Bloggers often guest post for links. Ummm….why not guest post to share value, to help people and to boost blogging profits? I guest post to share helpful content and to promote 1 of my 100 plus eBooks through virtually all posts. Simple way to boost profits. But most bloggers ignore the profit potential of guest posting, fearing self-promotion, focusing solely on building links and/or building bonds.


Build bonds. Build links. Build profits. Remember; it’s only money, a neutral means of exchange. Nothing more.


Guest post to:


  • share valuable content
  • build bonds with bloggers and their readers
  • expand your reach through the concept of leveraging


Leveraging is a vital gateway activity for increasing blogging profits.


Imagine having 50 readers who follow your blog. Guest posting for a 1000 member blogging community instantly increases your blogging exposure to 1050 human beings. Leveraging puts you in front of more interested eyes. Being seen by an increasing number of targeted individuals boosts blogging income potential.


Guest post for bloggers in your niche. Target readers. Dial in on respected blogs to align with prospering readers who have a significant budget for greater purchasing power.


Bribri, Costa Rica


Build relationships with bloggers to gain guest post invites. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers on your blog and through social media. Ask for nothing in return. Allow bonds to form naturally. Blogging buddies who appreciate your writing style invite you to guest post on their blogs.


Virtually all backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise via guest posts flowed this way via guest post invites. Only two pitch emails since 2014 preceded guest posting opportunities.


Practice your writing. Become a clear, confident writer attractive to guest posting invites.


Practical Tips


  • practice writing to become a skilled blogger
  • publish in-depth content frequently to pop up on the radar screen of respected bloggers from your niche
  • bond with bloggers in your niche by helping them and asking for nothing in return
  • gain guest post invites through your generous creating and connecting
  • guest post to share helpful content, to build bonds and to leverage your presence




Guest Posting Tips





Money is a neutral means of exchange.


Never allow money-making tips to dominate your mind as you go about working your blogging campaign.


Focus on helping people through your blog. Befriend fellow bloggers. Simply follow the above tips for an income boosts but know that free, valuable, in-depth content and a loyal blogging buddy network are the prime income generators.




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