3 Fears to Release When You Increase Blog Post Frequency

  February 4, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Traveling day in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I publish blog posts frequently.


Sometimes I publish daily. Sometimes I publish twice daily.


Ramping up blog post frequency scared me. Would readers be overwhelmed? Would blog post quality drop off?


Most bloggers feel terrified to post more frequently. Fears pour in like roaring rapids, leading to increased struggles and failures. Whether you want to publish weekly after publishing bi-weekly for years, or if you want to publish daily after publishing twice weekly for years, boosting your frequency feels scary. I know. I had to wade through a slew of fears to get my gumption up for publishing daily.


Facing these fears, feeling these fears and releasing these fears is the only way to:


  • boost your blog post frequency
  • become prolific
  • become incredibly generous
  • become hyper successful


Everything turned for me when I boosted blog post frequency. Success expanded. I feel happier too, being generous and creative. Most bloggers hold back from an energy of fear and scarcity, not from a loving, abundant, clear energy.


If you felt an intuitive nudge to post more often, hug these 3 fears and let these energies go.


1: I Will Overwhelm My Readers


I read espn.com every day. I never once dreamed of reading all 5,000 plus active articles. Who can? But I do read 2-4 articles daily. See what I am getting at?


People read what they can read and release the rest. Some of my readers have read 12 or more of my posts daily. Some read 1 post weekly. Who cares? I create as much content that feels good and generous to me. Readers pick through at their leisure and pleasure.


Release the fear of overwhelming or annoying readers. Replace with an abundant mindset. If you intuitively feel a nudge to publish more frequently, you better do it. Ignore your intuition at your peril.


Pay close attention to some of the top sites on earth. Even though every business adopts a different strategy virtually all high level businesses churn out a hefty volume of blog content. None of the CEOs running these companies fear publishing too much helpful content to the point of overwhelming readers. Why would you fear overwhelming readers if they like what you have to offer? Allow your following to find your high volume of blog content at their own leisure. Put the ball in their court. Never hold back.


Readers appreciate a smorgasbord for a selection. Trend toward overwhelm versus holding back for a chintzy blogging offering. Never leave readers wanting for more. Embody an abundance mentality.


2: Blog Post Quality Drops


Bullshit! If you practice something you become more skilled. If you become more skilled, the quality of your work improves.


Weird bloggers clinging to the bizarre belief that blog post word length indicates blog post quality, or who believe blog posts should be Kindle-sized eBooks, not 600-1000 word posts, fear that giving frequently leads to a post quality drop off. This is as asinine as saying practicing basketball for hours daily leads to an unskilled, terrible, unimpressive player.


Lebron James became Lebron James by practicing his ass off. You become a skilled blogger by bumping up blog post frequency and by practice-blogging – and publishing – your ass off.


Note this Important Distinction


Publishing content frequent gives you writing practice. Bloggers who practice writing become clear, confident and skilled.


However, do not publish thin content frequently or else you will stop driving quality blog traffic. Do not use this tip as an excuse to publish 300-500 word blog posts 15 times daily. The online world does not need more content mills. Publish rich, detailed, 800-1500 word blog posts – or longer – as frequently as you can. Publish a quality, in-depth post each time you go live.


Publishing quality blog content frequently accelerates your success. Publishing low-quality content frequently does nothing for you and even less for your readers.


3: Believing You Will Burn Out or Run out of Ideas


We live in abundance. No shortage of anything. Pluck 5 or 10 blog post ideas out of the ethers today. No problem.


As for burning out, if you slowly but steadily proceed you will gain success momentum and become incredibly prolific. Blogging burn outs push themselves from an energy of fear, desperation and tension. Only a handful of those people out there. Most bloggers never venture into the prolific energy zone because they surrender to the fear of burning out, turn around and have mediocre or failing blogging careers.


Ideas multiply when seized. Publish more posts. Proceed slowly and steadily; generously allow your success momentum to build. No burning out. You only gain strength, skills and success momentum as you proceed.


Bump up your posting schedule guys.


Tune into abundance.


The ego creates a litany of fears designed to hold you back. Fear manifest as the terror of burn out or the error of lacking any more blog post ideas are two common ego traps engineered to keep you comfortable and either mediocre or struggling.


Ideas seized, multiply. Publishing content frequently strengthens you mind. Strong minds produce healthy bodies. Living a life of service allows you to migrate from the illusion of fear and separation toward the reality of love and one-ness.


Be prolific. Be a magnet to blog post ideas. Energize yourself.




I beefed up this old blog post with 400 words to update the offering.


Now I can re-publish a detailed, 1000 word post to ramp up my blog post frequency on Blogging From Paradise.


Prepare yourself to face limiting beliefs any time you increase blog post frequency. The ego pulls out all of the dirty tricks in the blogging book. The trick is to face, feel and release each fear to proceed toward a more prolific, successful blogging campaign.


Whether you ramp up post frequency from monthly to weekly, from weekly to daily or any time frequency, follow these tips to accelerate your blogging success while increasing your peace of mind.