What Are 3 Highly Expensive Blogging Mistakes?

  May 30, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
East Cape, New Zealand.

East Cape, New Zealand.


The human mind frames losing money on an investment as being expensive.


Most people fear losing money in some way, shape or form.


Goodness knows I do, sometimes.


Enlightened beings do not fear losing money. Everyone else does.


Anyway, as I migrate one course and a bunch of blogging manuals from Selz to Payhip in addition to promoting my Gumroad courses and manuals freely I dwelled on the expensive error I made for a long time. I charged cheap prices and rates for my products and services.


Two other expensive blogging errors came to mind. We will discuss these mistakes in a few moments.


Never believe that an expensive error only involves losing money on a blogging investment that never turns a profit. Most bloggers make the painful mental error of believing that investing $200 in a domain and hosting for one year seems expensive. Naturally, most bloggers make an equally painful error in form by using free platforms.


The most expensive blogging mistakes don’t involve losing money on blogging investments but rather losing the opportunity to generate steady blogging income through your poverty conscious actions.


Address each blogging mistake below. Correct accordingly.


1: Using Free Platforms


Without a doubt, the most expensive blogging error seems to be using free blogging platforms.


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Bloggers feel good about not losing money on a domain and hosting but actually lose the opportunity to make more than 5 cents, 5 dollars or perhaps $100 if they are fortunate.


For example, someone may fear losing $200 on a domain and hosting for the year if blogging does not work out. But blogging on a free platform guarantees that you spend the year:


  • making 0 dollars
  • earning virtually no trust
  • gaining no credibility
  • driving little to no quality, targeted blog traffic


Think; does it make sense to feel good about making no money, gaining no credibility and driving almost no quality blog traffic because you did not lose $200 for the year?


Do you see how upside-down thinking works?


You feel relieved to avoid losing $200 then turn around and lose the opportunity to make a full time blogging income 3 years in the future. Does that make sense? Does it make sense to feel good about not losing $600 on a domain and hosting over 3 years in order to earn 0 dollars from blogging 3 years down the road?


Businesses who own free platforms own:


  • the free blog you appear to use
  • the content you create on the free blog
  • the free blog brand
  • monetizing potential
  • customizing potential


Literally, you do all of the work and they own all of it.


Does this sound like being an entrepreneur or being an employee?


Literally, you do all of the work and they own all of it. Does this sound like being an entrepreneur or being an employee? #blogging Click To Tweet


Invest in a domain and hosting now. Own your blog. Own your brand. Position yourself to become a full time blogger.


2: Never Publishing Long Form Content


Never publishing long form content robs you of money. Appearing to be robbed in this fashion is a highly expensive blogging error.


Feel free to publish short form content to hit the mark on specific topics. But create long form content here and there to boost:


  • profits
  • business
  • targeted traffic
  • Google traffic
  • your blogging credibility


Similar to keeping people in offline stores from a longer period of time, readers who spend a longer time on your blog are more likely to buy what you have to offer. Long form content increases the time spent on your site. This is one reason why long form content ranks better than short form content on Google; search engine algorithms know quality blog posts keep readers onsite for a long time.


Publish a mix of in-depth blog posts with punchier offerings if your readers enjoy this mix.


Stop making the expensive blogging mistake of not publishing long form content.


Practical Tips


  • publish 1500 word posts
  • add rich details
  • share practical tips
  • add headers for easy scanning
  • link in to resources from your blog
  • link out to respected resources from your niche


Be patient. Publish detailed content to lay a foundation for a profitable blogging campaign.


3: Charging Cheap Rates and Prices


Charging peanuts may work for an elephant.


But aspiring pro bloggers cannot subsist on such fare.


Charging low rates and prices for your products and services is an expensive blogging mistake in terms of the money you leave on the table.


For example, I could only charge $9.99 and earn a roughly 30% commission when I sold my in-depth, detailed blogging manuals on Amazon. My loyal readers warned me years ago; I should be charging at least $10 to $20 for these rich, full guides. But my poverty consciousness scared me into charging for peanuts. Of course I suffered because I made this common, horribly expensive blogging error. I traded my vast experience, helpful knowledge and prospering career for a $3 profit per eBook.


Finally, I literally said to myself: “This is f*cking nuts.”


Instead of charging $50 for a course to land features on world famous blogs I now charge $200. I tired of turning down bigger money. Being generous with others and cheap with yourself reflects worthiness issues back to you.


Never think solely about what people will pay for something. Also factor in:


  • your experience
  • your skills
  • the time you save people in terms of struggles you help them avoid


For example, if someone invests $200 in my course the individual avoids wasting 5 years making networking mistakes. Would you pay $200 to avoid 5 years of headaches? Of course. People pay $200 to avoid 1 day’s worth of headaches.


Of course, I feel better too, to receive a high commission on the 200 dollar amount. If you do something well, you may as well get paid a fair price for it, right?


The Challenge


Ultimately, the biggest challenge in correcting your expensive blogging mistakes is to reverse upside-down thinking.


Reversing upside-down thinking involves:


  • facing fear
  • feeling discomfort
  • feeling vulnerable


Face fear. Feel discomfort. Be free to live your dreams as a pro blogger.


Success sits well outside of your comfort zone.


No one succeeds sitting inside of their blogging comfort zone.


Publishing long form content and charging higher prices felt uncomfortable to me. But I made each blogging change because freedom is worth the fear.


Publishing long form content and charging higher prices felt uncomfortable to me. But I made each blogging change because freedom is worth the fear.Click To Tweet


Do not blindly fear losing money on a blogging investment. Mindfully fear fully losing the opportunity to make more than 0 dollars through your blogging campaign.


You cannot think, feel and play small and win big as a blogger.


No one makes money as a full time blogger if they allow the fear of losing $200 on blogging to guide the course of their blogging career.


Do you genuinely understand how silly it sounds to claim to want to be a pro blogger but to build your entire blogging foundation on the fear of losing $200?


This is like saying you want to create the next Starbucks but since you want to do it for free (since you fear losing money) that you will:


  • set up the coffee shop in your parent’s basement for free
  • use your parent’s coffee and coffee maker for free
  • use your parent’s magic markers and posters to place an advertisement for the coffee shop on their front lawn, all for free


Do you honestly believe that you will sprint past Howard Schultz’s as the person who revolutionized coffee shops with such a strategy?




Overcome your fear of losing money on blogging investments.


Be far more afraid of making the most expensive blogging mistake: completely losing the opportunity to make more than 0 dollars through blogging.


Once you lose the opportunity you cannot make $1.


Does saving $1000 for the next 5 years to make 0 dollars for the next 5 years sound like a wise trade?

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