3 Cheap Haircuts from My World Travels

December 21, 2016
Bali carrot top. Unrelated to the dippy-do I got in Legian.


From looking like a character in American History X to doing my best Mountain Man impersonation, I’ve worn a wide range of fades during my world travels.


At times I seemingly wore a helmet of hair, a salad of 70’s proportions.


Other times I went as skinhead bald as a Thai Buddhist monk.


After my friend Kim Willis mentioned a recent cut he got in Phnom Penh, Cambodia I decided to chat about 3 of the cheapest haircuts I got during my world travels.


1: Cut and Rub in Legian Bali


I was the recipient of a Balinese cut and rub a few years back.


Kelli and I lived in a Balinese village in Legian.


About a 40 minute walk from the beach in Seminyak.


I strolled by a stylist’s shop. Peeked inside. Took a seat. Got cut.


During my fade a man in fatigues entered and spat out rapid fire Indonesian.


The lady handed over the bribeย police tax, smiled and the grim-faced polisi exited stage left.


She continued to work over my follicles….until she worked over my clavicles.


Bangkok Bald.


A rub fest ensued. Shoulders, sternum, dome, the whole 9 yards (Bali style; this wasn’t Soi Cowboy, folks).


After a 20 minute experience I handed over the grand total of $1.95. Much less than the tribute paid to the local Balinese polisi.


Then I gave her a $2 tip.


2: Shorn in Phnom Penh Cambodia


The Cambodian barber smiled and directed me to the chair.


10 minutes later I was $1.75 and 15 pounds lighter.


Here are the results of the actual haircut.


Shot snapped in Phnom Penh, in 2012.


Cambodian fade. Note the juvenile lamb chops.


In certain locales I suffer from haircut anxiety.


I worry the local folks – even though all are skilled artisans – may f*ck up my fade.


After I begin to look like Grizzly Adams it’s time to schlep to the barber shop.


For whatever reason, I felt this absurd anxiety in Cambodia. Until I went to da bah-bah shop (not for sheep, although I was shorn).


The dude did a fine job. So I gave him a 100% tip on the cost of the haircut.


HEY big spender!


3: Scalped in Savusavu Fiji


I recall looking at the list of haircut styles and seeing the word: “Spanish”.


The Fijian Born Indian (FBI to locals) listed a colorful variety of dippy-do’s, from the Q-Shaped Fijian classic to the aforementioned “Spanish”.


I went with “A little off the top and get rid of my freaking wings.”


Or, “Take it down to a 1 fade on the sides and some coif upkeep up top.”


This is me with my Fijian friend Olivia, sporting my Fiji cut.


Me showing off my Fijian FBI fade with a Nagigi village native on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.. Boring day.


After the job well done I forked over a grand total of $4 USD.


Your Turn


Where did you get your cheapest haircut?


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  1. Hi Mark,

    I cannot tell a lie; I do my own hatchet job using the same strategy lol!

    Just tightened up my fade yesterday before our trip to Qatar. Me, an electric razor and mirror is all it takes to get the job done. I used to only do the fade zero bit but have the experience – through hatchet practice – to confidently cut my hair without feeling I’ll look like a Chia Pet ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks as always bro.


  2. Mark Newsome Says:

    Inexpensive haircuts equal a life time worth of thrills Ryan!LOL!

    What can I say bud, my last 50 haircuts over the years,
    have all been in the same old place!LOL!

    Although, over the last few years, I’ve managed to learn how to stand in
    the mirror and do my own hatchet job!LOL!

    Thanks for sharing some experiences and really cool pics!

  3. Hi Sue,

    Wow! The burn your ear hair off method definitely sounds Turkish, and NOT American LOL, when it comes to lawsuit-ready hair care practices. Glad you skipped it. I do admire the coif of almost all Turks though. When in Istanbul every young guy – cops especially – looked as clean cut and handsome as a GQ model.


  4. Sue Says:

    I can’t say I have ever had the pleasure of an international haircut. While we were in Turkey some of the guys went to the barber for a shave which also included their ear hairs being lit on fire and then smacked out with a towel as if stomping on a forest fire. Some things in life I’m happy to skip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Donna,

    Sometimes I nearly have heart failure when I see prices of things here in NJ compared to other places where we’ve been LOL.

    Take a Thai dinner. In Chiang Mai, we pay $1.00 per person for a full vegetarian lunch. Curry, veggies, rice, soup, water, plus 1-2 dishes added to the curry like mushrooms and other veggies. A lot of food! Then here in NJ, we pay $12 for good Thai food. Awesome fare and I mind not dropping da dough, but what a difference.

    Amazing, 200 smackers would get you haircuts for this life and the next 2 lives in some of these locales ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. Hey Ryan,

    I must start traveling … even for the haircuts lol. I can’t believe how cheap you got them for. When I think…I spend at least $200 for my hair every five or six weeks, I can use that cash…fly to Cambodia and get it done lol.

    Thanks for the share. I think my cheapest haircut ever was when I did it myself. In New York, I always went to the East Village and they were amazing.


  7. I left a thought.