3 Blogging Mistakes on Facebook Groups

  October 25, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

No camera, no dogs…..no roller skating. Only in Bangkok.


Being an active member of an engaged Facebook Group can accelerate your blogging success.


But one needs to work groups effectively to experience the benefits from actively participating in these tribes.


Think of this mindset: one for all and all for one.


Facebook Groups work well when most or all members help each other succeed. Facebook Groups work poorly if everyone only looks out for themselves.


Addressing mistakes allows you to correct these errors. Correcting errors makes Facebook Groups fun places for helping folks and prospering.


Let’s review these 3 common Facebook Groups mistakes.


Posting in Languages Other than English (or the Native Group Language)


Reading Blogging From Paradise indicates that you can read and understand English.


English-speaking folks meet here to devour blogging tips.


But imagine if someone who did not speak English showed up; this blogger would waste their time. Even worse; imagine if the individual dropped a comment below in their native tongue. No one would be able to understand the comment because English is the connecting language of the Blogging From Paradise tribe.


Facebook users sometimes publish updates to Groups in languages other than English. Stop making this mistake. Perhaps 5, 10 or 20 people speak the same language and understand the post but Group admins will delete such updates or even ban you because non-English posts are off topic. Off topic posts are spam. Spammers get banned for life from Groups solely because admins have no time to moderate off-topic, off-language posts.


Publish posts in English to English-speaking Facebook Groups. Publish posts in Hindi to Hindi-speaking Facebook Groups. Publish posts in Spanish to Spanish-speaking Facebook Groups. Stay on topic. Make sure Group members understand your contribution. Post solely in the Group native tongue to connect with Group members.


Posting Off Topic or Outright Low Energy Updates


For example, I explain via the video below how someone published a super duper low energy poll question in a blogging tips group.


Why would Facebook Group members searching for blogging tips want to answer a question about such a negative topic?


Bloggers err in straying off topic but digging deep into the energetic sewer all but guarantees either a ban or members completely ignoring all future updates you may post to the group.


Facebook Groups form around one topic. Publish updates only related to the one topic. Meet and greet like-minded folks. Bond. Make friends. Comment in response to updates. Facebook Groups serve as a blogging goldmine if you stay on topic by never strategy off course.


Pushing Business Over Value


Facebook Groups thrive based on a large collection of like-minded people meeting to:


  • help each other
  • serve each other
  • chat with each other
  • inspire each other
  • listen to each other


Joining a Facebook Group solely to push your business links:


  • helps only you
  • serves only you
  • removes all semblance of chatting
  • inspires no one
  • becomes you listening to yourself


Every blogger can freely promote their business through their blogs. Goodness knows I promote my premium offerings on Blogging From Paradise. But 99.99% of the time, folks who push their business on Facebook Groups do so from an energy of fear. Fear energies repel fellow group members. Group bans follow, or members just ignore all of your future updates.


Join Groups intending to give, not get.


Join Groups intending to give, not get.Click To Tweet


The getting happens freely over time if the giving is free, detached, patient and persistent. A Facebook Group is a place for:


  • answering questions for free
  • sharing your knowledge for free
  • replying to updates with genuine comments
  • uplifting fellow Group members through updates, comments and Messages if you befriend these folks


The business arrives on the backend. Trusting folks who enjoy your valuable posts freely buy your courses and eBooks or hire you based on:


  • the value you shared through the Group
  • the compassionate ear you lent by listening to their problems
  • the generosity, patience and persistence you displayed in the Group for a sustained period of time


Be generous. Be patient. Be persistent. Facebook Groups traffic and profits flow to you after you help people persistently.




Click the link to enjoy the video.


3 Blogging Mistakes on Facebook Groups


  1. Alicia Thompson says:
    at 1:39 pm

    Hey Ryan, this is a great post. I agree facebook groups can be great for blogging but I do get frustrated sometimes with them. It’s annoying when people post off topic things.. but I guess it happens. Great post and thanks for sharing! Alicia

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